Interior Design Trends That Have Fallen Out of Fashion in 2020
Interior Design Trends That Have Fallen Out of Fashion in 2020

Every year, we see a lot of interior design changes. Some trends are in while others are out, simple as that. Every New Year, people set new goals, resolutions, and look to refresh their lives in some way. A lot of people want to redecorate their homes and keep them up to the current trends.

This can often be difficult because trends change quickly, but don’t worry. We've got you covered. If you want your home to stay relevant, this post can help you understand which trends are out. It’s not only about knowing what’s in but also making sure that you remove those things that aren’t in the spotlight any longer.

With 2019 interior design trends behind us, let’s see what 2020 brings.

No More Grey on Grey

Throughout the whole 2010s, grey colors were always present. It seems as if they were more and more dominant as the years passed. In the end, it was completely normal to get a whole palette of gray varieties and combine them throughout different rooms.

At the start of 2020, there is an already increased interest in palettes with warmer tones. Rich colors are becoming more popular, and gray seems a part of the past. We don’t know what the color trends will be this year, but they are definitely going to be vivid and warm.

On top of that, a lot of designers have already said that neutrals are done. This includes grey and all other colors without visual interest or texture. If you are thinking about replacing that grey sofa and repainting the walls, this is the right opportunity.

There Will Be Less Single-Purpose Space

In 2019, open floor plans were pretty much a standard. Renovated homes added them, and new homes as well. This was especially visible in living rooms and kitchens. This trend is going to continue in the foreseeable future, and it will evolve by adding multi-purpose spaces.

In the past, the emphasis was on formality. This is why there was so much single-use space. But today people want more functionality in their homes. We used to live in an age when it was all about showing your class and your wealth through useless fancy space.

A good example of multi-use space can be home offices that are used as guest rooms, basement gyms and media rooms, closets that can be a book-reading room, and so on.

The Focus on Accent Walls is Falling Behind

Ever since the start of the 2010s, there has been a significant interest in wallpapers. Some of the largest design brands, like Gucci, made their own wallpapers. This shows just how big of a trend they were at one point. Wallpapers certainly have longevity, and they will stay in for a bit longer.

Still, they won’t be used as a part of accent walls any longer. Accent walls were something like art pieces on a single wall. Every home can easily make one, and residents could give their own personal touch. In the future, we are likely going to see all rooms covered in wallpapers.

If not, the walls will simply be painted in warmer colors. It seems that wallpapers are coming back once again. Putting the whole room in wallpapers is no longer over the top.

Making Sure Everything is 100% Genuine

In the past several years, it was all about making your home look like a saloon that just opened. Everything had to be perfect, neatly organized, stacked, clean, and without a single scratch. However, this is high maintenance and can be really stressful.

On top of that, most people don’t feel comfortable when they visit someone’s home that’s decorated this way. People aren’t looking for perfectly shaped pieces anywhere and are open to bringing in used stuff in their homes.

Scratches and dents bring more authenticity and give items character. Furthermore, homeowners can relax and feel at peace because they don’t have a ton of precious items in their homes. Everything is functional, and they don’t have to tremble every time they want to use something.

Industrial Design has Died

During the 2010s, there were still many elements of industrial design. Even though they weren’t dominant in most cases, many things came from this style. However, as the years passed by, there were less and less industrial elements in interior designs.

The paradigm has shifted, and people are looking for interiors that will appear nurturing and safe. It’s not about portraying how cold and harsh the world is but making the inside feel warm. Interiors are looking to get a more vintage feel with warmer colors and cozy items.

There are no big metal parts, dark colors, and large spaces that have no practical use. Everything is more crowded and functional.

Less Conventional Shapes

Shapes like rectangles, circles, and arches were commonly present until now. However, they are evolving towards curved designs. Arches, in particular, were very popular in the past couple of years, and a lot of designers agree that they are over with.

A lot of architectural details, wallpapers, and wall paint were shaped with arches. We are entering a trend where free form shapes are more welcome. People don’t want to restrict their space to several shapes. They want to experiment and make their interior unique.

Everyone wants to have more input into their interior design, and this is where they can help them most. By providing exciting shapes and ideas to their designs, they can help them create something unique out of their interior.

It’s Not About Adding More

In the last couple of years, there was a notable interior design trend – “more is more.” Some parts of interior design were minimalistic, but the ones that were supposed to be filled with items were simply stacked. Designers and homeowners often overdid it with various design elements.

They added too many decorations, items, fixtures, paintings, vases, and so on. At one point, it was impossible to see all of the things that were in the room. However, now, since we are heading towards functionality, there is a thing called holding back.

It’s about including essential things that will make the space look good but also functional. In fact, in a lot of cases, minimalism is the number one approach, and a lot of designers have the motto – fewer is always better.

No More Unnatural (Faux)

The Faux trend is finished. Whether we are talking about finishes or plants, all of this seems dishonest and cringy. The focus on quality and not quantity has also made a significant impact on objects that get their place in the interior.

Instead of getting mass manufacturing items that are artificial, people turn to natural plants that they can care for and nurture. It’s not just to add a form to your space but also about giving it purpose. People want to be authentic, and this is what’s valued.

It’s not about simulating something but rather about giving people the real thing. Even though this trend has died out completely, there will still be some elements. For example, it’s impossible to imagine that there won’t be any faux décor ever.

Less Traditional Dining Tables

Dining tables have been around since forever. Still, this doesn’t mean that they will always be present. People have changed their habits and lifestyles. Whole families rarely eat all together at the same time today. Everyone has busy schedules, and individuality is more present.

This has made dining tables obsolete. Instead, lower tables are now more popular. They are placed in front of the TV and home theater sets, where people can sit down, watch their favorite TV shows or movies, and enjoy their food.

Meals are no longer formal and strict. It’s all about having a cozy and warm place where everyone can sit down and enjoy some food.

No More Neon Lights

Neon lights were a massive boom at one point. They came in custom designs, with artist shapes, crazy colors, and all kinds of sizes. Neon lighting could be found in offices, dorms, apartments, bars, and so on. However, after some time, they’ve finally lost their popularity.

They seemed like a good idea but quickly turned into something annoying and unnecessary. When you look at pictures of neon lights, they might seem cool, but when you live with them in your rooms, you see how over the top they actually are.

Lamps are making a huge comeback along with LED lights, organic materials, and classic style chandeliers.


These are some of the most important trends that are out in 2020. Now that you know what you should avoid, make sure to do your research and find the trends for this year. Good luck, and we hope you decorate your interior the way you always imagined it.