13 Best Architectural Visualization Experts/Studios in the World
13 Best Architectural Visualization Experts/Studios in the World

As the rendering industry and market needs for the most innovative approach in architectural visualization grows faster than ever, the world has delivered countless artists who are trying to stand out.

Being a constantly innovative, high-quality, and professional 3D artist is not easy. The clients’ needs are growing, and the market is becoming more demanding, so 3D artists have a great responsibility for delivering perfect architectural presentations and visualizations.

We present 13 world-famous 3D visualization experts who have stood out for their incredible skills, unique concepts, and inspiration.

1. Mary Jilavyan and Davit Jilavyan

Based in Moscow, a couple of talented siblings had a creative breakthrough during the lockdown days in pandemic and came out with an immersive project called Sonora village.

As an architect and project visualization expert, David combined his experience with Mary’s 3D skills. Inspired by the work of the great Mexican architects Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan, they created an escape from reality.

The images show so much diversity in colors, vegetation, and overall atmosphere. You can almost feel the explosion of color and yet have a calmness in light composition.

Sharp geometric shapes of buildings prevail in both exterior and interior design. All the houses seem cluttered without any particular order, along with unusually designed windows that stand out from the colorful facades.

Although dominated by green, yellow, purple, and pink, there are all other colors on stairs, sidewalks, narrow aisles, and in all public areas – all combined with various cacti as a symbol of Mexican culture.

Wanting to escape the grayness of reality during the pandemic, David and Mary decided to present to people an imaginary place where they could live in a joyful community hidden from reality and free from all prejudices.

2. XR3D Studio

Composed of a team of experts covering all fields of architectural design, XR3D Studio can create a perfect visualization for just about any project. Whether it’s commercial or residential spaces, they cover both exteriors and interior design suited to clients’ needs and wishes.

Understanding today’s market, the need to present projects realistically, and express the concept in the best way, XP3D studios specializes in virtual animated tours as the perfect marketing tool for all types of real estate, from villas to massive multi-floored shopping centers.

Their services include making site and floor plans and 2D plat maps in color.

3. MIR Studio

Their language of expression is 3D animation, and they’re one of the best in this industry. The studio’s name was inspired by the most famous Russian space station, which was launched into space in 1986 by the name “Mir,” which means peace in Russian.

This historical project was realized in cooperation between the Soviet Union and the United States and involved over a hundred astronauts from several countries.

What sets MIR Studio apart is the similar collaboration of dozens of artists from all animation and 3D rendering fields, who use their skills to create amazing animations for well-known video games, animated movies, and all sorts of gaming tools.

Mir studio was launched in 2010. by Jae Myung, and they didn’t stop improving and developing their services for more than a decade. Their expertise is in the complete production of animated series and films.

In the studio’s portfolio is a list of signed collaborations with renowned clients such as Netflix, Dream Works, Lego Group, Nickelodeon, and many video game productions like Dota, LoL, etc.

4. Paul Milinski

With all rights reserved, Paul has the title of spatial design leader and is a well-known 3D visual artist. He’s recognized worldwide as an artist who constantly pushes the boundaries of design and intrigues the design world with his utopian and futuristic works.

His unusual renderings are contemporary and an incredible blend of nature and architecture. He uses warm and natural colors in combination with curved shapes coming from buildings, summer houses, staircases, and paths through beautiful landscapes.

His works are so imaginative that the viewer immediately jumps into that image and wins into another dimension. Each of his designs looks like a gateway to another heavenly world.

His work has been published in almost all major world magazines such as Vogue, Complex, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

5. Kefan Weng

Kefan is a German-based Chinese photographer and CGI render artist with an unusual artistic talent to see the world in a unique way. His work can be described as a mixture of Matrix and Clockwork Orange as he represents unreal and provoking scenes with creatures coming from out of space.

Except for photography, he specializes in industry, graphic, and motion design. He describes his work as the result of an individual understanding of reality and everything we hear, see, and feel. He states that everyone has the right to perceive their environment as they wish.

His design features sceneries from the natural environment mixed with modern and clean elements such as glass, cool surfaces, and mirrors.

6. MUE Studio

Their artistic design invites enjoyment and daydreaming. Watching MUE design, you can easily lose yourself in fantasy escape rooms created to calm all senses and simply enjoy the silence of palm trees and sea breeze.

In the series “Visual Escapism, Somewhere in the World,” they present surreal design, magical spaces, and landscapes that confuse viewers’ minds. MUE renders are characterized by curved gentle shapes of rooms and buildings and the merging of room arches with indoor pools or large natural water surfaces.

Almost every room has immersive swimming pools that reflect room arches, sky, and vegetation. Using mild and pastel colors, they blur the boundary between objects and nature and the boundary between imagination and reality.

7. Stefano Giacomello

Stefano is based in Montreal, and his sophisticated 3D rendering style is recognized worldwide. Thanks to his skills as a 3D modeling artist and his career in scenography and different fields of design, today, he successfully creates amazing interior spaces and objects.

He often enriches his minimalist rooms with various art objects such as lamps, vases, and sculptures by famous designers: Valeria Vasi, Nendo, Lambert & Fils.

The spaces exude clean and flat surfaces, minimalism, and geometric shapes. He often uses natural materials such as wood, but his work is also characterized by concrete, marble, tiles, and plasters.

Stefano is a master of natural lighting and adores playing with shadows. He also uses neon light to change the moods and atmosphere in 3D renders. Dim and neutral colors combined with unusual decoration from the walls and floors make his work modern and elegant.

8. Six N Five

Six N Five is a well-known art studio that has covered all fields of visual creation since 1985, from interior design to product rendering and animated films for commercial purposes.

Founded by Argentinian designer Ezequiel Pini, this studio has stood out in the world for its contemporary design and modern approach to all projects. They work with world-famous brands and offer creative solutions that take your breath away with their uniqueness.

Using bold elements, clean aesthetics, and vivid colors, they create amazing images, visuals, movies, and all types of 3D objects. 6n5 artists like playing with settings and objects, making them look like unique collages of seemingly incomprehensible objects and materials.

What sets them apart are the unusual compositions of objects, modern installations, and poetic lighting.

9. Omega Render Studio

This studio fully understands the art of visualization. Founded by

Artem Kupriyanenko, an architect who had the vision to build his team and offer various services to cover everyone’s needs. He sees the visualization as the “creation of the amazing,” and that’s exactly the kind of team he put together.

Given that their portfolio includes more than 1K projects and cooperation with over 25 countries, it’s no wonder that they are constantly evolving and are constantly looking for talented artists. They specialize in photorealism, lights, compositions, symmetry, materials, and all kinds of 3D art, including:

  • Exterior and interior visualizations and 3d renderings
  • Site plans
  • Commercial and residential 3d visualization
  • Real estate renders
  • Virtual staging
  • Product visualization
  • Furniture rendering
  • Animation
  • Walkthroughs
  • Virtual reality tours
  • 2d and 3d plans
  • Floor plan
  • 3d modeling
  • Architectural 3d modeling
  • Product rendering

The Omega Render team is unique for its great knowledge of architecture, photography, design of all kinds, art, technology, and trends.

10. RealSpace Studio

This studio features a team of experts prepared for all challenges that may occur when building 3D images and animations. They specialize in 3D Architectural Rendering and animation, house and condo rendering, product rendering, and 3D floor plans.

They perfectly understand all the challenges when rendering big projects in landscape or commercial rendering and are experts in condos, towers, apartments, skyscrapers, and high-rises.

When it comes to house rendering, depending on the size of the project and the type of client, Real Space studio offers two types of house rendering services:

  • Standard quality – Perfect option for smaller developers, retailers, and homeowners;
  • Premium quality – Creative solution for premium custom homes, larger properties, and complex real estate;

Diversity in the offer and taking care of various clients with different budgets and needs is the advantage of this studio.

11. Alexis Christodoulou

With his dreamy landscapes and unique minimalist designs, no one would say that Alexis is a self-taught artist who found inspiration for today’s well-known work in video games, of which he was a big fan. He is now also a digital artist who sells his crypto art on Instagram in the form of digitally created artwork.

He often leaves room in his 3D interiors for incredible pieces of furniture made of soft and puffy materials. His work exudes bright colors and geometric shapes. The setting varies from endless meadows to desert landscapes. In each of these spaces, he usually places unusual plastic furniture of bright colors or a comfortable curvy sofa, leaving the impression of a comfy home atmosphere.

Focusing on sculptures, conceptual art, installation, and 3D digital art, the interesting concepts of this artist lead instantly to distant escape places where anything is possible.

12. Reisinger Studio

Founded by the young Argentinian artist Andres Reisinger, this studio and his work are recognizable for their quality, innovation, and almost dictating trends in surreal design.

As a multidisciplinary 3D artist and director, he has so far applied product, skills, and knowledge in many projects and collaborations around the world with the most famous brands such as Ikea, Microsoft, Nike, Cassina. His tireless work, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of design brought him to the list of “Forbes 30 Under 30” artists, and he won the prestigious New York award “Young Guns.”

His work is between imagination and concrete, and it’s distinguished by elements of pop culture combined with modern materials and pale current colors. He likes to experiment with shapes, furniture, and unusual textures such as flower petals, plastic, plush.

13. Charlotte Taylor

This artist is known for her escapist creative concepts that set her apart as one of the more inspiring 3D artists in this field. She draws her inspiration from Brazilian Modernism and Radical Italian Design. Her work is playful, futuristic, and nature-oriented.

She’s focused on open spaces and furniture made of natural materials. Charlotte loves to play with different perspectives, lights, and spaces and says she finds strong inspiration in the elements settled in different atmospheres and moods.

Her design is dominated by the concept of connecting space and nature, and you can easily notice the attachment to earth colors such as yellow, brown, green, and blue.


Architectural 3D rendering is increasingly in touch with all spheres of art, so we can freely look forward to innovative approaches of existing and new artists and their artistic directions. In 3D visualization, there’s a lot of space for new concepts, and who knows where the inspiration for visions and new ideas will come from next.