How Having Your Own Blog Can Help Your Architecture Career
How Having Your Own Blog Can Help Your Architecture Career

Never underestimate the power of good marketing, social media, and blog writing. All three can help you connect with the community better and potentially build lasting client-service provider relationships.

Blogs, for instance, are excellent tools that can help you promote yourself, but they also provide you with reliable and valuable feedback from the community. We recommend using them to advance and help your architecture career. Here’s how they can be beneficial for you!

It’s a perfect place to show your potential work to your clients

If you write a good blog, you can include your architectural designs in it as well. By providing detailed descriptions and talking about what project you decided to portray, why it’s important, and how it can be used or implemented, you will get valuable criticism from the readers.

The best advantage, however, is that you will be able to show your portfolio online. It will be easy to find someone interested in your work if you get a sufficient number of readers on your blog. Think of it as an advanced form of promotion – you will showcase both your writing skills and your architectural designs.

The clients will then be able to see if your architectural work meets their standards or not. It’s not just your clients who will read your blogs, however.

People who have nothing to do with architecture will too, but they will also help you promote your blog further by potentially sharing it online or with people who are into architecture. You never know what might happen.

Blogs can help you connect with people from the industry

The highest percentage of readers will come from the same industry, as such people are usually interested in the same topics. They will be the ones reading your blogs the most and possibly:

  • Connecting with you – The chances are that people from the same industry will connect with you because of your blogs. You might write something that will poke their interest or simply wish to work with you for future projects. You never know until you give it a shot.
  • Providing you with additional ideas – If people can post comments on your blogs, even better. They will provide you with some additional ideas and help you improve your skills or even try out something new. That’s never a bad idea.
  • Hire you – Young talent is highly sought after all around the world in all industries. Architecture isn’t an exception to this rule. The demand for good architects and 3D artists will only grow in the upcoming years. All you need to do is work on good projects, and you might find the job of a lifetime via your blogs.

However, you will need to post blogs and write about your work regularly. Working on several projects simultaneously can be problematic, but it will do wonders for your brand and communication skills.

You can get valuable feedback!

The more people read your blogs, the more they will comment on your work. There will be both positive and negative feedback no matter what you do, but make sure that you do not give up. Try to consider everything when you read it. It’s one of the best ways to continue growing and improving.

Disagreeing with someone is perfectly fine. People are different, and everyone has their opinions about everything around them. They can be similar or the same, but seldom identical. They may disagree with what you say or do, but you will, nevertheless, benefit from it because:

  • All feedback is valuable – Even if you get major criticism, you will be able to rethink what you have done and improve it in the future. We all make mistakes; this is normal. However, wise people work on correcting them and improving their skills.
  • You will get additional ideas – From feedback, you might see that you have missed out on something important. It’s not the only benefit; you can also get different ideas for your future projects. You will start seeing different opportunities to make small or even significant improvements.

Never look down on any kind of feedback. Try to think it through and, even if you disagree with it, don’t get discouraged. Everyone has their own taste and preferences. For the most part, the feedback you will receive will be critical, and it will help you grow and improve. Use it well.

Good for promotion

Blogs have always been the best tools for promotion. You will be able to write about popular topics and draw more people’s attention than you otherwise would.

People tend to read blogs and open links about popular and hot topics. If your blog posts become popular, so will your work. Many people started out as bloggers and later used these skills to promote their businesses or crafts, and you can do the same with architecture. Your primary goal should always be architecture, but blogging is a good tool that can help you out.

Increase the number of visitors on your site

The more you write, the more your blog will grow, and more people will start reading your blogs. The idea here is that the more people visit your sites, the more likely they will be to check out your other posts and articles.

Your blog posts don’t necessarily have to be about architecture – you can write about anything that interests you but keep a separate section for your architectural designs. When people read something they find interesting on your site, they will tell others about it, which helps build brand awareness. A solid reputation can eventually help you land good projects or even find work in one of the finest architecture companies.

Therefore, increasing the number of visitors to your site should be your primary goal and motivation for now. You can do this via promotion or simply via writing. We have mentioned that the number of blog posts you have can help you increase the number of people visiting your websites.

Try to keep your posts interesting and diverse for the best results. If you do this, you shouldn’t have any trouble building a strong online presence. It will come naturally and in time – just keep working on it.

You can share authoritative knowledge!

The knowledge that can only be imparted by a single individual or very few industry experts is considered authoritative knowledge. It’s something only the pros know, and they believe it to be true. The people who create art, write, or produce music can often share their authoritative knowledge with their fans.

You will be able to do the same with your architecture projects as well. You, as an architect, can create projects, and you will be able to tell the visitors of your blogs what they are and what they represent.

It will increase the amount of feedback you receive and help the readers gain different interpretations of your work. You will be able to promote and sell your work better if you prove that you are skilled enough in what you are doing.

Look at your work objectively!

It’s crucial not to get carried away by your work, no matter how good it is. Look at it objectively – it’s the only way you can improve and increase your capabilities in the future. Your goal is to develop your skills and to create something beautiful, start working on it.

By looking at your work objectively, you will be able to realize its pros and cons. Sometimes it might be hard to differentiate between subjective and objective. Human beings are subjective by nature, after all. You’ll have to start being more critical of your work initially, as it’s a big stepping stone on the road to success.

Build credibility

With your blogs, you will be able to build credibility as well. People and potential clients, business partners, and customers alike will be able to see your credibility. After all, you love what you are doing – otherwise, you wouldn’t be writing blogs about it. Be yourself as much as possible and connect with the people. It will:

  • Help you connect with the people more – Nothing builds a good relationship than honesty and trust. If you are always honest about what you are doing, you will achieve the best results.
  • Trust equals partnership – Good partnership is built on trust and reliance. The more people trust you, the more willing they will be to partner up with you for future projects. Never forget this one.

After you build credibility, you will get more and more business offers and views on your website. It will help you develop your career, and all of that is thanks to good blogging.

It helps you brand yourself!

Branding yourself as a good architect is crucial as well. Your blogs will help you out with that. The more you write, the more you will connect with the people. Writing one blog is not enough – you should be looking to write as many meaningful blog posts as you can throughout the week.

Your blogs will “pop up” on the news feeds of many people and, even if they don’t read your blogs regularly, most of them will know that you have been in that business for a long time and that you know what you are doing. That can only help you increase your blog’s popularity and brand yourself more effectively.

Consider hiring a visualization artist to help you out

Sometimes you will be faced with a lot of work, and you simply won't have enough time for everything. Writing blogs and doing architecture projects can be tough and challenging on both physical and mental levels. In other words, you might need someone to help you out.

Having a visualization artist will help you out in more ways than you can currently imagine. Not only will they be able to create astonishing work, but for everything they do, you will not have to do it. Your schedule will loosen up a bit, and you will start breathing again, metaphorically speaking.

Hire a visualization artist, a freelancer, a university student, or a person who knows how to do that job, and you will not regret it. It will only help you build your career even more, and you might, potentially, even start your own architecture company.


A good blog will help your architecture career. Blogs are excellent if you wish to show your work to potential clients. They will know who you are and how they can get in touch with you. Also, you will get a lot of feedback from them, and you can use that to improve.

As time progresses, you will write more and more blog posts on various topics – from industry news to daily musings and details about upcoming projects. That way, you will slowly build a steady following and take your personal brand to a whole new level – one where you can expect more offers to work on projects or collaborate with industry influencers.

Then, you might want to start hiring people to help you out because the amount of work might be too much for a single person to handle effectively. No matter what, building a solid blog and posting will help you grab people’s attention and make a name for yourself in the world of architecture.