Best Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram
Best Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Most people probably don’t associate architecture with art so much, but when captured through the lens of someone creative, everyday buildings and cityscapes can prove to be true works of art and, at times, they might even look as sculptures of a noteworthy artist.

Rapid technological advancements in the field of photography nowadays allow virtually anyone to become an awe-inspiring photographer, so it may be hard to find good examples of architectural photography unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, Instagram is a great place to begin your quest. Many amateur and professional photographers share their works daily so you might even feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of artful structures. To help you stay on track, we scoured the web to compile a list of photographers you should keep an eye out for.


Matthieu Venot is a talented and self-taught artist based in France. He became well known for his minimalist style which many describe as inspiring and soothing. Matthieu’s pictures often feature parts of buildings cropped out of context or isolated architectural details which form almost alien-like geometrical compositions. His pictures often capture the essence of aesthetic in buildings or their integral details.


It is challenging to describe Iwan Baan’s work in a few words. He describes his work on Instagram simply as a diary of travel with the iPhone. While he does take most of his shots through an iPhone, his photographs are so much more.

Scrolling through his account you might find visually stunning cityscapes, otherworldly structures nested in everyday life and much more. He is known for his masterful use of light and shadow in creating amazing compositions.


Dephreq is another artist with a unique style and obsessive attention to detail. While his work is not as diverse as some other photographers’, he is famous for his ability to create a feeling of depth which seems to draw the viewers in his pictures. His shots are stunning and jaw dropping at times so be sure to check him out.


Serjios is the pseudonym used by renowned Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar. Over the years Najjar developed an instantly recognizable style since he uses a model in each of his photographs. Through his lens, Serjios has managed to merge man with architecture thus creating unique scenes which can drastically shift the viewer’s perception.

In his own words, his work makes: “shadows become geometric sculptures; three-dimensional shapes morph into planes. Perspectives tilt; the image is constructed; reality is cut; riffled through and rebuilt by the lines that surround us.”


Mike Hollman is a world-renowned artist whose work is respected internationally. New Zealand’s Institute of Professional Photography even gave him the title of the Grand Master of Photography. And that is truly the best way to describe Mike, as the Grandmaster.

His work is diverse and covers everything from buildings, parks, architectural details to atmospheric shots evoking an almost mystical sense of the unknown. His shots have the power to transport his audience to a magical reality underlying the everyday existence of our lives.


Matthias Haker’s unique style of architectural photography sometimes makes his shots look more like baroque oil paintings than photographs. Through his work, he masterfully fuses his love of art and architecture.

He is acclaimed for his use of space and color. Browsing through his shots you might find decrepit, old buildings invaded by lush nature, stunning cityscapes and alluring shots of old, luxurious buildings that can captivate your attention and take your breath away.


Some people use drones for racing, some people use them for recording concerts, but architectural photographer Joao Morgado uses them to create amazing works of art in which he combines aerial and architectural photography.

His visually pleasing aesthetic creates a sense of peace and serenity in his audience. Most often he portrays modern buildings and open, clean spaces although he doesn’t shy away from picturing minute details of buildings or shots of nature coexisting in harmony with the city.


Daniel Hewitt rose to prominence with his Geometry + Geology series which featured modern city architecture compared with rural geological structures.

His work is somewhat less colorful than the works of others on this list but it features raw, bold shots of brutalist architecture. While he mostly takes shots of concrete structures, his impeccable attention to detail and sense for light and shadow composition make up a style that is truly distinctive.


While the art of Josef Schulz does feature many beautiful shots of cityscapes and famous buildings, he is mostly known for his appreciation of abandoned, lone buildings which most others simply never bother trying to look at.

Josef manages to capture the fragile essence of these forgotten pieces of architecture to remind us that beauty can be found anywhere, even at an old toll booth left to fall apart on some dusty road.


Fernando Guerra’s work appeals to people’s sense of purity and geometrical perfection. His shots capture the impeccable beauty of buildings in their most ideal state.

His photographs are quite diverse as he also occasionally takes aerial pictures to point out the mathematical beauty of different landscapes and buildings. Guerra’s work is colorful, full of light and simply perfect, so be sure to check out his Instagram page.

Well, we could go on and on as new artists rise to prominence daily and often times even amateur photographers capture awe-inspiring shots. However, this article features a compilation of our favorite architectural photographers who might be a good starting point if you want to delve further into this type of photography.

Having said this, many artists are still waiting to be discovered so go and explore, as you may find plenty of inspiration.