Interior Designer Problems
Interior Designer Problems

Interior design is a highly competitive profession that keeps on growing. Unfortunately, a lot of designers focus on the artistic part of their work but aren’t so pragmatical in business terms. To be able to succeed in this industry, you need to deliver quality designs but also make compromises and focus on what the customers want.

After all, clients are paying you to do your work and they expect certain things in return. Technology is a valuable asset in any profession today, as it can help you improve your work and deliver things that others can’t. The same thing applies to interior design.

This is why we decided to present you the five interior design apps that will help you deliver better customer experience while also improving your end projects.


Transparency is something that is much valued with interior design, no matter if we are talking about clients or other people you have to collaborate with on projects. This is what Evernote allows you to do. Evernote is one of the best-known web-based project management apps.

It gives you the ability to smoothly work on your daily tasks while at the same time having a clear overview of the whole project. It allows you to organize your projects properly and schedule all the tasks that need to be done. If you’re working with a team, all of you can log on to the app at the same time and communicate or share updates in real-time.

With Evernote, you can establish proper communication that is ongoing but non-intrusive. You can divide the tasks with your team with texts, photos, checklists, reminders, and many other features which are available to everyone in real-time. With this app, clients will always be able to see your progress while you’ll be able to work on a project more efficiently.


This app is for a visual-based social media platform. It enjoys great popularity with interior designers because it gives them the option to tap into everything that matters about their work. On Pinterest you can find, gather, and organize things you are inspired by, create your own boards, find new inspiration, and use the network to share images of your work or the work you are inspired by.

It’s a really great platform where you can find other designers, see their work, share your own work, and learn more about your profession. Pinterest can help you get more ideas for new projects, share your older work and get more customers.

It’s not a rare thing for customers to find designers on Pinterest. The larger the portfolio you have on this network, the higher the chances of someone finding your work and hiring your services. Additionally, when they want to see how you do your job, you can easily share your proof.

Adobe Color Capture

Every designer has heard the same thing: “Can you make the colors of my designs look just like this?” Clients are often inspired by a piece of work they’ve seen somewhere or, simply put, they know which colors they want to see in the area you’re designing for them. Finding the exact color palette that they want can be time-consuming and sometimes even impossible to do.

Adobe Color Capture allows you to get colors out of any work of art, photo or design project and use the same color within your project. Even if you are just working on your skills and going through some images, you can instantly turn on the app and take a snap of the color combinations that you like, but also patterns and shapes.

After a short time, you’ll be able to create your own unique color scheme with additional vector graphics, and 3D patterns, which you can use in all the most popular interior design software solutions. This will greatly improve your work and make it unique while making the customers happier.


Havenly is an app that allows clients and designers to connect from a long distance and maybe work on something together. This app allows potential clients to find designers and collaborate with them. People can suggest their interior design ideas directly to designers who are very far away and can always find someone that suits their budget.

This app allows you to personalize the ideas of your customers, work together with them, and provide them a visualization of their space as the project draws near. This app is a great way to connect the right designers with the right customers and allow them to work together properly, even if they are located miles away from each other.

Smith Home Remodel

In a lot of complex projects, interior designers need help from other professionals to get the job done properly. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to find someone that can help us. It doesn’t matter how much you plan your projects, how well you do rendering or how great your mood boards are, sometimes you will simply need someone else’s help with something in the project.

Smith Home Remodel is an app that is designed for professionals in this need. With this app, you can instantly find thousands of contractors and professionals that might be able to help on your project. It doesn’t matter if you need some small cleaning or large installments, you can find people here that can help you.

These are the apps we find very important and of great help for our interior design projects. Have you used any of these? Do you feel that there are other apps that should be mentioned as well? Feel free to share your thoughts and helps us learn more about other technologies that can improve the work of interior designers.