How To Pick Linen That Matches The Interior Design Of Your Home
How To Pick Linen That Matches The Interior Design Of Your Home

Most consumers choose bedsheets according to comfortability and fabric quality. After all, the right bedsheet can make the difference between excellent and poor sleep quality. Among the numerous types, linen sheets are perhaps the most comfortable there is. It's softer, whiter, and shinier than cotton, which speaks volumes of how cozy they can be. Now that you've crossed comfortability out of the list, what's left is to decide on the design or aesthetics of the linen sheet.

Unfortunately, picking a linen is much more challenging than you think. You have to consider not only the bedsheet itself but also the interior design of your home. These may include your furniture, bed frames, and other elements. If you're struggling with decision-making, this guide can help. Below are a few pointers on how you can pick a linen that fits your home's interior:

1. Decide On A Style

When picking linen sheets, you usually have two options on the style: flat sheets or fitted sheets. Consumers normally decide on a style depending on how they behave in the bed. For example, flat sheets are an excellent choice if you tend to perspire a lot when sleeping as it ensures your sweat doesn't get on your blankets. On the other hand, fitted sheets are ideal for people who tend to move around when sleeping since it secures the linen sheet in the bed frame.

Apart from their difference in functionality, each style can also have a considerable impact on how well the linen sheets match your home's interior design. Beddable says you should choose a flat sheet if you prefer a neat bedding area. Meanwhile, fitted sheets can accentuate modern designs better as it produces a more elegant or smooth look to your bed.

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2. Consider The Color Combination

Color combination makes the most difference in a bedsheet's appearance, so you must consider this factor. Below are some of the most popular color combinations and the type of home interior design they can accentuate:

Classic White

This is perhaps the most commonly used color combination when picking linen sheets. A white shade helps provide a peaceful and calm environment. It also complements most colors. These include light shades such as pale pink and light blue, as well as specific dark colors like black and red.

Neutral Shades

If you're a bit undecided on what color goes well with your home interior, consider choosing linen with neutral shades. It adds finesse to the room's décor, and it goes well with light colors. The reason why it's the go-to of most homeowners is that even with an interior design it doesn't match with, it doesn't ruin the design you're going for, unlike most color combinations.

Colorful Borders

You also have the option to pick a linen that consists of numerous colors. For example, you can get a bedsheet consisting of several stripes, each having different colors.

3. Match The Color With The Furniture

When choosing a color combination, you must consider many things, but your furniture should be your focus. If you have dark-colored or ebony furniture, the best color combination would be that which consists of light colors. If your furniture has more of a light color or mahogany, you can contrast it with dark shades such as mauve or deep red.

Of course, this only applies if your furniture follows a specific style. If not, then it's best to just depend on the bed frames when picking linen.

4. Take A Look At Your Bed Frames

Before you can match the linen with your bedroom's interior design, you must first match it with your bed frames. Unlike with the previous tips, there's no rule of thumb for making this happen, but it's worth noting that it's the same as with furniture. Bed frames that comprise dark colors such as those with wooden frames tend to go well with light colors. Meanwhile, bed frames with a metallic color tend to match dark or bold colors.

5. Choose Between Plain, Prints, Or Patterns

Once you've decided on the color combination, it's time you choose between plain linen, patterned linen, and linen with prints. When choosing between these three, you have to consider the design of your pillows, blankets, and other elements in the bed. For example, plain-colored bedsheets often match well with printed beddings. On the other hand, if your linen beddings are plain, your best bet is to either choose between patterns or prints. You also have to match it with the design you're going for. Here are some specifications:

  • Plain linen to accentuate a simplistic home interior
  • Printed linen to add to the goofy interior design
  • Patterned linen to add visual interest in an already minimalistic home interior

6. Make Sure It Fits Perfectly

As you may already know, bedsheets come in different sizes. One mistake homeowners often make is choosing a linen sheet with the same dimensions as their mattresses. If, for example, their bed is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, they'll get a 38" x75" linen sheet. This usually ends with the bedsheet being too small for the mattress, especially if the linen sheet is fitted. This is because by getting a bedsheet with the same dimensions as the mattress, there's no area left to secure the sheet onto the bedframe. It may work with flat sheets, but it certainly won't with fitted sheets.

If you decide on getting a fitted linen sheet, you must also take into account the height of the mattress. Using the previous example, instead of getting a 38x75" bedsheet, you should get one that's a few inches larger. Conversely, you shouldn't get a linen sheet that's too large for the mattress as it’d only make the bedroom look messy.

Closing Thoughts

Linen sheets might not be as discernible as other elements in your house, but they can still make a difference in its overall appeal. Therefore, if you're going for a particular design for your home interior, you must also put a lot of thought into picking linen for your bedsheets. Alas, not everyone is capable of discerning which looks good. But with these tips, you should be able to pick a linen that matches well with your home's interior design.