4 Publications to Follow if You Want to Understand Interior Design
4 Publications to Follow if You Want to Understand Interior Design

Interior design is one of the most popular career options and has only been on the rise in the past couple of years.

The reason - it’s just becoming so damn available!

Before the emergence of computers in the design scene, the work had to be done by hand, through a straining and untimely process of drawing for ages on end, to provide a possible solution.

Making changes or “editing” any of your work was also a nightmare. At times, it would require you to do everything yet again. Lucky for you, now it’s only a few clicks away.

Since everything is done over the computer these days, many different learning programs for all kinds of software have become readily available. This prompted quite a lot of people to consider interior design as a career.

But, like with any up and coming career, interior design suffers from a disbalance between supply than demand. To make sure you’re always up to date with industry-standards, you need to keep track of interior design news.

The best way to get inspired and create new things is by following the leaders of your industry, and see what they have to say. Here are some fantastic publications you need to follow if you want to get into, understand, and excel in interior design.

Interior Design

This is the premier website for interior designers with some dashing features.

It's a great provider of relevant news and information and is one of the most significant websites in the industry.

The ID magazine is gorgeous in its design, which is very fitting for a publication dealing in this specific niche and profession. The website itself is highly functional, boasting different articles on interior design that strive to inspire up and coming interior designers. This feature makes it ideal for industry newbies, looking to learn more about their trade.

It has been an industry leader in interior design information and publications for over 80 years and strives to provide information, design ideas, and the latest trends to industry professionals.

Interior Design Events work to connect the industry while promoting things such as creative leadership, innovation, and collaboration across all practice areas and different platforms.

Interior Design is available for subscription, both in paperback and PDF format, and is an excellent option for anyone looking to learn more about this industry, or industry professionals looking to perfect their craft.


Attitude is, without a doubt, the most beautifully designed online architecture/interior design website around. It fits such a site to have gorgeous visuals and high functionality.

It's a modern website that focuses on architecture, interior, art, lifestyle, and design. It is a bi-monthly publication that is available in both paperback and online formats and is internationally published.

The website strives to provide industry professionals and curious viewers with all the information they might require in this artistic trade. Interior design and design, in general, is not only a career option - it’s an art form.

Understanding this, the Attitude magazine works not only to inform the viewers and readers but inspire them as well. On their front page, they often feature different designs, vastly different from the ones featured in the past.

Every article is well prepared for your maximum reading pleasure, and Attitude is diligent in their presentation and originality.

Everything that can be found on the Attitude magazine is original and personal, as the team works hard to develop their photo shootings, using different kinds of paper, textures, and other creative resources.

Attitude is available for subscription, both in paperback and PDF format, and is an excellent choice for existing interior designers looking to get inspired and perfect their craft.


Commercial Interior Design (or CID for short) is the leading and definitive magazine for the Middle Eastern Interior design community.

Interior design is flourishing in the Middle East, especially in cities such as Dubai. The demand for professional interior designers is on the rise, and with new buildings being built daily, different designers and industry professionals are required to fulfill said demands.

The Middle East might be vibrant in its design, but the industry itself is very cut-throat, demanding only professionals and leaving no room for error. This is why magazines such as CID strive to inform everyone of the latest trends, news, case studies, and market reports in the regional field.

CID has been in operation for 15 years and has provided a needed service in the region ever since its first issue. The website is gorgeous in its design, fitting for a website dealing in such a field of study and profession.

It’s the industry's most sought after publication on interior design, considering its impact on the world’s most prominent interior design community. It has a particular focus on the commercial and contract sectors, bringing only the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

CID is the premier source of inspiration, product/project information, trends, ideas for all industry professionals all across the Middle East, and across the world. The magazine is available for subscription in PDF and paperback form.


Dezeen is the most popular and influential design magazine in the world. It does not exclusively deal with interior design, but with design in general, including architecture. The website has earned numerous different publishing and journalism rewards for their efforts and contributions.

The website is a gorgeous marvel of design, providing high functionality and an excellent interface, which all work in tandem to bring you the latest and greatest in design news, projects, and trends.

Dezeen has a long history of over 15 years and has found itself at the center of the design community. It has an unmatched amount of viewers, readers, and contributors, which establish it as the most popular design publication in the world. The total number of unique monthly visitors is 2.5 million.

Dezeen works to bring architecture, interior design news, exciting interviews, and publications to the up and coming architect, as well as a seasoned industry professional. There is something that is sure to inspire you on this website, non-related to the level of your skill.

Dezeen is also the proud owner of Dezeen jobs, the internet homepage for designer employment. They also hold their own Dezeen Awards, an annual rewards program that gives kudos to the world’s best designers.

Well, there you have it. Perhaps we missed a publication you find interesting and helpful. Please share your comments and thoughts.