‍Most Important 3D Architectural Visualization Podcasts
A rendering of a modern home with a pool.‍Most Important 3D Architectural Visualization Podcasts

Ever since podcasts appeared on social networks, they blew up in popularity. However, the history of podcasts, previously known as audio blogs, begins much earlier. While podcasts aren’t a new trend considering their roots date back to the 1980s, their form evolved over the years and developed into much more than a simple audio blog.

Today, podcasts focus on all kinds of topics available on various platforms. If you’re an architect, interior designer, or 3D artist working on such projects, you can benefit significantly from listening to the essential 3D architectural visualization podcasts.

Whether you’re waiting in a queue, driving home from work, or having a cozy evening at your house, you can always put on one of these podcasts to experience the ultimate blend of professional growth and enjoyment.

1. Wrong F-ing Question

Wrong F-ing Question is one of the most popular podcasts in the architectural visualization industry. It started in 2019 and has published nine episodes so far. Besides having an attention-grabbing title, the Wrong F-ing Question is famous for tackling all the questions relevant to digital artists.

Hosts Mike Golden and Hrvoje Čop believe there’s a stupid question only when it’s the wrong one. These questions are exactly what the hosts are addressing in the podcast. For instance, they take on questions such as “What render engine is the best?” or “Why do clients ruin my images?” and look at how better questions lead to better answers.

2. There’s Something about Archviz

As one of the few podcasts that started in 2020, There’s Something about Archviz is a podcast led by Federico Biancullo of The Big Picture. Each episode features a new guest from the industry and lasts about an hour.

Federico Biancullo publishes new episodes twice a month, mainly targeting beginners in the architectural visualization industry. As such, he gives the listeners more information about navigating the architectural visualization job market or which road to take as an aspiring 3D artist. With insightful information from leading industry experts, beginners can learn much from this podcast.

3. The SpectRoom

Ronen Beckerman is the creator and host of The SpectRoom. Even though the podcast was a weekly experiment that lasted through 2017, plenty of fascinating discussions are still relevant for all digital artists.

Over its 11 episodes, The SpectRoom explores the creative minds in the archviz industry and hosts discussions with architects, 3D artists, content creators, software developers, photographers, and other creative professionals from all around the globe. Throughout these fun and insightful sessions, everyone in the architectural visualization business can learn something new.

4. The morningdepresso’s Podcast

The gloriously named morningdepresso Podcast is a visualization podcast by Stefan Lopusny, a digital artist in the Netherlands. Through his podcasts, Stefan Lopusny and his guests from the architectural visualization industry take on various topics, such as making mistakes as an artist, learning from them, and becoming better.

The morningdepresso’s Podcast has 16 episodes available on its YouTube channel. Although Lopusny put the project on hold in April 2020, we hope it’ll be back soon.

5. The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast is an outstanding choice if you’re looking for high-quality and regular content from the design industry. Ash Thorp, the Director of ALT Creative and the host of The Collective Podcast, offers weekly interviews with other industry experts and insights into his own professional life.

This podcasting project started in 2018 and has been going strong ever since. So far, there are 230 episodes, all available online for free. Considering some episodes are three hours long, The Collective Podcast offers quite an extensive library packed with helpful content.

6. CG talks

Another excellent podcast for all beginners in the field of 3D art is CG talks. Although the podcast aims at people who have just started their careers, more experienced professionals can also learn a lot from it. The podcast hosts include Marco, Andrew, Tom, and Dj, experts who organize regular guest appearances.

Around 30 episodes have been published since the beginning of 2020, each approximately an hour long. Some common topics include photorealism, shading, and optimizing scenes. Thanks to the easygoing atmosphere of CG talks, everyone will surely enjoy it.

7. CG Garage

If you’re on the hunt for a podcast that hosts informal and lively discussions about the world of digital architecture, CG Garage is the best choice. The Chaos Group created the CG Garage podcast, and CG Labs director Chris Nichols hosts it.

Every week, a new guest joins Chris Nichols in a discussion, whether they’re a Hollywood director, a talented 3D artist, or someone in between. Considering the podcast began way back in 2014, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most established architectural visualization podcasts. With more than 300 episodes and 20,000 regular listeners, CG Garage is a fantastic choice.

8. Architecture, Design, and Photography

The Architecture, Design, and Photography podcast covers much more than architectural visualization, as you can guess by its title. The host behind this podcast is Trent Bell, an American architectural photographer.

Trent Bell sits with a new guest every few weeks and discusses different architectural design and photography topics. Some of the most recent guests include advertising designer Drew Hodges and muralist Ryan Adams. The podcast has been running since 2019, and there are over 40 episodes available.

9. 2G Academy Podcast

Last but not least, the 2G Academy Podcast is one of the newest architectural visualization podcasts, as it began in January 2021. However, considering it has gained tremendous popularity and support in a short time, it deserves its spot on this list.

2G Academy, which offers training in 3D rendering, organizes the podcast, while Reinaldo Handaya is the host. From building a personal brand to finding inspiration, you’ll access plenty of helpful information in these hour-long episodes.


Architectural visualization podcasts are becoming increasingly popular because they allow digital artists to expand their knowledge and pick up a few new skills in an exciting and fun way.

Since there are so many podcasts you architectural visualization artists can choose from today, the top nine we have selected are perfect to start with; you’ll surely enjoy them.