7 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Architect Or Designer
7 Ways To Say Thanks To Your Architect Or Designer

When building a commercial or residential property, you probably have to work with an architect or designer. It takes a lot to design a home, and these people will not only make your life easier but also improve the results. Therefore, you should choose the architect or designer you work with very carefully.

The most challenging part might be showing gratitude to your designer or architect after a job well done. It is common courtesy to say thank you after such a task with more than a monetary reward. You should find a way to show your appreciation in a much more personal manner:

Here are ways to say thanks to your architect or designer:

Thank You Note

It does not get subtler and simpler than a thank you note as far as gifts are concerned. However, a thank you note that is well written will mean much more to its recipient and can showcase your gratitude better than any large, flamboyant gift could.

Throw A Party

After construction on a building or renovation project is complete, it is custom to throw a custom housewarming party. You should make the theme of the party a show of thanks to your architect or designer. You may even throw them a separate party in their honor with the builders and others involved in the project.

A party is a fun way to thank the designer or architect in charge of the project. It will also help you get to know them more personally than when working on the project. A day of such fun should show your appreciation and allow everyone involved in the project to let loose after working so hard.

Send Flowers

The gift you give the designer or architect responsible for the fantastic construction project you just completed does not have to be as exuberant as a party. A sentimental gift like sending them flowers will be just as good. If they like flowers, why not send them flowers using a same-day delivery service like Bouqs? They will appreciate the flowers, and you can even set up a delivery so that they always have fresh flowers from you. It will be a constant reminder of the gratitude you feel for their contribution to the construction.

Rendering Software

Before architects and designers begin any work on your property, they have to come up with accurate representations of the property where they can perform virtual changes before implementing concrete ones. The primary tool they use in this regard is rendering software. Therefore, giving them a new version of rendering software would be an excellent idea for a job well done.

There are many types and choices as far as rendering software is concerned. Some software can also be costly. You should conduct your due diligence before buying any software to give to the architect or designer. Software that is easy to use, functional and affordable should be good enough for a gift.


Architects and designers like to build things, so why not get them something they can build just for fun. Blockitecture refers to a set of blocks meant for architectural purposes. The best example in this regard is the LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Building Blocks Set. The set has 1210 monochromatic pieces, which the designer or architect can use to build detailed structures and learn architectural or design fundamentals for fun.

It will promote their creativity and make an excellent way to spend time with their kids and loved ones. The LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 has received outstanding endorsement from various architectural and design publications making it a unique and fun gift even for experienced architects and designers.

Promote Them

No business can exist today without an online presence. The same goes for freelance professionals like architects and designers. An excellent way to show your gratitude to an architect or designer is to promote their business.

If they have a page on a social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you should promote their pages as much as you can. Refer them to anyone you know who may require their services. Increasing their following and expanding their reach is crucial to them, and singing their praises online will show the architect or designer how much they mean to you.

Ergonomic Workstation

Many designers and architects spend their time hunched over a desk which can be tiring and harmful to their health. A great gift for such professionals would be an ergonomic workstation. You will not only be making their work easier but will also be benefiting their health.

You have several options to choose from as far as ergonomic workstations are concerned. Consult the designer or architect and find out what they would prefer. They will remember you every time they are at their workstation.

In conclusion, gift-giving is an art, especially if you give gifts to people who have worked for you. If you have worked with an architect or designer for a construction project, the above are gift ideas to get you started. The key is to know them personally, so choosing a gift becomes an easy endeavor.