How to Add People Into Visualizations Like a Pro
A large residential neighborhood with pathways and parksHow to Add People Into Visualizations Like a Pro

Visualization is the best way to represent an object realistically using the latest technology. You will be able to create, or see, a three-dimensional model of an object before it is built. Many people use architectural visualization for their future houses, buildings, or any other properties.

However, when you are making a three-dimensional visualization of a building, you need to make sure that it is as realistic as possible. The structure needs to tell a story – and what is the best way to make something realistic and bring life into a picture? People.

People are a part of every event and setting, so you shouldn’t exclude them when visualizing a project. Moreover, if you add people, your clients will have an easier time imagining themselves in these yet-to-be-built objects.

When you are working on your visualization, you should add people wherever you can, and we will discuss how to do it like a pro.

Add diversity

Since we are living in an age where people are trying to fight racism and make sure everyone is treated as an equal, you can contribute to this fight through your visualizations. By adding diversity into your visualization, you will show that you care about global issues and that you care about the struggles of others.

You should create a visualization where everyone is included, regardless of race, gender, or other factors. When working with a client, they will be grateful if you add someone who looks like them, or their family members, in your visualization.

We should all be treated equally, and you can do that by adding people of different races and genders to your projects. People will, then, be sure that you care about people in general and that you care about your clients.

Use people to add atmosphere

If you are working on a specific project, for example, visualizing a kitchen or a living room, you can add people to your visualization to create an atmosphere. It will make your visualizations more realistic.

If you are, for example, designing a kitchen for a young couple, you might want to add people who look like them in your visualization, and they can be cooking together or doing the dishes together. You can even add more people. For example, you can create a picture of a family dinner and add 5–10 people enjoying their food and drinks and having fun in the dining room.

If you are visualizing a concert stage, you might want to add a crowd, and a performer, so your clients can see what it will look like once it is done.

Context is crucial

When adding people into your visualizations, you need to be aware of the story you want to tell. If you are working with a client who wants to have a visualization of an office, you cannot add someone who is lying down and sleeping in their pajamas.

If you are working on a house project, you might not want to add someone who is dressed up and ready to party. Try to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere, not an adventurous one.

The people you add to your visualizations can also tell a story, so you need to keep in mind the context of the visualization and add people accordingly.

Incorporate designs with people

Incorporating designs with people means that you should make sure that your design and the way people in your visualization are compatible and look good together.

For example, if your design is colorful, with different prints, you might not want to add people dressed in dark colors – nothing too colorful.

You can always try to keep it as simple as possible – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Use silhouettes

Silhouettes can be of great importance in your visualization because you can add depth to the people in your projects by using them. People can then see themselves in different lighting conditions.

Furthermore, silhouettes can create a three-dimensional feeling for your project. If you exclude them, the people in your visualizations might seem like dolls rather than normal people – they will appear two-dimensional in your three-dimensional visualization.

Create large faceless crowds

That was just about everything you need to know about interior design cues, but what if you are working on a concert stage or a stadium?

To add depth and realism to these designs, you should add large faceless crowds. People will get a clearer picture of what the project will look like once it’s put to its use. For example, a crowd cheering at the stadium will create an atmosphere and add depth to the project.

However, we must state that you should avoid putting too many people in closed spaces. For example, if you put 20 people in a living room, you will create a crowd where one shouldn’t be, so you are also creating an unrealistic situation.


Putting people into your visualization is a great way of creating an atmosphere and a story for your project. It is also a great way of adding depth to your visualization. However, there are some rules you need to follow to make your visualization appear professional.

These rules are just some of the things you need to keep in mind. However, you should ensure you understand the story behind every project you are working on and add people accordingly.

People are a part of many settings and should be a part of your visualization. That way, your visualizations will appear realistic and engaging.