Great architectural rendering companies and 3D rendering services

Architectural rendering and 3D model building is nolonger something you do with your free time in your grandmother’s basement whereyou can heedlessly explore your digital passions. Not long ago, being arendering artist made the jump from hobby to profession, and dedicatedcompanies are starting to crop up to close the gap between demand and supplythe professional design world has found itself struggling with. There are a lotof firms and offices out there in need of quality presentation graphics butlack the resources, personnel, or in-house technology to make their drawingsconsistently good.

The following 3D rendering companies have made it theirmission to provide less-than-equipped design and architecture firms with thetools and 3D artists to elevate their work through rendering services, websitereconstructions, competition graphics, animations and more. You could call them“consultant’s on-demand,” but that would be selling short the breadth ofknowledge and experience - not to mention the quality of work - provided by thespecialised firms.

When the Ghostbusters are busy, or if your problems donnot have anything to do with ghosts and more to do with computer graphics andrendering, these are the people you are going to call!

Brick Visual

The team of artists and technicians at Brick Visual areoff-the-charts talented. Take a few clicks through their website and tell meI’m a liar. The still images and fully rendered animations that emerge out ofthis full-service visualization firm are simply breath taking. They helparchitects and designers imagine their designs in glorious life-likepresentations that do better to show you the purpose behind a design than theactual building might. And it does this all before the first yard of dirt istaken out of the ground. Brick Visual hires people with backgrounds rangingfrom architecture and art, to computer engineering and business development.They are as diverse a group as the images they produce, investing heavily inunderstanding the history of design and architecture to better convey thecontext behind their visualizations.

The results speak for themselves. Brick is the “cremedela crème” when it comes to 3D architectural visualization companies. Theyprovide state of the art 3D rendering services and do not pigeonhole themselvesinto any particular style. While they know how good they are at their craft,they also know they work for you and will do whatever it takes to deliver theproduct you are looking for. If you need to up your 3d rendering andarchitectural visualization game, trust me when I say Brick Visual is the firstplace to start looking.

Ronen Bekerman

You need to look no further for the face of RonenBekerman than the name behind the domain. Ronen is a talented 3D visualizationartist who freelanced most of his career before starting a blog dedicated tohelping people achieve the artistic and technical success he enjoyed over theyears. At Ronen Bekerman you’ll find a massive collection of tutorials, lessonsand tips in addition to showcases of the world’s most incredible 3D renderingwork to help elevate your own game. Ronen specializes in providing the latest3D rendering software techniques and lessons in 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, SketchUP, VRay, Maxwell Render, Corona Renderer,Photoshop and more. Much of the blog is community driven, and invites artiststo post content and tutorials to the site as it grows more robust withinformation - some of which is absolutely free.

With so many architectural renderingcompanies focusing on promoting their own brand, it is refreshing to see adedicated blog to helping people get better. It is not to say Ronen doesn’t usehis platform to gush about his own design firm, Polytown Media, but at least heveils it in a thick layer of experience and information he is happy to sharewith the world. His gift goes beyond his art as it evolves into teaching.

Easy Render

Easy. That’s the word that comes tomind when describing the experience of using this premium 3D rendering service.Easy Render connects design firms with talented and experienced rendering andvisualization artists from around the globe. They take the painful - and oftenrage-inducing - process of finding and hiring visualization help by connectingyou directly with the people who will do the work and do it fast and do itwell. You can peruse portfolios and hire people within hours of starting yoursearch. There are very few job search websites that specialize in connectingarchitects and designers with the best 3D artists in the world, and even fewerthat make it so simple.

In addition to providing this valuable 3D renderingservice, they are also a visualization company that has an active blog withhelpful information about the state of the world of artistic rendering. Thehelp doesn’t stop at 3D rendering either. Easy Render will also connect youwith experienced students and practitioners of architecture that are masters ofmodel making and product prototyping. Also, Easy Render was founded by a SwissArchitect. I’m not sure you will ever need any further street credit than that.

Power Rendering

They are not the flashiest mailbox on the block, but Power Rendering isall business and results when it comes to providing 3D rendering andvisualization services. They are a rendering company that, much like theaforementioned Brick Visual, turn out professional grade renderings andanimations and sell them to those in need of an artistic kick in the pants.They boast a team full of architects and designers with over 30 years ofexperience in the construction industry. This should be enough to entice any firmslooking to bolster their portfolio. Too often, outsourcing design visualizationwork can result in loss of conceptual fervour and intent because it was done bysomeone who has little experience practicing architecture. Power Rendering is arendering company who prides itself on the construction experience of its 3Dartists.

Why is this important? Because not all rendering artists are createdequal. And because architects have an easier time trusting rendering artistswith a background in architecture because, well, that’s just how their brainsare wired. It’s the same reason they prefer to work with contractors who have adesign background. Above all else they understand how important it is topreserve the integrity of the design. Hiring a rendering artist who understandsthis intimately helps neurotic design professionals sleep a little bit softer.


You might think it weird to include a property owned by Google on thislist. Not to mention the rendering and modeling purists who scoff at the veryidea of using SketchUp to model something rather than the more complicated butcapable likes of 3DSMax, Rhino, or Maya. But you cannot deny the effectSketchUp has had on the design and architecture industry. Sketchup has turnedeveryone into a 3D modeler, and is a quick(er) way for design professionals totest their work against their understanding of space in three dimensions. It’seasy. It’s fast. It’s robust. And most importantly, it’s free!

I’m sure you have your doubts, but Google Sketchup is absolutely arendering service. In addition to providing the tools to let anyone beginconstructing things in digital three dimensions, it’s allowed Google topopulate its Earth with nearly every building on the planet. This in itself isa tool used by architects and renderers alike to get real image data availablefor use in their design drawings.

Turn up your nose if you want for stooping to such gutters and alleys, butI would be remiss if I didn’t include something that’s helped me so much overthe years. I pack SketchUp proudly in my utility belt right next to my moleskinnotebook and my black fine tip le pen. It’s a valuable design tool and has comeinto its own over the years as a genuine rendering service. However, like Ialways say: haters gonna hate.


Not all farms are for chickens, corn, and toothless old men in tobaccostained overalls and frayed straw hats. This farm has its eyes on the cloud,and provides users with the computing power necessary to shell out realisticrenderings for firms and offices who are still wrestling with Windows Vista.RenderStreet is a 3D rendering company with a dedicated server farm that willquickly render your scenes - whether they be still images or animations - withrelative easy. No more set it and forget it scenarios that have your renderingsturn and burn over three days while you wait helplessly, hoping you got thelighting right and the materials on point. RenderStreet will give you resultsquickly and professionally, letting you tweak your scene before closing youreyes, grinding your teeth and hitting “print.”

RenderStreet is so accomplished, they even work with film studiosproducing 3D animated movies and shorts. When these studios don’t have theprocessing power and technical know-how to hit their deadlines, RenderStreetswoops in and gently carries everyone to the promise land. Their missionstatement leans on speed and precision, which is exactly what you’ll get if youenlist in their valuable 3D rendering service.