5 Interior Designers You Should be Following
5 Interior Designers You Should be Following

Interior design is becoming increasingly popular as a career, and providing an important service for everyone looking to make their living space comfortable, beautiful, and that much more habitable.

It’s the art of taking any single environment from being dull, boring, and uncomfortable to becoming lively and more aesthetically pleasing.

But as any rising industry, with a lot of quantity comes low quality. Everyone with a DSLR and a bit of an eye for symmetry claims to be an interior designer, which makes it difficult for professionals to stand out.

Interior design is a serious career choice and requires some serious knowledge to get into. But, if you draw inspiration from some amazing professionals, you might be able to do something unique and gorgeous all by yourself!

Here are five of the best interior designers that you should consider following to gain inspiration to create your own interior, or hire to make your living space that much better!

Diane Burcz

Diane Burcz is an interior designer that is based in the USA. Boston, Massachusetts to be exact. Her specialization is in bath design and optimizing urban spaces to make them more pleasant to the eye.

Diane is widely known in her field for her amazing eye when it comes to interiors that need modernization. She specializes in making light of old spaces, improving upon the older design, while keeping the traditional notes in it. Her design is all about clean lines, texturing, and comfort.

Another important part of interior design that designers often overlook is function. You’ve more than likely at least once seen a gorgeous place that really melts the heart. The problem comes when half the furniture isn’t comfortable or functional in any way. Well, Diane is a master at combining functionality and aesthetics. She is also known for implementation and project management.

Diane specializes in making kitchens and baths pleasing to the eye. Even though she is considered a renovation expert and specializes in renovation, she also takes on new projects from the ground up and has mostly positive reviews from her clients.

Diane holds a degree in interior design from the University of California – Berkely and has a certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design from the Boston Architectural College.

You can follow Diane on Facebook or Instagram.

Hani Fallaha

Hani Fallaha is one of the best-known names in the interior design industry. He is extremely popular and operates a very successful interior design team named Loci Architecture & Design.

Hani holds a graduate of the Architectural Association School of Architecture that is based in London and is the proud owner of the RIBA President’s Medal for the best design project, which he received upon completion of his studies. That is an extreme honor in the designer community and the biggest award an interior designer can strive to get in his career.

He is the owner and official leader of a reputable architecture firm that is based in Dubai. The firm is named LOCI, and employes 19 talented interior designers who work together to create impressive designs.

Their team has delivered numerous reputable products, not only in their native Dubai but all across the world. They excel at every aspect of interior design, and under Hani’s leadership have made themselves known and respected all across the world.

Hani Fallaha has been chosen by Middle East Architect magazine as one of the top 45 best, most influential, established and emerging architects in their area of the world.

Hani Fallaha is also a visiting critic at the American University of Sharjah. You can follow Hani on Facebook and Instagram.

Diane Thorsen

Diane Thorsen is one of the most well-established interior designers based in the Middle East, Alongside Hani Fallaha. She is the founder of the Perkins Wills Dubai design studio and has been a head-designer ever since its opening back in 2010.

She has an impressive experience that spans over 20 years and is the leader of an 82 architect team that specializes in interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture. She is also one of the biggest supporters of gender equality, having almost a perfect 50/50 gender employee split in her employment.

A South Africa native, Diane Thronsen holds a degree in the Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture from the University of Johannesburg. She is focused on creating a pleasant living space for everyone, non-dependant on finance and resources. She is a firm believer that everything has room for improvement.

Thorsen has a love for details and local art, combining tradition and modernity in her interior design. She has won numerous awards for her user-centered design tactics and innovation. Diane is one of the most respected and rewarded designers based in the Middle East.

Her designs display attention to detail, a love of local art, and craftsmanship. Her award-winning work and design approach is informed by sustainability, innovation, and user-centric design and research.

Thorsen is an active supporter and on the advisory board of the Women’s Initiative Network, a network that supports women's rights and gender equality and diversity in the workplace. She has since stepped down from her position as a leader of Parkins & Will.

Ashli Mizell

Ashli Mizell is an accomplished interior designer with a long history in the industry. She had a fruitful career in New York City before opening her Philadelphia-based studio over a decade ago in 2002.

She is classically trained in numerous fields, from Art History to Interior design. All her work is based on the simple principles of good design and functional aesthetics. Symmetry, elaborate detail work, high-end materials, and functionality are the main focuses of Ashli’s design options.

She finds inspiration in tradition, vintage Americana, classical cult flicks, and the rich Philadelphia history. Ashli is known for her love of her own style, but she is also respected for fulfilling client requests to form a successful and satisfying collaboratory effort in the creation of a perfect interior.

There is nothing more important than the client, in any sort of business you might be in, and Ashli understands this perfectly. Ashli Mizell focuses on advising clients on how they can turn a good room into a great room.

The biggest focus is on the details, which is an appealing aspect of every serious interior designer.

She has been featured in numerous publications such as Digest, Traditional Home, Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style, and the books Spectacular Homes of Philadelphia and Decorating with Carpets Magazine. She holds the “Best Interior Designer” title, given to her by the “Best of Philly” design and lifestyle magazine.

You can follow Ashli’s work on her Pinterest and Instagram.

Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop has a truly impressive portfolio, collaborating with popular names such as Hilton Hotel, Atlantis, interContinental among numerous other reputable firms.

Paul Bishop is the sole owner and founder of the successful design firm Bishop Design, which has tackled a lot of important and high-end products all across the world. The company itself is based in UAE, Dubai.

It was founded by Paul Bishop and has worked with everything and anything when it comes to architectural and interior design. Everything from Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, and Residential have been covered by Bishop Design, making it one of the most successful companies in the region and the world.

Their main business philosophy is to do such an exceptional job that they ensure positive word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Paul has followed this philosophy of recommendation for years now, which has proven to be very profitable.

The main focus of Paul Bishop is combining the best of both worlds. With the combination of traditional design and architecture with modern comfort and functionality, Paul Bishop brings a detailed and deep touch to everything he and his firm touch.

Bishop Design is one of the most rewarded interior and architectural designs in the world, holding an impressive amount of over 60 different awards regionally and internationally. The company has been named the “Interior Design Boutique Firm of the Year” at the Commercial Interior Design Awards, which is the most prestigious award ceremony in the industry.

According to the judges of the contest, the success and diversity of the projects that Bishop Design has been tackling paint the picture of the powerful and quality service that the firm brings to the table. Bishop Design has won this award for two years in a row.

You can follow Paul Bishop and Bishop’s design on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These exceptional designers are sure to give you that inspiration boost you need and motivate you to come up with some ingenious designs of your own.