5 Ways Architects Can Promote Their Work
5 Ways Architects Can Promote Their Work

Architecture is one of the oldest art forms in the world. It has been popular ever since society has emerged, and aspiring architects have always competed to get the top spot.

Having famous work in the architecture industry not only guarantees steady employment but can also earn you quite a lot of money. This is why promoting your work as an architect is integral to your success.

Now, with the rise of technology, architecture is as famous as it has ever been. The tools needed to create stunning projects and plans have become readily available, prompting a sudden influx of new architects into the industry.

With any populated industry, breaking out of the top spot can be tough. The competition has never been more prominent, and you’re no longer competing with the locals, you’re competing against the world.

This might sound frightening, but if you’re good at what you’re doing, you’re bound to break out into the top spots. There are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to promote your work and secure your place in the architecture world, such as:

Join a Company

Joining a company is one of the most critical steps a start-up architect can take to get noticed by the general populace.

Architecture companies are not companies per se; they’re collectives of numerous architects looking to achieve the same goal. An architecture company might already have an existing, stable clientele that is just aching to get to work with you.

Revolutionary ideas are not always going to be implemented into your striving new portfolio - you need to start small and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Getting to know what you’re going to be working with and perfecting your trade is a sure-fire way to have material you’re going to be proud to promote.

Architecture firms already have numerous other seasoned professionals, and you could learn a lot of new things. While there is quite a lot of information on any business, some trade secrets are kept under lock and key.

People keep building things all of the time, and they need proper, suitable architects to design their new buildings. If you’re good at what you do, and you’re willing to operate within a collective, you could earn some decent popularity and get the company to promote your work for you.

This promotion works both ways, earning you some popularity and recognition, and bringing the company more possible clients to work with.

Publish Your Work

Getting your work published in a magazine or online publication is yet another sure-fire way to promote your work.

There are quite a lot of different architecture magazines, forums, and communities, both locally and globally. The biggest thing you could do is work to get your work promoted on one of these forums, magazines, and communities.

Promoting yourself is not that easy, and getting your work published in some of the best magazines and newsletters about architecture is not going to be an easy task.

You can start small by working to promote yourself and your projects on platforms that allow for self-promotion.

Publish your work everywhere you can. There are numerous different forums all across the internet. Some places that you can publish your work to get noticed are:

●        Facebook groups

●        Instagram

●        Forums

●        Chatrooms

There is another trick that people are generally afraid to employ in their promotion tactic - send your work to every magazine out there.

If your work is any good, and you’re standing behind it with confidence, some magazine you’ve sent it to is sure to give it at least a mention in their next publication.

Confidence is vital, so be sure to stand behind your claims, work, and place trust in yourself - You can do it.

Keep Your Existing Customers

If you have any bit of experience in the field and you have an existing customer base already, it is integral to keep them satisfied.

Keeping your existing customers happy with follow up work, and proper cooperation is a sure way to get your work promoted.

There isn’t a form of advertisement like word of mouth. If a client is satisfied with your work, he is sure to recommend you to anyone looking for an architect. Getting your work promoted by others is a great way you can passively help your operation,

An excellent way to keep your existing customers satisfied is by following up on your work. You’re more than likely going to have to revise an old project when it’s time for renovation or include things in your existing project if the client asks so.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your client is the key to a successful architecture career. While the same client might not work with you every week - if you’ve performed your task professionally, you’re going to be recommended.

Join a Community

Whether you’re a lone wolf or you have an architecture company, there are numerous different benefits to joining an architecture community.

There are quite a lot of communities, both locally and globally. If you research the topic, or better yet, let us do that for you, you’re going to find that there is an architecture community for everyone.

Joining an architecture community lets you get in on the latest architecture trends in that location and is a great way to promote your work.

Depending on which type of community you decide to join, you have different options to promote the work you’ve done.

If you’re promoting your work with the hopes that an architecture company will notice it and hire you, you need to work to establish yourself as a proper architect.

Architecture firms take notice of the trade itself and will judge your work according to your knowledge in the field and the expertise that goes with it.

If you’re striving to promote your work to the consumer part of any architecture community, this means that you have to explain and present your work in a manner that every average Joe can understand.

Not everyone that requires an architecture professional understands the trade itself, so you need to work to present it accordingly. 3D models, simple bullet points, and a professional portfolio will get you on the right route to establishing numerous clients as your own.

Advertisement and Marketing

Proper advertisement is not going to be an easy task, whatever kind of operation you’re running. But employing adequate ads and marketing techniques can establish you as a company or individual, and earn you a ton of clients.

While word of mouth is historically an amazing promotion technique that builds not only reputability but trust and a stable client base, it is not the only advertisement technique.

Word of mouth, while being amazing, is not as successful as your general marketing campaign could be. If advertising is out of your league, you can always solicit the services of a marketing professional.

Marketing your business yourself is not that hard, but you need to keep a couple of things in mind before you get into it. Some tips about advertising and marketing your business correctly are:

Know where you’re marketing

There are numerous different platforms where you can promote your work. These platforms all have different rules and various perks. Study the platform before you promote your work to get the best bang for your buck.

Build an excellent website

A good website is going to be the forefront and the homepage of your business. A good, well-designed website gives a company, or a professional individual, added reputability and reliability. Having a proper website is crucial.

Know who you’re marketing to

Knowing and understanding who you’re promoting your work to is another crucial aspect of proper promotion. You’re not going to promote your work to other architects and companies the same way you’d promote your work to clients. Research, differentiate, and market accordingly.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media! Social media is at the forefront of modern marketing, as it has many, many users. Promoting your content through social media will not only gain you recognition but lead you to new clients, as well. Promotion on social media can be difficult, and different platforms offer different perks.

So, in essence, you first need to work on your skills and portfolio. After that, you need to be careful. Try to avoid common mistakes and do your best to promote your work the right way. Everything else will fall into place.