Awesome Perks of Custom Wood Furniture and Decor
Awesome Perks of Custom Wood Furniture and Decor

Have you spent months on end searching for the perfect piece of furniture or decor to tie your whole living room together? Tired of seeing the same trending designs on repeat? Instead of spending hours browsing online catalogs and wasting your weekends, gasoline, and energy hopping from furniture store to furniture store to no avail, it’s time to reconsider your interior design shopping strategy.

If any of these struggles sound familiar, then a custom-made furniture piece might be the answer for you. Working with a master craftsman to get the perfect furnishings for your home can be an extremely rewarding experience. Still on the fence? Read on to find out the awesome perks of having custom wood furniture and decor in for your home.


One of the many benefits of working with a professional wood craftsman is that you’ll get pieces found only in your home. You’ll avoid having the same cookie-cutter interior design by skipping out on the mass-produced decorum sitting in everyone else’s living rooms, and it’s not just because you had to come up with a special design no one’s ever seen before. While it’s easy to buy something convenient, it won’t be memorable or stand out.

And because you’re working with a craftsman who will be carving your pieces by hand, you will have a unique, one-of-a-kind version. Even if you have them make a piece based on something in-stores or something that your friend has, the fact that a human is making the piece will make it different. It’s much better than a machine running on an algorithm and spitting out identical pieces with no character or individuality.

Make Special Requests

Working with a craftsman also gives you the freedom to request interesting pieces, which means you’re not limited to what’s in stores. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right color to match your design scheme, or perhaps, you need a specific type of wood. All of these requests can be addressed with custom wood furniture.

Get artisanal and eco-friendly by adding a reclaimed wood mantle over your indoor fireplace, or design the perfect mahogany chairs for your eclectic African-inspired dining room. If you have a traditional indoor fireplace, you should consider getting these natural gas log fireplace from Watsons. You could even have an opulent hand-crafted mirror influenced by the style of the Baroque era. Perhaps it’s not true vintage, but it will have that unique vintage feel since it’s one-of-a-kind.

High-Quality Guarantee

One of the biggest hesitations people have working with a craftsman is the price. While getting custom-made wood furniture can be pricey, it’s an investment. You won’t be wasting your money because these pieces will be made to last for years to come.

Custom wood furniture will last years, but high-quality materials can last for decades, becoming heirloom pieces. However, it depends on the type of wood and how well you care for your wood furniture. When you compare the durability to the upfront price you pay for your custom wood furniture you might be surprised to find that it’s more affordable than buying something cheap that will only last a few years. If you know you’re building a forever home, then sinking money into this might be worth it.

Create a Family Heirloom for Future Generations

Take a path less travelled in the modern interior decorating world and craft a stunning, staple piece that can be passed down from generation to generation. Instead of filling your home with cheap furniture that will suffer wear and tear and become uncomfortable and easily dated, buy an heirloom. While it may initially be difficult to decide what piece you will want to pass down the family line, it’s well worth your time, energy, and effort.

Because of the durability and quality of the piece, you can rest assured that your family members will remember you in the future. Despite the sleek and minimal designs flourishing in the interior design world at the moment, sometimes it’s good to go against the grain and root yourself in tradition. The sentimental factor is an endearing thing to reminisce about alone.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

Whether you’re using repurposed wood from old furniture or reclaimed barn wood, or even wood washed up on the beach, you’re recycling. There are even options to make custom furniture out of wood that can be easily replanted and grows quickly. You can fill your living room with beautiful, high-quality furniture with a clear conscience by checking all of these boxes: eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

One concern with using these salvaged woods is safety. While it is without a doubt good for the environment, you do still need to be careful about insect infestation and unknown chemical wood treatments that could be potentially harmful. To ensure that your home and family are safe, it’s important to work with a professional craftsman who knows the source, history, and quality of the wood used to ensure a promise to sustainability and safety.

Fine Craftsmanship Is the Way to Go

There are infinite reasons to work with a professional craftsman. Sustainability, customization, and quality are a few reasons. Don’t settle for less when it comes to decorating your forever home. Buying from a chain store will limit your options and restrict your design, and you’re not guaranteed to get something you’ll be happy with for a long time.

Not only are there a million great reasons to incorporate custom wood furniture in your home interior design, but there’s so much freedom in doing so. You can request staple pieces like tables, armchairs, and shelves, decorative pieces like mirrors, mantle pieces for your electric fireplace, and coffee tables. You can even add structural elements like beams, flooring, and doors.

Custom wood furniture and decor have all of these awesome perks and more. So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming where you could add a custom-made piece to your home today and reap the benefits for years to come.