Best Free Architecture Tools That Get the Job Done
A modern living room with an L-shaped gray leather sofa with pillows standing beside two coffee tables with a red lamp hanging from above.Best Free Architecture Tools That Get the Job Done

A lot has changed since technology started affecting every industry worldwide. Thankfully, architecture has bloomed a lot since it was introduced to new modeling, rendering, and designing methods.

We can witness many new software and tools developing, standing as must-have factors in digital architectural work. These tools are why so many architectural projects can turn out very realistic and high-quality.

Therefore, we are here to present to you some of the most popular and mostly used architecture tools while also giving you a guide and letting you know how they work. Stick around, as this article may save you a lot of trouble on your journey!


Revit is an Autodesk modeling software serving as a multidisciplinary tool for architectural projects. It lets you go through all the stages of the building process before it starts, as you can easily acquire solutions for your project.

Other than serving its purpose as a powerful tool for architecture, Revit has also found its use in engineering and construction projects. It coordinates data inputs and is considered a building information modeling (BIM) software.

Because you can combine Revit with other 2D-based tools, you can design a 3D model on 2D drafting elements. It delivers photorealistic renders with the necessary documentation and exceptional models with ease.


This software is one of the most used drawing tools for architecture. It lets you create a base drawing for anything you want to model in the future. It’s easy to use, and you can combine it with other more sophisticated programs.

On the other hand, developers have worked on delivering many 3D-related options in this software. However, architects mostly use it to present the graphic area of the building they’re designing and as a type of guideline for future projects.

With a simple interface, AutoCAD is an intuitive program with excellent tools that can help you draw furniture elements and position them as you wish. Also, you get a better look at the coordinates as it offers an extensive database of information you may need when you start modeling your project.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is a home visualization tool that can help anyone create a building plan for their dream home. Although it’s a free visualization tool, its functionality, convenience, and precision might amaze you.

You can use advanced design tools to create any building and furnish it with the help of various textures, materials, lighting, and shading tools. Creating floor, interior, and exterior design plans couldn’t be easier when you use this software.

3ds Max

This well-known software is the light spot of digital architecture as it can do wonders for your projects. It offers various tools that may help you make 3D models, work on details, and deliver breathtaking renders.

Many video-game developers also use it in game designing, making it one of the best modeling programs on the market. Although many professionals use it, you can master its options and deliver high-quality renders with a bit of effort.


This program is a powerful software with design tools that can create detailed 2D-based floor plans and blueprints. It’s also a computer-aided manufacturing software that can help you automate your manufacturing process.

It’s open source and entirely free. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about paying and renewing your license to use it.

Rhino 3D

Rhino 3D is one of the most precise architecture design software, as it’s related to the non-uniform rational basis splines system (NURBS). Therefore, this software has the power to produce mathematically generated images of models.

Its self-explanatory display and interface can work wonders with your architectural ideas. Although it has many tools you can use, it can help you deliver the best-quality projects to your clients.


This open-source software is an excellent choice for 3D visual development. It offers many modeling tools, and you can use them to create detailed, textured, well-lighted, and positioned 3D models before leveraging its fantastic rendering techniques.

Blender is cross-platform compatible, which is also one of the reasons so many people use it. With various modeling, sculpting, and animation tools, it’s no wonder it’s on the top of the list of best architecture tools in the world.


If you’re an expert modeler and want to deliver solid 3D models, OpenSCAD may be the perfect choice for you. It uses its description language, and you can connect it to your 3D printer to make your models come to life.

You can find many valuable tools in this program. It uses constructive solid geometry (CSG) and 2D line extrusion techniques while supporting many formats for exporting your work.

Civil 3D

This building information modeling software is a civil designing program mainly used to construct roads, rails, airports, highways, and other infrastructure elements. It connects the design to documentation and can create a robust database with valuable information.

It has simulation, water, and visualization analysis tools that can create a fantastic design infrastructure process. Also, it’s task-based, which makes this software a simple and valuable tool in digital visualization.


The tools we’ve listed above are only some of the most popular and free architecture tools with a good reputation. It takes a lot of time to find those that will suit your needs best, so we advise you to experiment and combine them accordingly.

Therefore, we wish you the best of luck in designing and delivering high-quality models and projects. Finally, we can only imagine what the future holds for architecture designing software and its capabilities, so always keep your eyes open for any innovations along the way.