Top Interior Design Magazines You Should Check out in 2022
A modern cafe hall split into two roomsTop Interior Design Magazines You Should Check out in 2022

Top-class interior design magazines are the best way to get involved with a global or local community of professional interior designers. They give you insights into the latest interior design trends, market events, and more.

Today, interior design magazines attract various target audiences, ranging from professional architects, designers, and 3D artists to people looking for affordable home improvement solutions.

Whether you’re looking for the best space redecorating solutions for your home or the latest updates on the dominant interior design events, the best magazines can help you find inspiration and the insights you need. Here’s our comprehensive list of the top 10 interior design magazines for 2022.

Vogue Living

Vogue Living is an excellent and all-encompassing magazine that offers the latest insights from the realm of architecture and interior design. While it might not provide its wisdom for free, Vogue Living is a unique magazine with a specific target audience.

It features experts from the industries such as architecture, engineering, interior, and exterior design, 3D arts, and more. This magazine is perfect for all looking for inspiration regarding closed environments and interior spaces.

The World of Interiors

Many avid interior designers turn to The World of Interiors magazine for inspiration. This magazine has experience and expertise from the world’s most renowned interior decorating specialists.

Whether you want to check the latest news, discover new techniques, or find a reliable source of inspiration for your endeavors, The World of Interiors is an excellent starting point.

Interior Design

Interior Design is a perfect specialized magazine for young interior designers and 3D artists looking for an up-to-date online source of modern global design trends, news, events, etc. The magazine covers the entire world and brings you insights from every corner of the planet.

According to professional interior designers, Interior Design might be the most influential magazine for modern and classic interior design fashions.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest has been around for more than a hundred years. Founded in 1920, this American monthly magazine features experiences, stories, and news related to landscaping, architecture, interior, and exterior design.

You can tap into the immense knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading interior design and landscaping experts, read their stories, find out more about their life’s work, etc.

The magazine is available internationally in Latin America, Mexico, Spain, Russia, India, Germany, France, China, and Italy.

House & Garden

House & Garden is the best source of delicious food recipes, high-class lifestyle inspiration, and the most advanced interior design solutions. Founded in 2014, H&G is among the most influential publications on the web.

Used by professionals and beginners, the magazine allows you to take a sneak peek at the modern world of interior design. Whether you’re a global fashionista or a professional interior designer, H&G is an excellent option for focusing on highly fashionable topics, such as couture, decor, and food.

Coveted Magazine

Known as a top collectors magazine for the latest lifestyle news and luxury interior design, Coveted Magazine provides insights into the latest, cutting-edge interior design solutions.

The magazine focuses on the most luxurious interior design concepts, making it one of the world’s most trendy and influential international interior design magazines.

Read exclusive interviews with the top interior designers and tap into a global pool of handpicked interior design projects.

Traditional Home

The Traditional Home magazine is the world’s dominant force in interior design publications. Interior design experts use it as a regular go-to source for finding inspiration.

The magazine offers various insights on the best interior design concepts for designing a traditional home.

With the magazine’s focus on a Western point of view, you’ll have a reliable and accurate source of the latest news from the traditional and classic interior design styles.

Chic Haus

Chic Haus is one of the most famous magazines for architects, interior designers, and landscaping specialists. It caters to both commercial and residential readers and offers information on the latest interior design practices, home renovation, and improvement models, house additions and alterations, and more.

The Art of Design

The Art of Design is a perfect magazine for interior design professionals looking for unique lifestyle, fashion, and design solutions.

It features various articles by the world’s most renowned design experts and offers updates on the latest traditional and modern design trends.

The magazine also showcases projects from the leading interior designers and architectural brands.

Nuevo Estilo

Nuevo Estilo (new style) is a high-class magazine that deals with the latest events in home interior design. It offers insights into the most popular aspects of home interior spaces.

More importantly, this magazine is a reliable and accurate source of the latest seasonal updates on the best materials, patterns, prints, textiles, and colors for all home areas.

It covers interior design solutions for dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms, including the little spaces in between.


The best interior design magazines aim to provide the target audiences with accurate insights and inspiration for developing unique personal and artistic decor and design styles. Readers get the latest overviews of modern, traditional, and classic decor and interior design techniques.

You can rely on these magazines to get into interior design, follow the latest trends, and discover the best solutions for commercial and residential interior spaces. Interior design is an exciting, varied, and ever-evolving field.

New things are coming out with every season, and staying on top of all these events can be challenging. Thankfully, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news by subscribing to these magazines.