Architectural visualization of the front elevation of a single family house with a driveway and front facing lawn.‍Want Your Child to Become an Architect? Invest in Your Child's Future Now!

Do you want to get your child ready to become a world-famous architect?

Encourage your kids to become conscious of their built surroundings.

Architecture and design are all around us; in fact, human beings are responsible for creating everything that wasn't created by nature. That is a fascinating idea that might encourage kids to view their environment from a fresh angle!

Fewer people work as architects than as doctors or lawyers. To make sure that your child is equipped to succeed as an architect in the future, you will need to put in a little additional work.

Here are some ideas that you can potentially practice with your kid:

Encourage them to learn by doing

In this digital age, imaginative play and hands-on learning are incredibly crucial! In reality, some kids learn best by touching things; this is the premise of many alternative educational systems, including Montessori, Steiner, and Waldorf, to mention a few.

Cutting, gluing, painting, and drawing—these are essential abilities that shouldn't be lost because they are crucial to a future in design.

Unfortunately, ordinary schools are teaching fewer and fewer of these talents. Instead, you can take the responsibility to engage your kid in activities developing creativity.

Of course, you cannot expect your child to draw a building plan and start constructing immediately. Alternatively, you can gradually teach and assign your child some basic tasks, like how to draw a sun, how to draw a person, or how to build a tiny house with blocks.

Teach your kid to think creatively

Design thinking is the term for Innovative problem-solving techniques. Asking the right questions, coming up with original answers, testing, experimenting, and prototyping are all critical.

Once an issue arises, there is always a chance to fix it.

Our world is both an endless and very limited place. In parallel, while encouraging creative thinking, you can incorporate some sense of time management in your child. While working with your child, you can try controlling the average time it takes for him to complete a specific creativity task.

You can try out a task time tracker to make the process easier and smoother. These tools are automated, and you can use them both for your child and your daily affairs. Especially there are perfect solution for your employee and work management, however, make sure using tools as time trackers will make your child behaviour more careful and responsible for the tasks. By the way it will help your child to be aware about online tools that can help during the lifetime.

There is no right or wrong or definitive solution, which encourages experimentation and critical thought. In that regard, it is highly similar to actual life.

Here are ten more methods to encourage an architectural mind in your child:

10 methods to introduce architecture to your kids and promote design thinking

1. Encourage your kids to discuss their artwork, express their thoughts, and speak out clearly. Being an architect involves a lot of explaining and persuading people about your design.

2. Gain knowledge of scales and ratios. This is a fantastic approach to learning how to use arithmetic in practical situations: division, areas, perimeter, and metric and imperial systems. Every day, architects employ these ideas.

3. Construct objects out of Legos, blocks, and other materials. Allow them to create their own towns, homes, and castles.

4. Allow your kids to assist with home improvement tasks, teach them woodworking skills, or how to handle common equipment like hammers and screwdrivers.

5. Travel virtually around the globe to learn about historical periods and architectural styles. Different civilizations have various lifestyles; therefore, their homes differ in appearance. Great social studies, history, and geography activities could be that.

6. Draw like an architect by practicing. Draw a fruit in several perspectives (plan, elevation, section), then sketch the layout of your bedroom.

7. Build a fort, a tree house, a bridge, and a tent, and allow your child to dream, experiment, fail, and try again. Learn first hand about buildings and construction.

8. Encourage your kid to create something with their hands. There is a fantastic feature for making custom calendars called Mixbook. The child can make a family calendar with Mixbook’s photo calendar and after printing, place it on the wall. There are options to use templates as well.

9. Use your body as a ruler. Design and architecture are created with people in mind. Use your hands, feet, and height as measuring tools. Objects, furniture, homes, and buildings must all be designed with proportions and human scale.

10. Start creating 3D models online by using 3D modelling tools. This is a fantastic way to use some of the earlier ideas, involve bigger kids, and still be creative even while using a screen.

Final Thoughts

You must be prepared to help your kid recognize the joy in architecture if you want them to pursue a career in it.

This is so that children can enjoy themselves more than adults can.

So, if you want to encourage your child to pursue a career in architecture, you must understand how to make it fun.