Top Interior Design Schools in 2022
This contemporary house is made from recycled wood and is surrounded by a large yard with grass, bushes, and trees. There’s a small creek running next to the yard along the pathway. The house has a minimalistic design with brown boards, a gray roof, and an extended part in the middle with two oversized windows.Top Interior Design Schools in 2022

If you’re considering becoming an interior designer, you should start your journey by applying to the best interior design school. You should choose a school that can provide a required license for interior designers, as most states ask for such licensure.

Nowadays, interior designers must provide a license comprising professional experience, passing a standardized exam, and classroom education. In other words, you should look into certified, recognized, and acknowledged educational institutions by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top interior design schools in 2022 that meet the highest requirements and standards for interior design education.

Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) offers a robust and all-encompassing interior design program for fresh students. They get a well-rounded technical and functional education with various training and interdisciplinary courses on building systems, construction detailing, sustainable design, etc.

TJU offers a unique teaching approach to delivering the necessary education through synthesizing research-driven decision-making, intuitive problem-solving, and creative experimentation.

Its interior design classes incorporate digital design techniques, model building, hand drawing, and in-depth introspection of institutional, residential, and commercial building types. TJU offers BS and MS degrees.

Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute has been around for more than a century. Even though it’s a small, private college, this educational institution offers BFA and MSA degrees for completing the architecturally-based program.

Pratt teaches students various aspects and facets of interior design, including configuration, lighting, proportion, and spatial design. While the price of education might be high at Pratt, the institute offers free admission to selected New York museums. However, its MFA program is not CIDA-accredited.

Auburn University

Since Auburn University is part of the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences, you must receive formal acceptance before participating in the interior design program at the university. Auburn provides the nine-semester schedule with daily and weekly learning and design studio sessions.

Students will receive annual evaluations at the end of each full academic year. They must also complete a professional, labor-intensive internship to move on with their studies.

Aside from comprehensive lessons in interior design, Auburn also has curriculum enhancements with electives in health equity, finance, and social studies.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is a well-known educational institution that dedicates most of its training and learning program to arts education. Its interior architecture curriculum is one of the most recognized programs worldwide.

Students get access to enlightening training in basic design principles. They can learn about architecture and the holistic design of structures in a modernized, intimate setting where they can tap into collaborative work, drawings, and elaborate conversations. RISD offers BFA, MA, and MDes degrees for graduate students.

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) offers a flexible schedule for students so that anyone can attend their interior design learning classes. Students have three options to choose from:

  • In-person lessons;
  • Online learning sessions;
  • Hybrid courses.

In addition, FIT offers evening and weekend class options for employed people. These flexible options help students organize their time and customize their learning experiences according to their needs. The FIT offers AAS and BFA degrees and discounts for in-state residents.

Drexel University

Drexel University is the ideal interior design school for students looking to complement their in-class learning with real-life practicality and work experience. The university also offers a co-op program for students who consider interior design a career.

Students can take classes internationally to widen their cultural horizons and tap into a five-year combined BS/MS interior design curriculum to jumpstart their multicultural learning experiences. Drexel offers BS, BA, and MS degrees.

New York School of Interior Design

The New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) offers focused, student-friendly, and immersive interior design programs for students to help them enhance their knowledge and skills through degree and non-degree curricula.

Unlike other schools on our list, the NYSID focuses entirely on interior design courses. Students get access to certificates, AAS, BFA, and MFA degrees. In addition, they can opt for online learning programs, including domestic and international travel exchange experiences.

Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) provides an intimate, collaborative, and stimulating learning environment for students looking for real-world experiences and opportunities. It covers a range of degree programs, including interior design, arts, and media.

However, SCADPro is a feature that makes this college stand out. It’s a specialized program for interior design students that provides a combination of professional connections with interior design studios and collaborative design studio learning sessions. The SCAD offers BFA, MFA, and MA degrees.

Florida State University

FSU’s Department of Interior Architecture and Design (DIAD) has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy schools for interior design students for over four decades. According to College-Rank’s 2022 list, FSU’s DIAD received recognition as the third-best interior design degree.

DIAD is part of the College of Fine Arts, meaning students get much more than just introspection of interior design basics. They can learn to build sustainable, livable, and functional environments concerning the natural habitat. FSU offers BS and BA degrees.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s interior design program provides an all-encompassing learning approach to every aspect of interior design, including modeling, iteration, practical knowledge, research, and theory.

Students receive lessons in space development that consider regulation compliance, welfare, safety, sustainability, and health.

In addition, students get additional education via courses such as Biophilia, Sustainable Design, Construction and Logistics, and History of Interior Design. Virginia Tech offers BS and MS Arch degrees.


This comprehensive list offers insights into the best interior design schools in 2022. The Savannah College of Art and Design and the New York School of Interior Design are our hottest picks because of their multiple campuses, collaborative offline and online learning programs, degree and non-degree offerings, and detailed training schedules.