7 Tips When Building A Shed
7 Tips When Building A Shed

Sheds are the perfect add ons to any home or building. They are so useful, and with the extra space, you can do so much. Here are 7 tips when building a shed, as there is a lot that goes into building one!

1.  Be specific

Before you start any building, you should properly define your shed. They can be used for many purposes, so understanding what you want out of it will help you make an informed decision about what it should be made of as well as what it should look like.

Sheds are normally built for their intended purpose, whether it be a garden shed, a garage, a workshop or an outdoor retreat. They are not all built the same, nor are they built from the same materials.

Research and planning before building your shed will help you to assess your needs. Get to know what is needed in the shed for the purpose you are using it. This will eliminate unnecessary spending and design.

2. Choose the correct materials

Building a shed for a specific purpose means that you need to find the correct materials. The materials used will ultimately determine its lifespan, which is the most important.

There is a list of materials that can be used to build a shed, with the most common DIY materials being wood, plastic and steel.

A shed made of wood will last for a very long time but can be prone to rotting. A plastic shed is extremely low maintenance but is known to fade over time, whereas steel is durable and inexpensive.

3. Consider low maintenance options

Low maintenance options that are of good quality should always be a consideration. This will allow you to enjoy it more than look after it. A shed should not be something you spend a lot of time on. It is an outdoor space built to serve its purpose and nothing more.

If you can use materials such as PVC trim boards to avoid needing to paint it regularly or a fibreglass door, then do so. Considering low maintenance options does not mean that you are choosing inexpensive materials that are not going to last. There are so many cost-effective materials to choose from that will serve their purpose without it being poor quality. You can get the advice of professional custom home builders in Sacramento to make sure you choose the right high-quality products with an affordable price.

4. Choose the right site

Now that you have defined what your shed is going to be and have chosen your materials. The next tip is to choose the site. When doing this, knowing what the purpose of your shed is going to be will inform where your shed is placed.

A shed is usually built in the vicinity of what you are using it for. If you need a garden shed, it should be in or close to the garden. If you are building a garage it should be close to a road or driveway.

5.  Know its dimensions

There is no pre-determined size chart for the materials used to build a shed as their site and purposes are not all the same.

In this part of the shed building process, you should measure the site. Knowing the exact measurements and size of the shed will help you to properly determine what the dimensions of the materials are.

6. Weatherproof your shed

Weatherproofing your shed is important. You are going to want your shed to last for a long time. The locations people build their sheds may not always be close to them. Having a shed that is weatherproof means that you would not have to constantly worry about their condition.

7. Go big

Going bigger rather than smaller will save you from extending or adding more storage at a later stage. It is always best to grow into your shed rather than grow out of it. When building your shed, pre-plan space for items you will be adding over time.

When doing so, keep in mind that the size of your shed always fits in the size you have designated for it. It should not exceed the limit and create an awkwardly big structure in the back of your yard, for example.

“Going big” has more to do with storage and floor space rather than the actual size of the shed.


Your shed should reflect your needs and your style. These 7 tips when building a shed are guidelines and can be used during your process. Building the shed of your dreams that serves its intended purpose does not have to be a daunting task if you stick to the basis of this guideline.