Arch Viz Bringing the Design Idea Closer to Your Clients
Arch Viz Bringing the Design Idea Closer to Your Clients

Bringing your idea closer to clients has always been one of the most difficult aspects when it comes to architecture and design, as something would always get lost in translation, and the end result would always differ – so the client would be disappointed.

Making sure that the client is satisfied is important because it will ensure that your business functions properly, but it will also help you market yourself as a professional. Architectural visualization is one of the things that enable you to show exactly what you have in mind for your client, well before the actual work starts.

With the development of computer technologies, this part of visualization has become easier than ever – creating a 3D model and even printing it is something that everyone can do now. However, it all depends on how willing you are, and how dedicated you are to a single project.

How else can architectural visualization help your clients?

In this competitive market, being on the same page as your client is all that matters, and architectural visualization can help you with this in a couple of ways. We’ve selected the most important ones:

1. Architectural visualization will help you present your work

How to better describe yourself and your portfolio than actually showing it to your client. This way, your clients can see exactly what you have to offer, and what your exact style it. This is really important, as it can ensure that the client’s expectations are in line with what you’ve shown, but also the other way around, that your skills match what you’ve displayed.

Matching your skills with the client’s expectations is crucial for a successful project, and architectural visualization comes in handy.

Presenting your work in 3D, either as virtual reality model, or a model on a computer screen, or even as a printed model, makes this a much easier process for everyone involved, and it offers a greater input from the client as well.

2. Arch Viz is cost effective

The cost of entry-level technology behind 3D rendering was significantly reduced in the last few years, and now it is available to anyone. This also means a much greater cost-effective solution for both you and your client. Just imagine, twenty years ago, you would need to create all the solutions by hand before they were actually made, make sure that a lot of details and angles were covered so that you could display your full intention and idea; but also, to make it as presentable as possible for your client.

Nowadays, with available 3D modelling programs, it’s easy to create solutions that will present what you have to offer in 3D, meaning that you can pay attention to both the large and small scale, without having to sacrifice quality for quantity. This also ensures that the client sees exactly what the end result will be – creating a much more efficient process for both of you.

3. Visualization is Precise

Not only will this method ensure that your solutions are as presentable as possible, but architectural visualization will also ensure that your solutions are precise, as you will constantly get feedback and calculations from the computer.

Long gone are small calculating mistakes – everything is instantly shown on your screen, and any mistakes are immediately visible for you to correct.

This is all about presenting your vision while doing it in a cost-effective way that will ensure precision. For this profession, this is not a lot to ask for, and with the help of dedicated computer software, it is available to both beginners and professionals. Naturally, the level of use for these options will depend on your level of knowledge and experience.

4. Virtual Reality

The future is here – seeing a model on a screen, or worse, seeing it printed out on a piece of paper is a thing of the past. Virtual reality will encompass all of these technologies into a solution that will be extremely friendly for all clients.

Don’t forget that people are extremely visually oriented creatures and that we judge our environment based on many cues we get from the 3D world. Virtual reality serves to replicate that and show you models that you want in a realistic 3D environment.

Augmented reality suggests implementing artificial rendered 3D objects into the real world using the camera on your phone or any other device. This will allow for virtual tours of the objects, without scripted routes – the client will be the one to choose how to inspect the proposed plan.

5. Complex ideas – easily marketable

With the advance of the above-mentioned technologies, it has never been easier to market and present complex ideas across the world. Have something in mind that you want to show to a client across the globe? Architectural visualization is the right tool for you.

Want to work for a client from across the world? Not a problem. These tools will allow you more freedom in your work and offer you a wider career path.

It even allows for your portfolio to be easily shared on your website, or other social networks, to the general public; so that others can contact you and allow clients to reach you more easily.

With all these benefits, it is easy to understand why both clients and professionals, both old and young in this niche, will use architectural visualization even more in the upcoming years. The benefits are many, and they ensure that projects are completed with results that satisfy both parties.