How to Incorporate Original Art Pieces Into Your Home Design
3d visualization of a grey and brown themed living room with an art piece on the wall.How to Incorporate Original Art Pieces Into Your Home Design

Art is a crucial design staple of most homes, but there’s more than one way to meld an incredible-looking painting into the rest of your decor. While this can make the design process fun and exciting, it can also get confusing. You’ll need some way to narrow down your options.

How to Include Original Art Pieces in Your Home

If you're wondering how to incorporate original art pieces into your home design, Gelato is a great place to start. With a variety of high-quality printing options and customizable designs, Gelato's wall art allows you to create unique pieces that perfectly match your home's aesthetic. Here are 10 great ways to get you on your way to an art-filled home.

1. Feature an Art Piece on Your Wall

Hang a piece of original artwork at or slightly above eye level on a focus wall in your living room. It can be anything from a bold painting to a small framed sketch. If you’re looking for a place that sells hangable art, check out Singulart, an online Art Gallery filled with talented painters.

2. Create Art Vignettes

Vignette means “small arrangement of objects,” and you can create one on any flat surface. Showcase multiple pieces of art side by side and create a unique collage. You can pick any kind of artwork that follows a common thread and coordinate the framing for an eye-catching effect.

3. Feature Art Pieces on Shelves

Installing shelves and featuring original art pieces can make for a fabulous display. Just arrange your artwork in any order you like, playing with the hues, size, and scale for a unique look. You can either use picture frames with a stand or simply rest each piece of art near the back.

4. Lay Out Art on the Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are one of the best places to show off artwork. Arrange a few original art pieces to bring your fireplace to life and transform your space. If you don’t plan on using the fireplace, you can put a large canvas inside the firebox or rest one on top of the safety screen.

5. Turn Staircases into Wall Galleries

Staircases are great spots to feature pieces of art, especially ones with multiple walls. Hang various pieces of art to create a stunning wall gallery. We recommend using different-sized frames or art pieces to give off a chaotic effect. This would work perfectly in a bohemian home.

6. Use Artwork to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Brighten up the walls of your kitchen with art pieces. Hang framed artwork and tapestry-like pieces in an interesting and eye-catching way. If you have a kitchen that connects to a dining room, consider adding a very large canvas to the wall opposite your main kitchen space.

7. Soften Bedroom Walls with Art Pieces

Bedroom walls are a great way to showcase original art pieces or graphic prints. Hang a few pieces on the accent wall, or soften all the walls with creative prints. Or, you can do the opposite by adding a neutral art print to a wallpapered wall. Both will add dimension to the space.

8. Hang Artwork from a Ceiling Track System

If you have lots of artwork to display and wall space is limited, hang floating shelves from a ceiling track system. You can arrange art pieces and other items of your choice. It can also serve as a great temporary wall, which is perfect if you need an extra bedroom or office.

9. Create a Photo Wall

Dig out some old photos and hang them on a wall for a beautiful display. You can also buy original art pieces combining photography and paintings for a unique look. Consider incorporating your own personal photos with abstract, vintage, or contemporary art pieces.

10. Display Art in the Bathroom

Filling the empty walls of your bathroom with art pieces allows you to show off your style and values. Hang a few pieces in the powder room, or place a framed artwork next to your sink. Make sure that the art you’re hanging isn’t water soluble, or you’ll make a big mess!