Best Interior Design Trends To Follow for a Modern Look
Best Interior Design Trends To Follow for a Modern Look

3D rendering is shaping many businesses and industries by giving them an unlimited source of ideas and space for creativity. Creating designs in a virtual world and having the opportunity to visualize ideas before starting any project re-invents how creators and engineers build their construction or interior design projects from scratch.

3D rendering technology is one of the fastest-growing business branches attracting many creative minds to learn how to create 3D renders and become freelance artists. EasyRender is one of the best platforms where everyone willing to learn and develop their talents can show off their finest work in search of clients who desperately need an artist to put their ideas into reality.

Even though learning how to create 3D renders is essential for interior design, high-quality projects require the artist to follow all the recent trends and combine them with fundamentals to create a design that will cover all the basics but bring something fresh into the interior.

If you’re a freelance designer looking to improve your performance by combining the fundamentals and the recent trends, here are the tricks you can learn to gain more clients.

Include warm colors

One of the fundamentals of an interior design project is choosing the right color palette to dominate the room or act as flashy accents giving contrast details to a previously selected color tone. Choosing if you would go for cool colors such as blue, grey, dark green, deep purple, or warm colors such as red, yellow, beige, or creamy neutrals will immediately affect the design and give it a character to build upon.

To determine the best color palette for the project, you would first need to consider the function of the room you’re designing and if it needs to have an open concept or give a cozy feeling when the client spends time using it.

One of the most popular trends in interior design is that clients will ask you for a cooler color tone, and it’s becoming much more popular even with ordinary people. Even though many will ask you to stick to cool colors, you should always include warm colors in your design.

As mentioned above, warm colors will give much-needed contrast to a room design and can act as accents to allow specific details to pop out and get noticed by everyone using the room. In most cases, one of the room’s walls can have worm colors to change the visual experience.

Use curves instead of straight lines

If you’re trying to impress your clients with sophisticated interior designs, including suiting visuals, using curve lines to balance too many straits will give your project a graceful look. Using too many straight lines will give the room too much harshness, and adding curved ones will make the design a natural feeling.

Curves can be curved or circular, flowing, or busy lines, also called tightly curved. Circular lines give prominent softness to a room design and balance all the straight lines giving the room a human quality more eye appealing. One of the examples of circular or curved lines is arches or repetitive lines called arcades.

Flowing lines are irregularly shaped, and they move in a random, spirally way, giving the impression of a tree branch. Alternatively, if you’re trying to get more vivid visual stimulation, tightly curved lines create a busy, lively impression when incorporated into the design.  

Using curves will give your projects a natural look when combining them with straight lines. You’ll not only get a much detailed room, but you’ll give it a visually suitable feeling everyone will adore.

Make a statement with ceilings!

One of the most popular recent trends in home renovation is the redecoration of ceilings, and many clients will ask you to make a bold statement when designing one for their room. The ceiling plays an influential role in interior design, as it’s the first thing everyone will notice upon walking into the room or an office.

You can use many different ways to enhance the ceiling visuals, and the most popular one is building a false ceiling with hidden LED lights. When designing such a ceiling, you can let your imagination run wild and think of some of the craziest things possible, limited only by a few factors that might stop it from being created.

Another way of making a statement is the old-fashioned way of inserting a chandelier to make everyone stand in awe after entering the room or an office. A chandelier is still a tremendous hit among people with a specific taste in style. However, to insert a chandelier in your plan, you should create a room style to complement it, as it won’t fit in most modern designs.

The great thing about 3D rendering software is that you can test many designs before figuring out which one to choose when presenting your project to a client. Besides that, it also gives you a lot of room to improve and learn new things.

Natural interiors

We finally live in a time when people start to take the environment and its preservation much more seriously. A recent trend that took the world by storm is a natural interior that combines cool earthy colors and sustainable or recycled materials.

Furniture made out of sustainable materials like rattan, for example, is a big hit among nature enthusiasts. Luckily, combining these elements in interior design is quite simple, and you have much flexibility when playing around with colors and components.

Besides incorporating sustainable materials, one of the best ways to give a natural look to your design is by adding houseplants around the room. Plants will give the room a much-needed dose of nature and the people staying in a feeling of a truly cozy home.

Using plastic furniture or details is outdated, and the recent trend in natural interior design will continue to dominate for quite some time. Embrace the future, and start implementing sustainable materials into your design to make it one of your key selling points.

Upgrading your window coverings

Curtains and blinds, particularly wavefold curtains will add a serene luxurious feel to your space. If you visit any new display homes, the builders will have them decked out by interior stylists or designers. You'll be hard pressed to find a new home without sheers or beautiful plantation blinds. These window furnishings will set you back a pretty penny, but if you want your home to look super stylish, they're the way to go. Another option for those absolutely wanting luxurious custom blinds and short a dollar on their budget, would be to source a DIY supplier like the one we mentioned earlier. You'll save a lot, when compared to regular retailer that would visit your home to measure and install for you and best of all it really isn't that hard to do so.

Spaces that offer flexibility

When creating a design from scratch, you should always leave your options open, as you never know if a client might ask you to do something additionally after seeing it for the first time. Giving your project flexibility to change at any point will save you countless hours when facing a redesign.

For example, if you’re designing a modern-looking room, but your client proposes old fashion carpet and furniture before mentioning it at the start, you might spend many hours trying to adjust your design to meet the client’s needs.

When your clients don’t know how they want their final design to look, plan ahead of time and leave your options flexible. You can use neutral designs, easily changeable or that could fit different furniture types.

Creating an interior design in 3D rendering software consumes a lot of time and effort, and you should keep your options open as they’re subject to change.

Switching to maximalism

Swedish minimalism is widely known as one of the most popular trends in interior design. However, maximalism still holds a special place in many hearts. A combination of different color styles, bold ideas, overcrowding details, mixing different textures, and using repetitive patterns are all back in town.

While it was the first choice for people with a specific taste, the style is now getting attention among a wider audience, and many would like to incorporate it into their living or working space. Some might say that the combination of things mentioned above is too much to achieve a good look in an overall design, but many believe it gives a bold character to the room.

Designing interiors with minimalism is much simpler than matching many different colors and patterns to match and complement each other in maximalism. To achieve the level of a design that will blow your client’s mind, you would need to put your talents to the test.

When completing a project with a maximalism style, you would achieve a level that many designers could only dream of, and you will accomplish things you never thought possible in the past. Before offering such a design to your clients, start experimenting with 3D software to gain a basic knowledge of maximalism and learn tricks on how to combine everything into one magnificent design.

Bold pattern wallpapers

Wallpapers are great for making a contrast or adding highly detailed patterns on the walls or ceilings. Today, after hearing the word wallpaper, many of us remember the ones that decorated the walls in our grandparent’s home.

However, the times have changed, and you can find many modern types of wallpaper in many homes or offices. With many different options available, sometimes it’s hard to choose the one that will make a statement when added to a room design.

Here’s an idea for you. Why not go rogue, choose those with the boldest patterns imaginable, and make an impact on the room’s overall design?

As mentioned above, 3D rendering software allows you to test different options until you find the style that will fit the project. You can use this software to add bold pattern wallpapers on the wall behind the bed in the master bedroom or behind the wall mirror in your bathroom.

Additionally, if you’re going for the natural interior, you can always choose wallpapers with vivid floral patterns to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Minimalistic home offices

While maximalism is becoming more popular, minimalist design is still the most common one when working on an office space project. Keeping things simple when designing a working space is, in most cases, the best way to go, as many would prefer their office to have as little furniture as possible.

When planning a home office, you should add only the furniture the client will use and avoid stacking those that won’t have any functionality. Minimalism gives an office a modern look, and it’s all about small discrete details that will play an influential role in the overall design and look.

Minimalism goes well with big open spaces, and in combination with natural lighting, gives the office an eye-appealing look. Unless instructed otherwise, you should go for minimalism every time you design a home office to get the best feedback possible from your clients.

Eco-friendly elements

As mentioned in the text above, we take nature much more seriously, and many clients will gladly accept the idea of using sustainable or recycled materials when refurbishing their homes or offices. Sustainable materials are those that we can grow or produce faster than we use for production.

Recycled materials find their new purpose in new projects after making some adjustments to get used once again. One of the best examples of using recycled materials is working the wood from old barns to create wooden flooring.

Using bamboo products is another way to make your interior design eco-friendly by using sustainable products, as bamboo grows much faster than other wood. Bamboo furniture is not only eco-friendly but also modern and desirable.

If you’re trying to create a design that’s both eco-friendly and sustainable, you should start implementing such materials to catch people’s attention. Choosing your eco-friendly design will make your potential clients feel good about doing their part in preserving the environment for our children, and it could be the deciding factor on signing you.


As an interior designer, you’ll always have to be on top of your creativity to continue producing fresh, bold ideas your clients will find attractive. Luckily, 3D rendering technology allows you to improve your talents and learn new things each day.

Following these trends and using 3D rendering software to convert your ideas into successful projects will bring you luck when finding new clients. Start experimenting today and become one of the best in business.