4 Tips For Designing The Perfect Vacation Rental
3D Visualization of a terrace and swimming pool with sunbeds and a sea view.4 Tips For Designing The Perfect Vacation Rental

Vacations have taken on a new look in recent years with the rise of rental homes. These properties are usually second homes initially bought for residential use and then transformed into vacation spots rented for short or long-term use. They have become popular because of their advantages over hotels, including the added privacy, comfort, and local feel.  

Property owners also benefit from using their second homes as additional income sources. The Internal Revenue System or IRS qualifies a second home as an investment property if the owner spends less than two weeks living in it and tries to make an income out of it through rentals. Instead of deducting property taxes, utility bills, or maintenance costs from their regular income, they can now make money out of a property that would otherwise be left unused for extended periods.

While rental properties are taxed more than residential types, it's common for the income earned to offset and even exceed all the expenses maintaining a second property entails. Because of their earning potential, many property owners are keen to give their homes a design upgrade to make them more attractive to potential guests.

If you'd like some tips on designing the perfect vacation rental, here are some suggestions you may find helpful.

1. Follow a design theme

After buying a vacation rental, homeowners usually have a design idea in mind fitting for a house intended for residential use. However, vacation houses must have a next-level aesthetic appeal and vibe to make them a holiday destination in and of themselves. It can be achieved in many ways, one of which is by following a design theme.

Design themes can make an ordinary space look stunning and exude a luxurious, elegant, or rustic vibe. These attributes are desirable in a vacation rental to make it a sought-after spot guests would love to spend time and take pictures in.  

When selecting a theme, you can opt for classic designs that make the space feel cozy. Alternatively, you can go for bold and creative themes with eye-catching furniture, décor, or paint palettes. Pairing vintage pieces with new furnishings will make your rental look classy. For example, a stack of old books placed beside a modern lamp adds character to your space.

You have various design themes to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that best suits your preferences.  

2. Optimize light sources

One of the essential elements of interior design is natural light. The more access you have to natural light, the better ambiance you'll create. To optimize natural light, you can consider installing skylights or sun tubes, which allow light sources from the topmost parts of the home to illuminate the interior.  

You can also use glass tiles or those made with other reflective materials. Glass tiles can reflect 100% of the natural light that comes to their surfaces, making them ideal if you want to brighten up a space.  

Moreover, you can incorporate a lighting design to specific points in your home or use various light fixtures to highlight a spot, an artwork, or a décor. Lastly, you can strategically use your lighting design to make a room look more spacious than it is.  

3. Create focal points

Does your home have specific spots that visitors will love? If so, you can consider these areas as focal points you can use to promote your rental space. You can maximize them to make your property look more enticing to guests looking for an Instagram-worthy accommodation. With 130 million users of this social media platform engaging with shopping content each month, you can consider it a wise investment to create Instagrammable points in your vacation rental.  

Some examples of focal points are your garden or backyard, pool area, entertainment room, and other spots where guests can spend their leisure time. If you have limited space, you can create a focal point by making an art or statement wall or adding eye-catching décor to blank areas.  

4. Bring greenery indoors

Using greenery may be your best option if you're looking for an easy and budget-friendly tweak to make your vacation rental look more visually appealing. It's one of the simplest ways to make a room feel more vibrant and energetic. You also have many plant options, though the ideal ones are those that thrive indoors.  

For instance, you can add flowering plants to add a splash of color to your living room, dining area, or kitchen. Then you can use hanging plants to liven up the walls of your bathroom and other places in your home. The key is maintaining balance and avoiding clutter while ensuring enough decorative elements in the space.  


Your vacation rental will serve as a home away from home for your guests, which is why it needs to be safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the design should make your accommodation stand out to keep your business competitive. Overall, the key to designing the perfect rental home is to create a space that will give the best experience to visitors.