How to hire an architectural renderer

Not sure if that kitchen renovation would look betterin a in a metal or laminate finish? Or perhaps you just need that newdevelopment brought to life for marketing purposes? Well, we know that lookingfor an architectural render can be quite daunting, especially with so manydifferent services out there. Not to mention so many questions anduncertainties - Will it be terribly expensive? Can the website be trusted? Canthey guarantee the render will be of high quality?

Well, don’t worry we are going to give you all thenecessary information you need to tackle these questions head on!

Thisguide will help you learn:

1.   Why architectural rendering can help your business.

2.   Where you can find an architectural renderer or 3Dartist.

3.   How to choose and hire the right architecturalrenderer for your business.

So let’s get started, what exactly is architecturalrendering or architectural visualization?

Architectural rendering &architectural visualization

Glad you asked! 3D rendering is the process ofcreating a 3D image from a 2d model, image or picture using computer software.The creation of computer-generated three-dimensional objects started around the1970’s but, instead of renderings they produced wireframe objects and models.As the hardware and software technology improved, developers were able tocontrol the wireframe objects and move them. At present 3D rendering software hasbecome incredibly advanced and can be used to develop 3D architectural models,3D visualizations, animated fly through presentations etc. 

Why do we use architecturalrendering?

Effort vs Time vs Money!

Architectural rendering is often used in architecture,engineering and the construction industry because it gives clients the chanceto “walk through your project”, so to speak, before laying the first brick.

This answers lots of questions…Will that living roomfloor look better in marble or wood? How would it look if that wall was removedcompletely? Would you like the kitchen with white or grey fixtures?

Well as a designer or an architect, sometimes you knowexactly what will work and what will not, however, getting your clients tovision it is slightly more difficult. So rather than pulling out your hairtrying to accommodate your clients dream house requests, you can actually bringthem to life through 3D visualizations and architectural renderings and showthem…

More to the point architectural visualizations givedesigners, architects and their clients a truthful and realistic sneak previewof their vision. Furthermore, if there are any aspects of the building theclient wants to change, the designer or architect could just as easily redesignand re-render – Saving Time and Money.

Architectural rendering has another great advantage.Visualizing buildings and their elements digitally in 3D allow designers,architects and their clients to identify flaws in the design before theconstruction. This not only minimize delays and unnecessary revisions duringthe construction stage but it can save the company and the client lots of moneyin the long run.

Finally, in addition to this, 3D architecturalvisualizations assist in the marketing of the project there after. Whether youare trying to convince your wife that the garage would look “much better” as agames room or you are pitching a new residential development to investorshaving a realistic and honest preview of the project certainly does help!

Why should my company care aboutarchitectural rendering?

Architectural rendering andvisualizations Stand Out

It is well known that great design helps you stand outin a crowded market. Architectural renderings and visualizations do just thatin the architectural world. High-quality and high-definition 3D architecturalrenders, visualizations and animations allow your Clients to realise yourvision, fully appreciate the grandeur of the project and invest in it.

Design Pays Off

There has been an increase in the number oforganizations (commercial, institutional, and residential) that are using 3Darchitectural visualizations. This is probably because the advantages of using3D architectural rendering during the planning, construction and marketingstages are incredibly instrumental to large projects.

As we mentioned earlier, through the use of 3Drendering and visualizations clients can get a real feel of what the structurewill “look like” or in the case ofinterior 3D Renderings, what it would be like “living in the property”. This undeniably increases company salerates.

Who doesn’t want to save time andmoney?

Architectural renderings give clients an opportunityto make alterations at an early stage in the project. Here is a comment from adesigner on one of our discussions on LinkedIn…

“Justyesterday a client was sure that they wanted to save some money by going withkitchen cabinets that had no glass. As soon as they saw the photo-realistic 3Drendering we put together and we were additionally able to show them thedifference between the two types of cabinets and what it did to the space, theyimmediately reversed their decision and went with our initial design.”

Correcting these faults and making alterations earlyin a project stages could save your company time and money and avoiddisappointment down the line.

Who wouldn’t want that? 

Where do you find an architecturalrenderer or 3D artist?

Fortunately for you, finding an architectural rendereror 3D artist for your project is relatively straightforward.

You could:

·        Ask a friend - Do your friends and friends of friendshave anyone to recommend?

·        Ask Google - Search for 3D rendering studios, 3Drendering services and attend showcase events or even recruit a 3D artist.

·        Use a 3D rendering platform – Find 100’s of 3D artistsin one place!

Getting a referral from a friend you trust isobviously a great way, however, finding your architectural render or 3D artistonline also has several advantages.

Firstly, it is generally quite fast – google iscleaver and usually refers you to rendering studios and firms locally. This canbe great because it can be as easy as picking up the phone and giving them aring. For those of you who live in the capitals of the world – London, NewYork, Sydney, this could potentially put you at a slight disadvantage becausefinding a good architectural renderer can be more expensive. So check yoursettings and search the web – there are some great platforms out there, as wellas, internationally based online rendering services to choose from!

Apart from being relatively fast, finding yourarchitectural renderer online also gives you the opportunity to spend timebrowsing 3D artist portfolios. This ensures that their “technique” and 3Drendering style fits the vision of your project. What's more, the majority ofonline services provide you with an online quote or in the case of, 3DRendering Platforms you can receive offers from multiple 3D artists and choosethe one that best fits your budget.

So now you know where to find them… but how do youchoose the right 3D artist?

How do you choose the rightarchitectural renderer?

Whether you decide to go with the 3D RenderingPlatform or one of the 100’s of studios out there (including the one referredto you by a friend!), we usually start by asking the same four questions:

Do you like the architecturalrendering style?

With so many different types of 3D rendering software outthere, it is important to find a 3D artist whose visual style fits well withyour project. If their portfolio doesn't immediately grab your attention, thenit is likely it won’t grab your client’s attention either… keep looking!

Do you know who you are hiring?

Now, that you have viewed some great styles andtalents it is important that you know who you are hiring, and so we recommendyou screen your 3D Artist. This can vary between service to service, however,it doesn’t matter if you are searching on Google or reviewing candidates froman architectural rendering service, what is important is that your 3D renderingservice or 3D artist offers you a guarantee of his ability to perform. 

This takes me to my next point…Guarantee

Can they meet my deadline?

It is essential that your architectural rendering serviceor 3D artist offers you a guarantee of the quality of the work and that it willmatch the portfolio that they are advertising. Or that if they fail to completethe work within the deadline then you are entitled to a refund. 

Many rendering studios ensure you only pay at the endof the project, once you are content with the work, while some 3D renderingplatforms do just that, for example, Easy Render hold your funds in escrowuntil the project is complete and only release the funds to the 3D artist onceyou have approved the work. Having these types of guarantee gives you and yourcompany piece of mind.

Istrongly recommend it! 

Is that a good price?

This is something you will have to determine based onyour budget and the type of service you choose. Most architectural renderingservices provide you with a quote upfront, while some 3D Rendering Platformsallow you to get multiple offers from numerous 3D artists so that you can getthe best possible price on the global market.


Well, hopefully you have found this short guide on howto find the right architectural renderer for your company quite useful and younow have all the necessary tools and knowledge to get out there and find theright 3D artist for your business!

All the best and happy rendering!