Best Websites For Learning About Interior Design
This image shows a white living room overlooking the kitchen. There’s an L-shaped sofa with three pillows across a coffee table over a gray carpet. The kitchen has a small, white, round dining table with three white plush chairs.Best Websites For Learning About Interior Design

Interior design is unlike any other type of design. It’s complex, versatile, subjective, and prone to constant changes. Interior designers greatly vary in perspectives, preferences, styles, and tastes. However, their differences don’t change the context behind a design or what immersive interior design should stand for.

The truth is universal – interior design requires immense patience, skill, knowledge, and experience. More importantly, it requires talent. If you’re trying to learn interior design, you should know the internet is an abundant source of versatile and easy learning ways to get you started.

The web provides top-grade websites for learning about interior design in a fun and engaging way. Through various gamification elements and e-learning concepts, you can gather insights into the basic aspects of interior design, such as spatial arrangements, conventional and contemporary interior design principles, color theory, floor plans, industry trends, and more.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the top-class interior design websites where you can find high-end images, inspiring interior design, home decor ideas, interviews with the world’s finest designers, and more.

1. Oxford Home Study Centre

Oxford Home Study Centre has a lot to give to fresh learners. You can read lots of interesting articles and learn from the experiences of the best interior designers in the world.

More importantly, you can access user-friendly online courses that can help you build your knowledge and earn your expertise.

The website provides comprehensive online lessons regarding the vital aspects of interior design, such as:

  • Trends in the interior design industry;
  • Marketing and advertising with interior design elements;
  • The latest techniques in interior design.

Oxford Home Study Centre will help you learn how to design classic structures, single-family homes, commercial and residential buildings, modern city units, etc.

2. MasterClass

MasterClass offers access to Kelly Wearstler Interior Design online course. You will receive valuable lessons encompassing a versatile specter of interior design subjects. The MasterClass interior design course involves 17 e-lessons.

Each online lesson comes in a 12-minute video format. During the course, students will learn interior design basics and explore different techniques for creating mind-bending livable spaces. Every lesson covers a different topic and will help you learn how to choose and apply texture, colors, and materials.

3. Alison

Alison offers a personalized interior design learning program that allows you to professionalize your approach to designing interior spaces. The program can help you learn a vital thing – the profound context behind the purpose of interior design.

Every interior space has its purpose. Interior designers make their creations serve that purpose by applying various features that bring their designs to life. These features range from furniture, ornaments, and aesthetics to lighting, shadow, space ambiance, color, material, texture, etc.

Alison will help you learn how to master different features and seamlessly incorporate them into your work.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a fantastic website that offers countless online courses on various subjects, with interior design being one of them. This website gives you access to hundreds of easy-to-complete lessons that address different aspects of interior design.

More importantly, Udemy tailors its e-learning content to match the learner’s previous level of expertise. You have several mentors at your disposal who can help you explore everything there is to learn about interior design, from introduction to advanced levels.

5. Lynda

Lynda offers access to more than 2,000 interior design courses for all levels of learners, ranging from beginner to professional. This website is an excellent option for fresh designers eager to expand their knowledge.

Interior design courses on the Lynda website cater to interior designers’ personal styles, tastes, and preferences. Learners get a unique chance to personalize their approach to creating commercial and residential living spaces.

They will learn to redesign and reimagine interior spaces by visualizing and revamping living rooms and offices, creating floor plans, and transforming interiors.

6. Skillshare

If you have previous experience with architecture, home decor, and creating interiors for offices and homes, Skillshare is the right website for you. The site offers free and paid online courses to help you improve your interior design knowledge.

Skillshare interior design courses include short video lessons that deal with different subjects, such as:

  • Photoshop for interior designers;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Minimalistic designs;
  • Interactive interior spaces;
  • Color palette;
  • Textures;
  • Materials.

7. Reed

Reed is a UK-based online learning platform that caters to all kinds of subjects and learning needs. The platform offers various interior design courses with lessons narrated and interpreted by skilled and experienced interior designers and professionals.

Since you can take your course online, you can set your own learning pace and divide the matter into as many lessons as you need to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise.

8. DecoratingStudio

DecoratingStudio offers a unique opportunity to everyone who wants to learn interior design basics. The website offers six classes with special sections that explore different interior design concepts, techniques, and aspects.

The platform also provides access to tons of comprehensive articles and how-to guides that you can read to enhance your knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to create a livable interior space and treat windows or select the right furniture and color scheme, DecoratingStudio offers free classes that require no registration.

9. Study

Study offers access to various online courses for dealing with different aspects of interior design. Their online classes cater to a wide audience and allow learners to tailor their e-learning experiences according to their specific needs.

Study takes you on an immersive and seamless online learning journey, from residential interior designs to commercial interior spaces. If you’re new to interior design, start with introductory classes on the basic principles and concepts of designing residential and commercial interior spaces.

10. Interior Design Online

Interior Design Online is a learner-friendly e-learning platform that offers various learning materials for mastering the principles of interior design. Aside from the learning part, IDO allows learners to practice actual interior design by taking classes that take them through the process of designing interior spaces.

IDO offers three design courses:

  • The first one focuses on the basics of interior design by providing 12-week lessons;
  • The second course deals with advanced interior techniques;
  • The third course introduces you to the principles of interior decoration.

During the courses, you’ll also learn to use various tools and techniques, such as InDesign, color theory, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, and Photoshop.


As you can see, the internet offers loads of interior design courses that cater to people with different levels of knowledge, skills, and expertise. These websites will help you better understand what it takes to become an interior designer.

Keep in mind that interior design is an ever-evolving and changing art form. It involves various concepts, techniques, styles, and approaches. You should keep an eye on the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve and upgrade your knowledge.