3D Interior Rendering Service
3D Interior Rendering Service

For architects and interior designers, a descriptive set of interior renderings are essential for not only explaining the materiality, light, and color of a space, but also - and perhaps more importantly - proving the merits of the design in a way that creates a trusting relationship between client and designer. Not all firms invest in this type of 3D visualization, but for those that do, it adds immense value to all parties involved.

Those renderings, though, often come with a price of admission that turns otherwise interested designers away. It’s difficult for a small office to staff dedicated 3D rendering artists, and other full-time employees are more valuable focusing on design and production related tasks that jam up work flow. That’s why it’s so important to have 3D interior rendering services to outsource that important scope of work and establish a consistent base of quality visualization work your firm can firmly hang its hat on.

These rendering companies vary in scope, ability, and the specific types of services they offer. Here are a few such services that are sure to help your firm create believable rendering images and animations that will not only pad your portfolio, but strengthen your client relations as well.

Archi CGI

There are few better fully-fledged online 3D interior rendering services than ArchiCGI. Everything about using their service screams ‘professionalism,’ from the easy-to-navigate website interface to the unparalleled results they deliver. They specialize in architectural visualization, and a quick thumb through their portfolio page reveals why they’ve remained on the top of the pile for so long. It might not be the most inexpensive option available, but you get what you pay for when it comes to interior renderings that are believable, experiential, and unequivocally awe-inspiring.

Easy Render

If you’re looking to connect with a dedicated community of freelancers and small interior rendering offices, Easy Render is your one-stop-shop for finding talented, hungry artists you can employ on a per project basis. Their online interface allows architecture firms to browse hundreds of artists and quickly view their portfolios to see if their skills align with the needs of the firm. Easy Render guarantees results, and the artists aren’t paid until the work has been delivered and approved of by each individual client. Before long, you’ll be able to cultivate a small collection of artists you can call on when you need them, and only when you need them.

Kasya Design + Visualization

Kasya is an online visualization specialist that focuses on architectural interiors with a backlog of work that is sure to impress even the most demanding clients. They’ve completed work for a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, and educational projects. They pride themselves on creating visualization work that not only reinforces the design intent, it elevates the work of the architecture to show it off in ways that is hard to do even if they space were already built. For Kasya, it’s all about the work, something that is evident in the previous results they hang their hat on.


Architizer is best known for connecting architects with peers, product manufacturers, and potential clients, but you can also use it to find interior rendering firms that your firm can start developing a working relationship with. There are a variety of rendering and visualization studios connected to Architizer, all of which have their work displayed for easy viewing. Architizer is a great community hub for architects in general, but the feature of finding talented 3D rendering artists makes it a no brainer for any firm regardless of size or reputation.


I thought it worth adding a professional rendering and visualization firm on this list as an example of what is possible when hiring the best of the best when it comes to 3D interior rendering. Lunas is an international visualization firm that has worked with some of the most recognized architecture offices in the world. Their work is among the absolute best in the industry, and can produce renderings to a level of photorealism that is hard to match. For projects that require a particularly acute attention to detail and just a few more layers of polish, Lunas is the absolute best in the business.