10 Podcasts Interior Designers and Architects Should Follow
10 Podcasts Interior Designers and Architects Should Follow

Being an interior designer or architect today is very challenging. Technology is rapidly advancing, and trends tend to have shorter lifespans. Yet, people in these professions have to learn how to use new tools and manage to stay creative.

Your creativity is bound to suffer when you have to keep learning about the latest technologies. Add to that the need to stay on top of new trends, multitasking, and deadlines closing in, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, there are convenient ways for interior designers and architects to keep up with the latest developments without sacrificing much time and energy.

Podcasts offer the most convenient way for these professionals to grow and develop. “Only if I could know which ones are worth my time?”, you may wonder. This is why we are here.

Here are the 9 podcasts interior designers and architects should follow.

The Chaise Lounge

The Chaise Lounge has a five-year-long history. The podcast quickly became famous because of its unique concept. It has a rather narrow focus, which makes it more credible for interior designers and architects.

The Chaise Lounge is about interior design. But it doesn’t strictly explore the best practices and trends. Listeners can quite often hear about the business of interior design and learn how to improve their companies and make them more competitive on the market.

With over 5k Instagram Followers and 1k Facebook fans, The Chaise Lounge is a star among interior design podcasts.

Whether you want to take a deep dive into the interior design of established designers in California or learn why the high point market is bound to fall, this is the podcast to hit every time you got an hour to spare.

Entrepreneur Architect

Entrepreneur Architect is a project of architect Mark R. LePage. Mark is based in New York, and his focus is on residential architecture. The Entrepreneur Architect podcast was launched in 2012.

So far, Mark has managed to cut through the noise and build up a loyal audience. The podcast continues to grow steadily, which is proof that Mark chooses his topics and guests very carefully.

Mark’s goals are to leverage the podcast to help other architects build better businesses but also become better leaders and improve their quality of life overall.

Some of the latest podcasts address exciting topics, such as “Will Technology Replace the Architect” and “An Architect’s Guide to Construction Administration”.

Wingnut Social

The Wingnut Social podcast is on its third year providing marketing and business savvy for the interior design industry.  

Host, Darla Powell - a former police sergeant turned interior designer turned digital marketer and CEO of Wingnut Social - dishes out business and marketing advice while conducting in-depth interviews with interior design and leading industry experts.

Darla and her guests have a great time and so will you.  Fun and educational, this show never takes itself too seriously and provides a wealth of helpful business information for interior designers.

Darla makes what could be a pretty dry subject entertaining and memorable. Be sure to listen through to the end for the behind-the-scenes blooper reel.

A Well-Designed Business

A Well-Designed Business has been up and running for a couple of years now. The podcast’s host, Luann Nigara, gives her best to onboard new listeners but also meet the expectations of the loyal ones as well.

Luann set high standards when it comes to her podcast both in terms of topics and guests. The goal of the podcast is to allow designers to learn from the best in the industry.

Listeners can also learn how to build an interior design company ground up and set healthy foundations for a profitable business. The podcast is live throughout the workweek. Every Friday, Luann features a new “Power Talk Friday” episode.

In the last one Claire Jefford, a renowned interior decorator, shares information about the best practices when consulting with clients.


Did you ever wonder how working in architecture feels like, what it brings, and how it can potentially change your life? If you did, the Archispeak is the podcast to tune into.

The podcast was launched in 2012 by the magnificent trio of Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen, all of which are established architects and experts in their fields. Archispeak offers access to diverse topics.

Listeners can tune in to learn about the new design trends, best tools in the business, how to achieve work/life balance, overcome generational differences, and so much more. One of the latest podcasts worth your time is the one labeled “Tools”, in which you can hear all about the software tools that are going to leave a footprint in the modern architectural practices.

The Design You Podcast

The Design You Podcast is hosted by Tobi Fairley, and it will take you on the road of self-discovery. While the focus of the podcast is interior design, the podcast itself often explores other topics relevant to designers.

The episodes are always fun and engaging as the guests share their valuable insights and experience. The Design You Podcast will help you get the confidence and learn the skills to become a better professional and get more clients.

Other interesting topics you can hear about encompass lifestyle choices, healthy lifestyle, and overall well-being. If you tune in, you will be able to learn how to build connections and gain visibility as a designer, how to survive feeling uncomfortable, and how to use Facebook Live to reach and connect with more people.

Business of Architecture

Running a successful design practice is a challenging task. If you are looking for new perspectives and want to learn how to plan for the future efficiently, then the Business of Architecture podcast is your cup of tea.

Every week the podcast features a new guest that selflessly shares tips and advice to help fellow architects and designers lead a firm. Some of the notable past guests include Thom Mayne and Jonathan Segal.

Although covering the business side of design, the Business of Architecture is far from boring. The topics and questions are carefully chosen to keep listeners engaged. The podcast topics fall into the following general categories: marketing, consultation, smart investment.

Last week, for instance, listeners had the chance to listen to Gerard Olesker exploring an alternate career path for architects in architectural, industrial design.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Michael Riscica has been a young architect for a couple of years now. He did some heavy blogging in his days. Not that long ago, he decided to step up his game and launched the Young Architect Podcast.

Primarily the podcast was about the next generation of architects and helping them pass the architect exam. But today, the podcast has grown up and now features guests that are leaders in the profession. The goal is to help young architects become more successful at school and work, but also life.

There is a new episode every week, which is a nice tempo to follow if you are busy. Michael does a beautiful job balancing the relevance of the topics and keeping it engaging enough for young architects to stay tuned.

Learn about the established architects’ past and how their decisions helped them become successful in the industry.

The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors is another valuable online resource to tune into if you want to learn a great deal about interior design. This podcast is great for the busiest of you since it features only two 40 minute long episodes a month.

The podcast is hosted by Sophie Robinson, a TV presenter and designer, and Kate Watson Smyth, a best-selling author and journalist. Each episode is unique, and the hosts make sure that the content is interesting for the audience.

The Great Indoors explores various topics from the home front. You will be able to hear hosts debating about the latest trends in the industry. In one of the latest episodes, listeners had the chance to hear all about Christmas trends and small space living.

Hosts are known to report in from the world’s largest design festivals and share what they’ve seen with their listeners. The podcast’s Instagram page is quite popular, currently amassing a whopping 100k followers.

There you have it, nine great podcasts that you should tune into whether you are an interior designer or architect. As you can see, all the podcasts revolve around the central topic of how to become a better professional.

But what makes them valuable and unique are the unique insights brought to you by either hosts and guests. Hit any of these regularly, and you will learn a great deal about your profession and discover new ways to become better at what you do and even learn how to start your own business.