5 Signs You Need to Outsource Exterior Rendering
A modern suburban street with sharp geometric homes.5 Signs You Need to Outsource Exterior Rendering

If you’re an architect or designer overwhelmed with projects, you’re probably wondering whether you should outsource your exterior rendering. Architects, designers, and owners of architectural studios often contemplate the benefits of outsourcing their rendering needs – it can help them do more and still deliver top-class results on time.

Although you could accomplish the same results by generating all 3D visualizations in-house, it could cost you a lot, including the satisfaction of your clients. The problem with the in-house approach is scalability. As your business grows and develops, the demand for your exterior rendering services may increase.

At that point, you may notice that relying on your rendering team isn’t enough to complete all the projects. Before you know it, you’re breaking deadlines and having a hard time marketing your work and attracting new clients.

If you want to avoid overwhelming your team with too many 3D rendering responsibilities and missing deadlines, and downtime in production, here are five signs you need to outsource exterior rendering as soon as possible.

Your rendering team is breaking deadlines constantly

If you’re running an architecture business, you probably have an in-house rendering team of 3D visualization experts working on projects. As your business grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to cope with all the work that comes your way.

Your in-house rendering team isn’t required to work 24/7 to manage all the rendering requirements from an increasing number of clients. The only way to ensure you deliver the expected results promptly is to pay your team overtime.

If some of your team members go on vacation, you won’t have enough manpower to complete a critical rendering project. Breaking deadlines brings negative reviews to your brand, and that’s not a risk you should take. In such situations, outsourcing your rendering projects is the best option.

You want to market your work

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or 3D artist, marketing your work is the only way to promote your brand and attract clients. However, having enough attention-grabbing visuals for marketing your services requires a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Even if you invest, you still won’t have enough visuals in your online portfolio to keep your social media accounts and website up to date. If you want to ensure you have a steady stream of clients, you’ll need a strong, authoritative, and competitive brand presence, as well as a modern, visually appealing website.

On the other hand, social media accounts require constant updates regarding your work, and you have to come up with top-grade visual content to attract more clients. On top of all that, you have to worry about your ongoing projects that are still in the planning stages.

The best way to handle all these problems with one stroke is to outsource your exterior rendering requirements and ensure you have enough visuals and manpower to accomplish your mission.

There’s no constant demand for rendering

How many rendering projects you score depends on your target audience. Some architecture firms don’t require high quantities of exterior rendering as their focus may lay elsewhere.

However, the more you grow your business, the more your client base grows, resulting in an increased or decreased demand for rendering, depending on the main scope of your visual work.

If you’re designing hotels or buildings, exterior rendering is a must-have for conveying your ideas and communicating concepts. If your demand for rendering comes and goes, hiring an in-house rendering team isn’t a cost-effective solution.

It may be more affordable and time-efficient to outsource your rendering requirements in such situations.

Hiring 3D artists in-house is too expensive

Let’s say that you’re hired to work on a huge hotel project that requires lots of exterior rendering work. If you specialize in exterior design, photorealistic visuals will be among your primary requirements.

However, that’s exactly the problem. Some clients may prefer photorealistic renders – others may be more into simpler stuff, such as mood boards and sketches, since they are less expensive.

Hiring in-house artists for the job may end up being more expensive than you’ve planned, and you could break your budget while leaving your clients with poor results.

You don’t know to create realistic visualizations

There’s a big difference between having a basic understanding of what an exterior render should be and creating immersive and photorealistic visualizations. This difference could make or break your business.

Most architects have crossed paths with one or several 3D rendering software. They know how to accurately represent proportions, size, and the necessary geometry. While this might be enough for some projects, it won’t be enough for clients demanding hyper-realistic representations of exterior design.

Since these hyper-realistic projects aren’t that common, the best thing to do is to rely on professional 3D artists to do all the rendering work. You should outsource such projects and ensure your clients receive mind-bending, lifelike atmospheric renderings that far exceed their expectations.


These five indicators clearly show why you need exterior rendering outsourcing. It’s an excellent cost-efficient option for all architects and designers trying to cope with an increased demand for top-class exterior rendering services.

Outsourcing helps save time, effort, and resources while ensuring your target audience receives nothing but perfection. If you’re currently stuck working on several projects, and you’ve just received an offer you can’t refuse, you should consider outsourcing it to save yourself the trouble and make sure your team completes the project within the deadline.

Outsourcing also helps relieve some of the stress from your team, allowing them to focus on the core mission. Whether you’re looking to attract more clients with your marketing campaign or you need to create a show-stopping presentation, outsourcing exterior rendering can help deliver immersive results promptly and at a reasonable cost.