Different Settings You Can Use in Exterior 3D Visualization
Two modern houses with huge windows and a forest surrounding themDifferent Settings You Can Use in Exterior 3D Visualization

3D visualization, or three-dimensional visualization, is the process of creating 3D models and converting them into 2D images. It helps you create photorealistic images of any object or property, showing clients how specific projects will look long before construction.

Moreover, 3D visualization is so precise that you won’t even tell the difference between the actual project and its 3D render.

Let’s see several different settings that you can use in exterior 3D visualization to bring your 3D renders to life.

If you are ready to read about making your exterior 3D renders more realistic, scroll down to learn about different settings you can use.

Exterior renders with added elements

Exterior rendering is a part of 3D visualization, and it implies creating and designing an exterior using 3D rendering software. It can help you visualize anything that comes to your mind, including various properties’ exterior designs and everything surrounding them.

Moreover, exterior rendering can and will make the exterior look realistic. With the help of your imagination and your preferences, you can design any exterior your clients want. You can also use added elements to make your design look even more realistic.

These added elements, such as the sky, vehicles, vegetation, and lighting, can help you make a particular 3D render more realistic and inviting.

If you want to learn more about added elements in rendering, you can continue reading because we will discuss them in more detail.

Sunny exterior renders

With the advancement of technology comes progress in visualization. If you have already created your exterior design but are unsure whether the colors or the materials will look appealing in the sunlight, we have a solution.

In 3D visualization, you can use sunny exterior renderings to see what your project will look like in the sun.

That might be especially helpful if your client will build that particular project in a sunny area. They will get a clear picture of what the exterior will look like in the sun.

Moreover, you can position this visual sun in any direction, so you will see what effect the sun will have on the exterior from different angles.

Cloudy exterior renders

If you want to see how different weather will affect your exterior, you can try a cloudy setting.

Cloudy exterior renders can look incredible, showing clients what a particular house, building, or other structure will look like on a cloudy day.

We all know that not all cloudy weather looks the same; rain clouds differ from snow clouds, snow clouds are different from storm clouds, etc.

With 3D visualization, you can see your exterior in any weather. These cloudy settings have many options, so your client won’t be surprised when bad weather arrives.

Plus, if you make both sunny and cloudy 3D renders, you will be sure about the materials and colors you will use for your project.

Exterior renders at night

Every property transforms at night, with indoor and outdoor lighting bringing it to life. Rendering a particular exterior at night will impress your client and help them imagine themselves living or working there.

Some materials may not look as appealing at night as they do in the daytime. If your client wants their exterior to look perfect, you need to consider this setting.

You can use lighting to emphasize various details, materials, and textures. For instance, you can highlight water features outside a house and the furniture on the patio and balcony.

Some 3D artists do not use these settings in their 3D visualizations unless their clients specifically request it. However, that might be a mistake because showing a property at night can make any client fall in love with it.

Sunset exterior renders

Sunset might be the most beautiful time of the day. The sun is setting, everything is peaceful and quiet, and everything seems more beautiful than it does during the day. So, why not ensure that a particular exterior will be genuinely breathtaking at that time?

Spoiler alert: sunset exterior 3D renders will make you fall in love with the exterior. This setting in your 3D rendering software will help a particular client see what their property will look like during the golden hour.

If you don’t like how a specific exterior looks at sunset, you might want to reconsider the materials, colors, or designs you have in mind.

Morning exterior renders

Grabbing a delicious breakfast and a cup of coffee is an excellent way to start the day ahead. Now, imagine doing that while looking at the perfect exterior.

That is what your clients will imagine doing when they look at your exterior 3D renders, and you should leave them speechless.

Morning exterior renders are a fantastic way to see what an exterior will look like at the start of the day when the sun rises.

Since you can use many different types of lighting to showcase how a property looks throughout the day, it’s only logical to include a morning setting.

Morning, for some people, is the most critical part of the day, and there is nothing better than waking up fresh and satisfied. Morning exterior renders offer your clients the possibility to see what their mornings will look like in the future.


3D visualization is the best way to design any property’s exterior and help clients make informed decisions. However, it is not only about deciding on the edges, colors, materials, and textures; there is much more to the process.

Exterior 3D visualization is ideal for showcasing a property to detail-oriented clients who want everything to be perfect, especially the exterior of their home or building.

The settings above will help them see the exterior in realistic surroundings and weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about any project falling through because your visualization will look the same as the 3D render once the construction completes.

We recommend using all of the previously mentioned settings to get the most precise picture of what your designs will look like during the day and at night.