Top Free Software Options For Architects
This render shows a modern ground-floor house in the middle of a forest with a creek running next to it. It looks like a cube with large windows and stylish gray boards on the outside.Top Free Software Options For Architects

Diving into the sea of architectural visualization may sometimes become overwhelming. You may get tired of searching for the best software that fits your architectural needs. Moreover, when you come across good software, it may cost too much to use it.

Luckily, many free software options can be used for architectural purposes. Some of these have premium options, but trying the free option will give you an insight into the software and what it offers. The following platforms are perfect for you if you want to stay on a budget yet still pursue your architectural dream.

1. Blender

Blender is one of those options that will be free forever. This company wanted to ensure everyone had a chance to try animation and start working towards their goals. With this free software, you can create realistic projects for free. This option has many free tools that you can use to create objects and represent them in their true light precisely. Blender is used mainly by professionals and those who want to expand their architectural knowledge and skills.

2. My Virtual Home

My Virtual Home is an app that is available for any phone, tablet, or PC. The app is easy to use; you won’t need many tools to create your desired project. Moreover, you can choose between different styles in the app to furnish the interior the way you like. My Virtual Home allows you to create your dream project in no time. You can use My Virtual Home even if you have no previous experience with architecture; you will quickly figure out how to use all the tools available.

3. SketchUp

SketchUp is one of the most popular options in the architecture community. This software has it all; you can create whatever object you want with Sketchup and add details that will make it as realistic as possible. This software, however, has paid options too. If SketchUp fits your architectural lifestyle, you can try the premium versions, which have even more tools than the free version. Most of the time, people with experience in the architectural field use this program; it may not be as suitable for beginners.

4. Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is another app that can be downloaded on Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac devices. The free version of this app has some limitations, such as not being able to remove their watermark from the project, but these limitations will not limit you if you want to create good projects. Moreover, Live Home 3D is one of the most loved apps among architects worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use Live Home 3D to let your imagination take its toll.

5. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is one of those programs where you can create 3D projects in no time. Firstly, you will need to create a 2D project, then preview it in its 3D form. Once you are happy with the floor plan, you can start inserting the furniture available within the software. You can also add your own furniture and designs and create a blueprint in the software. Sweet Home 3D is beginner-friendly; this program can be your starting point in architectural visualization.

6. Draft it

Draft It is an unlimited free option for all architects in the world. The Cadlogic company wanted to allow everyone to express their creative side, so they created Draft It. All of the tools you find in this program will remain free forever. You can even save and print your works completely for free. Additionally, this tool is used by many professionals since it is one of the best free options out there.

7. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a parametric architecture 3D modeler. This free option has many tools that can help you with your visualizations. Although the settings and the interface may appear a bit complex, it is that way for a reason. All the tools are easily accessible; you won’t have to spend time searching for a particular tool. FreeCAD is one of the programs that require you to be a bit more experienced; you need to have some previous knowledge to use the variety of tools they offer.

8. Infurnia

Infurnia’s free option was created for professional use. With this software, you can implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) and save all the project data. Infurnia is a program with many useful tools you wouldn’t usually find in other free options. You can create complete, precise, and realistic designs with the free version of Infurnia and save all the changes you have made to your project.

9. OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD is a software that can teach you all there is about architectural visualization. If you are just starting your architecture journey, you might want to find a program to help you understand all the different tools. OpenSCAD is not only architectural visualization software; it is software that will teach you everything you need to know, completely free of charge. Once you start using this program, you will be able to create a perfect project in no time.

10. actiTime

ActiTime is not an essentially architectural program; it can rather be used in any industry. This software will allow you to set deadlines for your projects and track the time you need to finish them. This essential tool will help you realize how much time you need to create a project in 3D; you will have better time orientation with this free app. You can also keep yourself motivated with this app because you can set deadlines for yourself that you should meet.


Being an architect nowadays means that you will have to find software that is perfect for your visualization needs. Many programs out there don’t allow you to try them out, and some may be pricey. If you don’t want to pay to create 3D models, we have presented some programs that don’t require you to spend your money to create realistic-looking projects.