5 Marketing Ideas for Aspiring Interior Designers
A modern minimalistic black-and-white living room with a kitchen5 Marketing Ideas for Aspiring Interior Designers

Interior design is becoming one of the most sought-after careers globally. Many people are attracted to an occupation that allows them to combine their tech and creative skills and use them to create unique and beautiful spaces.

As a result, interior design is quickly becoming one of the most competitive industries. There are many talented interior designers, so you need to do something unique to stand out.

Marketing has always been the winning strategy for increasing visibility and bringing more clients. Here, we present you with the top five marketing ideas to help you out if you’re an aspiring interior designer.

Show how you do your work with live streams and vlogging.

One of the best ways to advertise your ideas online is vlogging or streaming. These digital formats have significantly risen in popularity over the past decade, and they continue to deliver impressive results across many platforms.

So, what do vlogging and streaming imply?

Well, they’re pretty similar formats, with one significant difference. Namely, vlogging is a video format published on video streaming platforms. It incorporates casual, lifestyle videos that don’t require complex editing. The result is natural-looking, relatable, and easy-to-follow content the audience loves to see.

Pre recorded live stream adds an extra layer of engagement by simulating a live event. This approach combines the authenticity and spontaneity of vlogging with the excitement of live interaction. Viewers can still leave comments and get responses in real-time, creating a dynamic viewing experience that bridges the gap between polished vlogs and the immediacy of live broadcasts.

Streaming is more or less the same process, with one unique feature – it’s done live. Although streamers don’t have to go through the editing process to make the content accessible to the public, they need to pay attention to what they say during these live events.

Regardless of which option you go with, vlogging and streaming allow you to showcase how you do your work and, thus, promote your brand.

Use 3D rendering to showcase your projects.

3D rendering is an essential element of contemporary interior design. With 3D rendering, interior designers and decorators can create unique designs and share their ideas with their digital community.

The best thing about 3D rendering technology is that it creates high-quality, hyper-realistic shots. That enables potential and existing clients to see the whole interior design project and its details accurately.

Interior designers worldwide have already replaced their old tools with 3D rendering software, and you should do the same. As an interior designer, you can use 3D renders for advertising your brand and showcasing your completed projects and creative ideas.

People in this industry are craving clever interior design solutions and space transformations. You can make the most of 3D visualizations by using them to attract people to your business. Therefore, don’t be surprised by the amount of feedback and engagement you receive once you start sharing your 3D visualization projects.

Use CGI walkthroughs.

Another innovative technology becoming increasingly important in the interior design industry is CGI. CGI stands for computer-generated imagery, and it’s one of the most prevalent technologies today.

Although CGI is commonly connected to the filmmaking industry, its use cases are broader. For instance, many architects, property developers, decorators, and interior designers use CGI technology to get a complete presentation of a property or space.

Therefore, CGI walkthroughs are the latest trend interior designers worldwide are following, while the number of clients requesting these animated walkthroughs is also on the rise.

The main advantage of CGI walkthroughs is their ability to accurately envision a space before its construction. Clients can then virtually walk through it and examine it from all angles and perspectives.

Even though mastering CGI technology will require plenty of time and practice, no other tool can offer similar results, so use CGI walkthroughs to promote your brand and services.

Apply to design contests.

While technology and online presence are crucial for advertising your services, you should check out other ways to build an audience and grow your brand.

As an interior designer, you have the opportunity to participate in countless design competitions. Stay up to date with design contests in your region to apply to the best on time.

Design contests are beneficial for many reasons. They give you a chance to win some fantastic prizes and prestigious awards.

Naturally, that will instantly increase your exposure and allow you to enjoy cost-free marketing. After winning a prize, you’ll immediately notice a spike in the number of interested clients and project requests.

Even if you don’t win any rewards, design competitions are never a bad idea. They can still help you reach your target audience and raise your brand awareness. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with an additional experience that will teach you a lot and equip you better for the next competition.

Work on your portfolio.

Finally, your portfolio is the mirror of your work. It’s a perfect way to present your creativity, 3D expertise, dedication, professionalism, and other skills necessary to work as an interior designer. That’s why you should never underestimate the power of a good portfolio.

Set some time apart to work on developing a high-quality portfolio you can always use as a reference for some of your best work. Enrich your portfolio with different project types and styles to add diversity and showcase your capability to work with various spaces, concepts, and ideas.

Interested clients will always look at your portfolio before reaching out to you, so make sure it gives an excellent first impression to those who look through it.


With these ultimate marketing tips and tricks, you can easily advertise your brand and services. The results are guaranteed since all of the abovementioned strategies are perfect for building a stronger relationship with your audience and improving your brand’s awareness.

Pick out your favorite marketing idea to get started or combine several of them for the best outcome.