Best Architecture and Design Websites For Online Learning
A large contemporary home with a single floorBest Architecture and Design Websites For Online Learning

It’s great that you want to grow professionally and develop as an architect and designer. Thanks to the internet, you can access dozens of websites that offer unique insights, information, and guides on design and architecture. However, not all of these sites are regularly updated. More importantly, each one addresses specific topics to a different extent.

How do you choose the website to focus on? While there are many sites you can use for online learning, there is only a handful worth your time. Below you can find the 13 best architecture and design websites for online learning.


If you are interested in different architecture and design topics, including interior, exterior, and landscape Colossus is a great online learning resource. This architectural firm is one of the best out there. They specialize in delivering turnkey solutions but focus on a holistic approach.

The firm offers its complete portfolio online. However, instead of only publishing 3D renders and images of completed buildings, Colossus shares its entire thought process, from conceptualization to project completion.

Easy Render

While specializing in offering 3D rendering services, Easy Render is an invaluable online learning platform. The site features a blog section and dozens of blog articles. The best thing about Easy Render is that it regularly posts new blogs that contain valuable and actionable information.

Whether you are an aspiring architect, interior or exterior designer, or 3D rendering software specialist, you will find Easy Render’s blog posts quite informative. The site tackles many exciting topics in the following categories:

  • 3D Artist
  • 3D Interior Design
  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Rendering Software
  • 3D Visualization
  • 3D Visualizer
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Architecture
  • Rendering Software


Archnet is a great online learning resource, especially if you are interested in Muslim societies’ architecture and design solutions. At the start, it may appear overwhelming as it tackles various topics such as visual culture, architecture, conservation, environmental and landscape design, and urbanism.

The site has a great search feature to help you find the topic you need to keep your learning on track and save time.


JSTOR was founded in 1995 in New York as one of the world’s first digital libraries. Over the years, the JSTOR library kept growing. In the beginning, it only featured back issues of academic journals.

Today, you can access JSTOR to access various primary sources, including books and journals. The search comes with several features to find journals, book chapters, and research reports that you find particularly interesting.

Freehand Architecture

Freehand Architecture is an online learning website offering architectural drawing courses. You can access online mentoring to help you master basic and advanced architectural drawing techniques.

You will also receive personalized feedback to discover areas you need to improve. The site has several educational articles and videos as well.


Domestika is an online learning platform that attracts top online course creators. The site offers various courses, including those in architecture and design. Some courses can help you master the 3D and become more competitive.

While most of the courses are paid, Domestika does offer sole free creative online courses to its users. You can find details regarding each course, including a table of contents, ratings, and reviews.

Arts & Architecture

Arts & Architecture is a comprehensive art research database that you can use to discover full-text art journals and magazines. The database features detailed abstracts and indexing to help you streamline your search.

With more than 60,000 images and 500 active indexed and abstracted journals, Arts & Architecture is one of the complete databases you can access to learn architecture and design.


ISSUU is a platform that regularly publishes architectural and design projects. Students throughout the US and worldwide use ISSUU to access architecture portfolios to learn from their peers and the best architects out there.

Many world’s best architecture journals and magazines publish through ISSUU as well. You can use ISSUU daily to learn new things in architecture and design and always have access to fresh materials.


If you want to learn by taking a deep dive into completed and unrealized architecture projects, ArchInform is a site that you should bookmark. With over 80,000 projects, this site is a go-to resource for both architecture students and professionals with aspirations to become better.

You can explore the site’s massive database by filtering content by most viewed persons, locations, and keywords. Plus, you can find additional information about further literature to make that learning curve as steep as you want.


ArchDaily is probably the most popular site architecture professionals use daily. Most importantly, it’s updated every hour to bring you the latest and most relevant architecture news.

With ArchDaily, you can learn about architecture projects, including houses and residential architecture. The site also has a dedicated section for people interested in learning about recycling and reusing in civil engineering.


Curbed is a famous real estate and design website now managed by the New York magazine brand. You can use it to stay updated with the latest developments in architecture and design. The magazine also publishes the most recent trends in home design with a focus on interior design.

However, Curbed also has the Cityscape section you can access to explore various architecture and design solutions that have a significant impact on communities in New York.

Architectural Record

Architectural Record is a leading source of architectural educational content. It also regularly publishes design news and the latest information on sustainability. The Architect Continuing Education section of the website is quite engaging for learners, and you might find it useful.

You will be able to earn AIA continuing education learning units. All you have to do is read the articles and additional materials and then take a quiz.


Dezeen is a renowned architecture and design magazine. It regularly publishes the most significant architectural projects. You can narrow down your research by choosing one of the categories, including architecture, interiors, design, and look books.

Dezeen also offers several courses handpicked by its staff to help narrow down your options and specialize in one field of study.


Each of these best architecture and design websites for online learning offers access to unique learning opportunities. Now that you know what they offer, you can choose the best sites that reflect your individual needs to help you become a better architect or designer.