4 Ways to Use Stone in Interior Design and Decoration
An interior 3d visualization of a concrete vault and wine cellar4 Ways to Use Stone in Interior Design and Decoration

What is Stone?

Stone is one of the most popular building materials to have ever existed. It has seen implementation within architecture and design ever since the early days of the industries themselves. Ever since the stone age, this material has been king. And even if the stone was overshadowed in popularity by newer, shinier materials, this material giant is going nowhere any time soon. Stone has seen a lot of infrastructural implementation over its long history, but in more recent times, it is reserved for a myriad of decoration purposes. There is just something special about the brute honesty and simplicity of stone. That's what kept it in the limelight for centuries. The fact that it’s dirt cheap, beautiful, and ample in supply also helps its popularity.

When was it popular?

As mentioned above, ever since we've started using materials for the design and build of things, we've used stone. So, perhaps we can say that stones' popularity as a building material and design material stems from the start of humanity itself. It was most famous as a building material in the medieval ages, where fortresses were constructed out of it. It has remained a popular decoration material for quite some time after that. It’s still one of the most popular articles.

Is it Coming Back?

Stone never went anywhere – it's always been a popular choice as a material. The purpose that it served has changed drastically over the years and continues to evolve to this day. While we are no longer constructing our houses out of stone, we're decorating them with numerous different stone ornamentation and decorations. Rock is appealing due to multiple various reasons. There are many different kinds of stone. There are many stones if we can say so. Each stone has its very own unique properties and qualities, which can all be boiled down to its practicality. Not all rocks are priced the same, as you can get a common rock for free, but a diamond might set you back by quite a lot. The most popular types of stone that are used for architectural and design purposes are:

  •  Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Soapstone
  • Travertine
  • Onyx
  • Quartz
  • Porcelain

But this is where the beauty of stone comes in. It's simplicity, it's honesty, and its sheer variety gives it a special place in our material realm. Now that we have established why stone is one of the most important materials out there, it's time to get into the implementation of it. While we don't want to go about building stone houses, building and designing parts of your home out of stone can has its benefits. It can be cost-effective, depending on the type of stone, and it can make for some of the most beautiful designs in the world.

Stone Bar

We've all visited a bar or two back in the day. While wooden bars are most prevalent in modern society, they are no match for the simplicity and elegance that stone bars bring to the "table." Bars are an essential part of every household as well and make for some dashing kitchen additions. Every kitchen needs a proper workspace, and bars make a fantastic compromise. You can't only expect this versatile kitchen addition to serving a singular purpose, can you? Of course, you can't. Bars are universally useful, whether you're looking for additional cooking space or somewhere to have a couple of drinks at. Bars are best topped with granite or marble. Still, people have made some thrilling limestone-epoxy combinations that are to die for. While stone is known for its gorgeous properties, it is also far superior in wood as a bar top design. While wood is subject to cracking, inadequate maintenance, discoloration, and cleaning issues – stone isn't. Stone, in general, is a solid material that is easy to clean, maintain, and won't change color in any way, shape, or form. If you're a little bit tight on the funds but still wish to have a beautiful stone bar in your kitchen, there is no need to worry. Faux-stone or stone foil can be purchased for quite a low price at your local design store or ordered through Amazon. While it does give the illusion of real stone, it's far inferior when it comes to function, so remember to be careful!

Stone Wall Decorations

While walls are made out of plaster or brick, nothing is stopping you from adding a little bit of stone into that combination. And trust us – a little bit of stone in your walls goes a long way. It's best left to the architectural experts who are designing your home, as stone can be quite heavy and provide some infrastructural issues if mishandled. That's why stone has been less popular as a form of wall decoration. But every problem comes with a solution, and the answer to the weight issue might be a little bit more creative than you think. People have invented molds that are applied to a thin level of concrete, which is covering your wall, imitating stone perfectly. Concrete is stone-hard and is a great wall material. Molding it into stones, polishing it, and painting it to look like the real thing will give it that new shine that nothing else can achieve. Concrete is also insanely cheap, and the whole process is low-budget in nature. In addition to being used as a wall material, concrete is also a popular choice for building retaining walls. One type of retaining wall construction that utilizes concrete is the concrete sleeper retaining wall. This method involves using precast concrete panels, called sleepers, which are placed horizontally between steel or concrete posts. The sleepers are designed to resemble wood or other natural materials, making them a visually appealing option. Concrete sleeper retaining walls are known for their strength and durability, and are often used for applications such as garden terracing, landscaping, and erosion control. If you're looking for something perhaps even cheaper than real stone imitation, you might be interested in 3D stone plastic stickers. Not tacky at all if you ask us, these stickers are virtually stuck to your wall and imitate stone perfectly. Just don't expect them to be as resilient as stone, as these stickers are quite fragile. If you're looking for yet another wall decoration opportunity while utilizing stone, you're going to love the idea that has been around all of 2019. Stone shelves! Stone is not traditionally a shelf material, as the stone is pretty heavy. But, topping off your wooden shelves with stone slabs is not only trendy, but adds visuals, functionality, durability, and sturdiness!

Stone Bathrooms

You can't imagine a bathroom without a porcelain toilet or sink, but why stop there? Tiles have been out of fashion for quite some time now, and that is because they're quite dull. Concrete is really in right now, due to the resurgence of the Brutalist movement. That's why concrete has found its way into your bathroom. Concrete sinks are not only really simple-looking but are also very beautiful and durable. While we don't recommend flooring your bathroom with concrete, perhaps a big, beautiful marble slab might be more in your taste. Incorporating stone into your bathroom doesn't only have some exceptional aesthetic value, but some great functionality as well. Stone is not only a durable, sturdy, and beautiful material – it’s also one of the best natural insulators. If you're looking to keep your bathroom heat-insulated, stone is the way to go. Stone is also great at retaining heat, which will keep your bathroom warm a lot longer than thin tiles. Porcelain or god forbid, metal bathtubs have also been out of fashion for quite some time. The latest hit in the design world is stone cut bathtubs. While these might be one of the most expensive tubs out there, they are a great marriage of functionality and beauty.

Stone Walkways

While we've mentioned stone floors in our previous addition to this list, the potential really doesn't stop in your bathroom. While there are molds for your walls that turn concrete into the gorgeous stone design, there are molds for quite a lot of other things as well. One of these molds is stone molds for your backyard. Why would you spend a ton of money on bricks to make a walkway to your house if you could just mold one out of stone? If you don't fancy faking stone and are looking to make a gorgeous walkway, you can use real stones. Now, you don't want to use an expensive stone such as marble or granite for your walkway, but you can utilize common stones. Common stone walkways give out a comfortable rustic vibe that is sure to persist over the ages. Stone walkways have been present in our history for quite some time, and are incredibly persistent and durable. They're also dirt cheap to construct. If you're looking for a little bit more finesse in your stone walkway, you can enhance it with some thrilling brickwork or some strategically placed plants. There is no reason to stop at walkways either, as you can include as much stone into your backyard as you want. Stone walls, stone summer houses, and even stone pool ornamentation. Stone is very easy to incorporate into any environment and gives it a sense of reliability, sturdiness, and top of the line design quality.


Stone has been a cornerstone of the universal design and architecture industry and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Even if the stone is such a popular material, it seems to be keeping up with the times. It has found new life in the interior design world through adaptation and aesthetic value alone. Humans have been making man-made stone for quite some time now, and we're aching to see what the next big hit is going to be. Who knows what the future holds for this solid material.