Most Inspiring Architecture Magazines You Should Read
A spa resort during the summerMost Inspiring Architecture Magazines You Should Read

It doesn’t matter if you’re just passionate about architecture or you’re a well-known designer or architect. Architecture magazines can help you learn many things and find inspiration for your further projects.

These magazines are full of innovations in design and architecture, but more importantly, such publications typically contain unique and sophisticated aesthetic content.

Whether you like to read architecture magazines in an online form or you prefer to have printed editorial projects, here’s the selection of the eleven most inspiring architecture magazines you should read.

Global Architecture

Global Architecture has been publishing for 30 years now. This magazine is popular in Japan, and you can find its publications only in English and Japanese. Regardless, this magazine is one of the most prestigious publications in the architecture field.

Global Architecture comes out every two months and typically consists of various design and architecture themes like GA Houses, GA Document, and GA Architect. Besides excellent content, this magazine strives to provide its readers with enviable graphic examples in all publications.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a magazine for people with or without architectural experience and knowledge. However, it’s a detailed publication full of art, design, and interior and exterior ideas.

Even if you’re an experienced architect or just a newbie, Architectural Digest can help you follow the latest news, trends, and popular ideas in the design and architecture world. The subscription price for AD is more than affordable and is only $46 annually.


Dezeen’s primary focus is architectural news and interiors. This magazine is a popular digital publication that gives a unique user experience with visual appeal and carefully picked content. It focuses mainly on the “subject,” while fewer topics describe and visualize “projects.”

That means you can find insights, movies, news covering a specific architecture subject, and more occasional information about the project itself. The magazine also has a job board section called “Dezeen jobs,” where all readers can look for a job opportunity or find an architecture project.


Dwell is more than just an architecture magazine. This popular magazine is available in printed and digital form, and we can freely categorize it as a rising brand in architecture. Its online platform has more than 2.5 million users worldwide and features some of the best architecture and design content.

The website is free to use, but you can also pay for the Dwell+ subscription and access exclusive how-to guides, home interior and exterior designs, and the complete architecture archive of Dwell.

Arquitectura Viva

This magazine has been the source of the latest news and architectural trends for more than 20 years. It has 80 pages of the most recent architectural projects, reports, and photographs. The price of the Arquitectura Viva is $17.35 for the printed version.

However, you can also visit its website and have an insight into all architectural news and projects it follows. You can also follow and participate in available architectural competition events on the website since they are all open to the public.

The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review is a monthly magazine that primarily links urban innovations and global trends with sustainable and social architecture and society. The magazine is available online, and you can even buy it in printed form, but only if you live in England.

Most articles in the Architectural Review are about urbanism, landscape, and building design. The magazine is in English, and you can read new publications of Architectural Review every month.


Domus is one special architecture publication with an almost century-long presence. With such a rich tradition, Domus is one of those magazines that have participated in creating influence in architecture and contemporary design.

Designers and architecture professionals can read the magazine in both printed and online mode. Domus features unique and inspirational studies and examples of outstanding architecture and projects while leading the reader through the project maker’s vision.


Wallpaper* is one of those magazines that stole the attention of many people. The creators’ philosophy was to celebrate architecture and every form of creativity and art. The content of the Wallpaper* often depends on the latest trends in design and architecture.

The best thing about this magazine is that it’s optimized to stimulate and reach the creativity of amateurs and professionals passionate about design, architecture, and art.


A+t is the most famous architecture publication in Spain. However, since the editors made the magazine available in English, the A+t has reached international popularity. The publication is available in printed and online versions.

The printed version is available in Portugal and Spain, but the magazine is distributed worldwide. It addresses art, design, density, and architecture plans and visions.


ICON is one of the leading architecture magazines that have significantly influenced most world’s famous designers and architects. This publication can help you have a monthly insight into the newest cultural movements, trends, and technologies in architecture.

The magazine features three different sections – Objects, Lifestyle, and Architecture. Nevertheless, it is a valuable resource of inspiration and information for all students and architecture professionals.


ArchDaily has been inspiring architects from all around the world since 2008. This magazine is available only in digital form, but it’s optimized to work in 230 different regions and countries.

ArchDaily is a creation of two talented professionals that only wanted to develop a helpful platform for sharing experiences, trends, and architectural projects. If you’re looking for an inspiration source and the latest architectural trends, you can find outstanding ideas and projects on ArchDaily.


Reading architecture magazines is the best way to get extra inspiration and knowledge about architecture and art. We hope you’ll find the perfect ally for your further projects and creations in some of these magazines we’ve listed above.