Virtual 3D Interior Design – The Best Way to Solve the Home Design Puzzle on Time
Virtual 3D Interior Design – The Best Way to Solve the Home Design Puzzle on Time

As a person swearing allegiance to beauty, you might find yourself dreaming of a brand new sanctuary somewhere in Los Angeles hills. Perhaps your dream home rests undiscovered and uninhabited in the industrial suburbs, waiting for you to find it, transform it, and fill it with soft rugs and colorful pillows.

You realize, of course, that it might not exist.

The good news is, these crazy modern times allow you to make your dreams come true wherever you are. With a decent amount of planning, some good money management skills, and a knack for logistics, you can even realize them in your dull old box apartment. What you lack, unfortunately, is foresight.

That’s why interior design professionals exist in the first place – to assess, in only a glance or two, whether or not your dreams are feasible. Combining expertise, experience, and talent, home designers know exactly how to make your home both functional and beautiful on 3D blueprints and in reality.

With virtual 3D interior design, the power of foresight is unlocked.

The Sims Game with Your Name on It

Remember the Sims?

The endless hours spent decorating a single imaginary corner of an imaginary house for your imaginary family to live in? Well, the commercialization of cutting-edge technology has made it possible for interior design tools to be used by professionals and dilettantes alike. And they are as easy as the Sims.

With virtual 3D interior design, you can plan spaces and design interiors as if you were playing a video game. These tools enable you to create floor plans and furniture layouts, to pick decorative pieces and play with color palettes until you eventually come up with a design that looks like your dream home.

It goes without saying, however, that these tools are not exactly for playing around. They cost a dime, for starters, and they are only as powerful and detailed as they are expensive. Virtual 3D interior design kits are not about indulging your aesthetic cravings, but about helping you plan a viable project.

That said, they may be better left to professionals.

Interior Design is More Than a Game

To say that a decision-making process involving home remodeling is a Hamletian dilemma isn’t an overstatement at all. Not only are these projects expensive, but they are also terrifyingly complex. One wrong move and you could end up living in a space that is either nonfunctional or uninspiring.

That’s why, at the end of the day, you need a professional.

We can blame Pinterest for making it look so easy all we want, but the interior design will still be a practice that’s part artistry, part technical expertise. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only about mixing palettes and creating statement pieces out of used soup cans. Interior design is about so much more.

Yes, it does toy around with furniture in order to discover the most gorgeous and comfortable layouts. It involves wall art and giant flower vases too, but only after it’s completed its main task – which is to create, out of thin air, the amazing floor plan for your home, together with fixtures and electrical points.

Then there are walls, windows, doors, and stairs, all of which must be carefully measured and planned for before finally being installed. Aiming for visual excellence is simply not enough; without functional elements to support it, your brand new home would be as stunning and unlivable as a museum house.

Why Choose Virtual 3D Interior Design

Unless you know how to make your home both functional and sensational, you simply cannot do it all on your own. That’s where an interior design professional enters the scene, to plan, execute and control your remodeling project. Though there’s a myriad of choices to choose from, think about this:

When professionals are equipped with virtual 3D interior design tools, you can actually work side by side with experts and contribute to the project. Since these tools help render incredibly detailed 2D floor plans and 3D pictures of your home to be, you can easily communicate your vision to designers.

Vice versa, designers can present their own ideas back to you, thus improving your original vision and making it optimal in terms of functionality. You’re not particularly excited about a TV set hanging from the wall? No problem, the designer will simply add a TV table and drag and drop the set right on top.

The greatest benefit of virtual 3D interior design?

You can magically walk around your new home before it’s even built.

With the professional projecting all necessary measurements and the system double-checking them for inconsistencies and errors, you can finally feel free to experiment with different aesthetic concepts. Consult interior designers and have them digitally move things around to see how it’ll look.

If you consider the cost of turning your old space into a sanctuary you’ve always dreamed about, visual 3D interior design sounds really tempting. By allowing you to see your vision before it’s been realized, this state-of-the-art technique truly saves you money and time, not to mention the disappointment of ending up in a real-life replica of not yours, but your interior designers’ life-long architectural dream.