5 Best Places to Learn 3D Interior Design
5 Best Places to Learn 3D Interior Design

With the rising number of people who are looking to become professionals in 3D interior design, this type of education has become quite valuable and important. The truth is, no one can become an interior designer without a certain level of education and a proper license.

So, the best way to become a professional interior designer is to go to the best interior design school. We're going to name a few of the best places to learn 3D interior design, regardless of your passion for commercial or residential design.

The only thing that matters is that these carefully selected places offer the best programs that will prepare you for what you want to become in the future.

The uniqueness of an interior design program

While ordinary interior design programs are mostly focused on the creative aspects of interior design, the best programs are also fully dedicated to instilling strong management, business, and technical skills in its students.

That's why the best schools teach their students a one-of-a-kind set of skills that help them clearly understand things like:

● Proper client facing skills.

● How to determine the clients' goals.

● The design project requirements.

● The process of creating 2D and 3D plans.

● How to select the right decor, textures, materials, and colors for each project

● Making sure that space plans meet all public welfare, safety, and health codes and requirements.

● How to properly prepare for each project by planning schedules and budgets.

● Hot to prepare all the necessary construction documents.

● The importance of collaboration with other professionals like engineers, construction planners, and architects.

● How to supervise, manage, and oversee projects.

The ranking

Every industry has its leading experts that create the standards. This is a reliable list of the best interior design schools that offer nothing but the top class education, according to the leading experts in the 3D interior design industry, such as Design Intelligence and DesignSchoolHub.

By surveying the highest ranking design professionals, we gathered the information on the best schools in the field that provide nothing but the highest quality and most thorough interior design education.

Still, the most important thing to determine is which interior design program is the most fitting for your needs, desires, interests, and preferences.

How to know which interior design program is the right one for you

Picking the right program isn't an easy thing to do, as there's much to take into consideration. Finding the right school is as important as picking the right career, as you're going to do that for the rest of your life, so you need to be wise and careful.

With that in mind, here's a short guide to help you get on the right track. Here's our short list of comprehensive things to pay attention to:

Your school must be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation or CIDA – any program approved by this organization is a good way to start your education as a 3D interior designer. If your chosen school has the necessary accreditation, it will be clearly noted on their website.

Make sure that your chosen school provides the degree you're looking for – there are three different degrees, BS, BFA, and BA. You need to figure out which interior design program offers a degree that you want. Each degree teaches a different set of skills.

BA program provides an approach focused on traditional liberal arts, which educates the students to become well-rounded scholars and artists while BFAs are the most professional.

Make the right decision on whether you want a focused or a flexible degree program – look for a program that allows you to fully explore your design and artistic interests, as this is the best way to explore all your degree specializations and options.

If you already know what it is that you want to pursue, you're best off with a focused program. On the other hand, if you aren't sure about your interests, perhaps a flexible program would be more suitable.

Don't go over your head – think about the portfolio requirements that you can actually meet, as this is the most important part of your application process. Don't go with the ones you can't meet and be reasonable.

The best thing to do is to carefully examine and explore all program requirements before you apply.

Location greatly matters – when choosing a 3D interior design school, you need to keep in mind that the location matters a lot. Then, there are also specialties and fields based on the living area, as different parts of the world offer different educational programs.

Each of these factors is imp[ortant and they all play a significant role in determining which interior design school is the best for what you have in mind. If you pick the one that really fits your needs, you'll have a much better chance to become successful.

The best places to learn 3D interior design

Now that we've cleared out some of the important things you need to keep in mind before you pick the right school for you, here's our list of the best places that offer the most complete and highest quality education in interior design.

1. New York School of Interior Design  

The reason why this particular school is on the number one position is that it's the only school specialized solely in interior design.

Aside from that, it's also the highest ranked place for 3D interior design, as it indicates extremely strong post-grad, networking, and faculty opportunities.

It's also a place that successfully guarantees employment, as this institution offers amazing career prospects. Then, there's also the fact that a very high number of students gets employed after their graduation.

You can commit to a non-degree certificate program if you need to work on your portfolio or if you aren't sure if you're ready for a full degree program, and you can also apply for a full interior design program and get a BFA or BA degree.

2. Parsons The New School for Design

If your mind is set on commercial and industrial design, this school is the right one for you. Their networks in industry and commerce are well developed, which makes it the best option for those students whose main goal is commercial design.

This school also helps the students find their niche, as there are numerous programs with excellent features for every type of student. What's really important is that this school values collaborative work and provides an opportunity to work on group projects with other students.

3. Pratt Institute

With a huge number of seniors who all found jobs after graduation, Pratt Institute offers excellent opportunities to all students who are hoping to get a good job after their graduation. There's no better place that boasts top-class graduate programs than Pratt Institute and it's also the best place for those who hope to continue their education even after graduation.

4. Rhode Island School of Design

One of the best ranked and a quite famous interior design schools in America is most definitely RISD. Located in Providence, which is known for its highest concentration of designers and artists in the United States, this is the best place to study interior architecture and everything else related to interior design.

The specialty of this school is its coursework and teaching students with very practical instruction. If you really want to become an expert in 3D interior design, this school has a top-ranked grad program for 3D interior design in particular.

5. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design, also known as SCAD is one of the top-ranked schools for art and design, known for their top-class quality design programs that cover all fields of design and not just interior design.

It differs from other schools by providing their students with the most useful and quite intuitive, creative, and artistic resources.

With campuses located in almost every part of the world, SCAD offers so many great opportunities that we had to include it in our list of the best places to learn 3D interior design. SCAD also provides an opportunity to get an internship in a wide variety of metropolitan areas, as well as abroad.

Traveling is extremely important for future designers, as it provides an opportunity to get to know all the wonders of the world and how different and diverse interior design can really be.

Now that you know what your options are, all that's left is to make the best use of your time and study this information so that you can make an educated decision that will change your life for the better.