Reasons Why Rendering Videos Will be the Bread and Butter of Real Estate Marketing
A commercial square surrounded by malls and buildingsReasons Why Rendering Videos Will be the Bread and Butter of Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry has changed since technology took over our everyday lives. The digitalization era has affected the visual presentation of architectural projects and related architectural services.

Nevertheless, we are fortunate enough to have unimpeded access to different innovative ways of visually presenting our projects. There are many rendering programs and tools you can use. So, if you’re a rookie, you will probably experience challenges on your journey.

The art of rendering is not something you can learn overnight. If you wish to achieve the highest quality in your render videos, you must know that rendering requires plenty of time and effort. We are here to explain why rendering videos are so important nowadays.

What are rendering videos?

Rendering videos serve as a way to present an architectural plan and idea. Video rendering relies on visual techniques and image quality to make a project look realistic. It can also help you and your client visualize the result of your idea.

Rendering videos have become so popular in the past few years because they can catch more details and offer a POV experience for clients. Also, the quality of your rendering videos can present your design in real-time.

Many clients desire this particular rendering technique and are ready to give higher amounts of money for them. That’s why it’s necessary to know how to use available rendering tools and deliver the best possible video renders to your clients.

No room for errors

If you find yourself working on a video render, you will probably feel frustrated at times, as it can be quite a stressful job. It requires caring about many different things, and you must have a sharp eye and pay close attention to details.

However, video rendering makes it easier for you to make any project shine. While using this technique, you will undoubtedly have a lot of work, but you will also have an opportunity to turn your idea into a reality easier than before.

Video rendering can also help you understand the most crucial things about rendering in general and make you use your imagination differently. You won’t be using your intuition but instead the rendered video as a guide through the visual aspect of your project.

They set realistic expectations.

Coming up with a good idea is one thing; finding the best way to realize it is another. Before you test your luck with rendering programs, you must set realistic expectations for your project if you want to save time along the way.

We advise you to think twice before starting a new project. You should also talk to your client and try to understand their desires. Otherwise, you could get multiple revisions after you’ve finished your part of the job.

Sometimes it’s better to start simple and gradually add details than approach your work as a final project before designing anything. Don’t forget to check with your client before sending them the final project, as they may request changes.

A better understanding of the property

Rendering videos can also help you visualize the space you need to design and understand the property. The concept of 3D rendering is there to help both your client and yourself.

Also, you can achieve that realistic walkthrough experience and have a clear vision of your project. By manipulating your viewpoints, you can choose the best options for your video render and deliver the best possible product to your clients.

Keep in mind that not every video render can be a finished project. Therefore, feel free to experiment and try to make room for changes in textures, models, colors, lighting settings, shadows, etc.

People like videos.

Although they can often seem like a challenge for interior and exterior designers, we mustn’t forget why video renders are so desirable nowadays – people love videos!

As people have a shorter attention span than before and desire high-definition content every day, try to take advantage of that and make the most practical and visually satisfying video render you can offer.

In general, videos have shown success in many different industries and have a lot to offer to the people who share them and the audience watching them. So, make sure you use all the available tools to make your videos extraordinary and attract potential customers in the future.

Videos are easy to share.

One of the reasons why videos are a clever technique for your renders is that you can share them on different platforms in various ways. Rendering programs offer multiple formats for your video renders which you can use for diverse sharing channels.

We advise you to learn as much as possible about different ways to share your video renders. In some cases, this can significantly change your career, as more people can see your work and contact you for future projects.

People are more likely to watch your video renders as they look realistic and approachable. So, make sure you seize all the opportunities to share your work on multiple platforms!

You can use them for different marketing channels.

Video renders can be an excellent choice for different marketing techniques for your architectural company. You can use them in different ways and try to achieve higher reach within your audience and ‘’go bigger’’ with your work.

Video renders don’t last long, but they can immerse your audience and make them interact with your content more frequently than before.

You can share your video renders on social media, YouTube, different architectural sites, etc. Also, you can show them off in your portfolio or post them on personal sites and share your work along the way.


Rendering videos represent a big change in modern architecture and its visualization. We can expect more innovations in the future regarding this matter due to rapid progress in visual technologies.

Therefore, we wish you good luck on your journey and hope you will experiment with this rendering technique and have fun along the way!