Online Rendering: What Is It and How Does It Help Architectural Visualizers
Online Rendering: What Is It and How Does It Help Architectural Visualizers

The best way to experience a new building project today is to tap into the immense power of 3D visuals. Visual 3D renders can help professional architects and designers convey their ideas and display projects before they’re built.

They use 3D renders as essential visual tools to maintain communication with clients and all others involved in a project, including the public. The rendering process helps architectural visualizers create immersive visuals and various unique designs.

The goal of architectural rendering is to accurately represent the structure, project, space, and other important details and provide visual context through design elements such as textures, lighting, scale, color, etc.

On the other hand, online rendering focuses on much more than just designing buildings and interiors. It can help create images of everything and anything that exists in the world.

Whether you’re an architect or business leader, you can benefit from 3D rendering in various ways. Let’s delve deeper into what online rendering is, how it works, its advantages, and why you should use it.

What is online rendering?

Online rendering or cloud rendering refers to using render farms to generate 3D animations and images of various designs. The process relies on cloud technology to make rendering much faster than a single desktop computer device.

Render farms are specialized computing systems that calculate CGI images. Cloud or online rendering is incredibly fast, and it can help create countless images on time. This Incredible rendering speed is the right match for various industries.

However, individual architectural visualizers can benefit from cloud rendering as it can ensure they don’t miss a deadline and deliver top-grade results to exceed clients’ expectations. A render cloud calculates 3D visualizations and animations to define reflections, shadows, lighting, and every other detail involved in rendering.

Render cloud services make the entire process of rendering a project much faster and more straightforward. Also called a render farm service, it consists of various computer systems or render nodes and other components necessary for calculating 3D images.

A render node works on top of 3D software that provides two main elements of rendering – the renderer and the rendering plugins. Each render node uses fully optimized hardware for GPU and CPU rendering.

What would typically take up to 10 days of rendering to finish could be reduced to mere hours with online rendering.

How it works

For online rendering to work, you need a render farm. Such a farm requires multiple render nodes to calculate the frames of each 3D sequence, but the advantage here is that nodes calculate the frames simultaneously. That’s how online rendering helps save a tremendous amount of rendering time.

A render farm needs a setting with optimal conditions to work. That means that each render node needs hardware that’s always up-to-date, and each software version needs to have a license. Furthermore, render farms demand a lot of power, top-grade maintenance, and a complex infrastructure to work.

In addition, commercial render farms charge fees per frame for each 3D software render they present. Thankfully, you can rent a cloud render farm as a rendering service.

This option allows the user to pay only for the features they use, making online/cloud rendering one of the most affordable rendering options on the market.

Technologies used for online rendering

Using commercial render cloud services is rather a straightforward process. All it takes to get your hands on the latest technologies for online rendering is to complete the registration process with your preferred cloud rendering provider.

Enterprise-grade cloud rendering providers already have a fine selection of software tools you need to install. These tools easily integrate into your 3D software and help you fully organize your work and make the entire online rendering process simpler and easier.

One of the best things about using render cloud services is that the render farm software checks your renders for possible errors before the cloud rendering process starts.

Once the process starts, your project is distributed to a range of render nodes that calculate the frames, render your scenes, and automatically download to your local system.

Where does the magic happen

Online or cloud rendering happens in a render farm. There are two types of render farms:

  • Self-built or DIY render farms;
  • Cloud-based or commercial render farms.

Modern-day architectural visualizers often have several computing devices at their studios to complete the rendering. They can use these devices to build a DIY render farm.

Large studios with hundreds of computers and self-deployed servers commonly do this for rendering projects to speed things up and save resources. However, going DIY requires a top level of technical skills for setup and maintenance and additional resources for energy supplies, manpower, and software and hardware licenses.

Commercial render farms can help save on the costs of energy, software, hardware, and maintenance. They can render projects 24/7 and ensure you deliver the expected results on time.

Advantages of using cloud rendering

If you’re considering using commercial render farm services in your architectural visualization projects, here are some of the advantages of cloud rendering to count on.

It’s simple and easy

With cloud rendering, all it takes to complete complex projects is to upload the file for rendering to the cloud provider. Commercial render farms have their own systems that can automatically analyze, process, and render a project of any size.

Once the rendering is completed, you simply download the rendered frames to your system. There’s no need to make additional investments in machines and servers.

Visualizers can make more money

Since you don’t need to invest in high-performance computing machines and servers, cloud rendering helps to reduce the initial investment. More importantly, you can focus on other aspects of your work and use your personal computer while the cloud provider renders your project for you.

Since the render cloud farm is available 24/7, it can help to save a lot of money while completing projects at any scale. Instead of breaking your budget by purchasing hardware and maintaining the network, you can save both time and resources while getting the best results.

More time to focus on the creative part of work

High-end render farms have thousands of rendering nodes that they can use for your project. They also provide powerful support for the latest CPU and GPU. Since this can help to speed things up significantly, you’ll have more time on your hands to focus on your creativity.

A render cloud service also helps minimize the associated risk of rendering complex projects. These companies have professional technicians who eliminate risks and ensure everything goes without any problems.

Faster rendering speed

If you need ultra-fast rendering speeds, your best option is to consider a render farm company. Some of these companies have more than 3,000 rendering nodes, and they can complete huge projects in mere hours.

Aside from reducing your initial investment, a render farm company can render any project much faster than any DIY method. One of the biggest challenges of rendering is the rendering speed because most computing machines don’t have CPUs powerful enough to allow them to do other things while rendering. You won’t have this problem with a render farm company.

Reliable support

Most render farm companies have a responsive and experienced support team to help you with any technical issues that may arise during the rendering time. Reputable companies have both TD support and 24/7 customer support services to handle any problem that may arise during rendering.

Problems tend to arise when you least expect them, and having a professional service team at your disposal is the best way to tackle challenges as they come.

Quality results

Once a render farm company completes the rendering process, they will inspect the results to check for possible errors and ascertain whether the end result meets all the requirements. If everything is in order, the project will be available for download to your local system.

Access to high-performing hardware

Most top-rated render farms support the latest, most advanced 3D software, plugins, and renderers, such as Corona, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Blender, Cinema 4D, and 3ds Max.

The more software tools a company supports, the higher the render quality. Render farms also have access to top-class hardware and can meet any hardware/software requirement, regardless of its size or complexity.

How to recognize a good online rendering service

When you’re considering hiring a render farm, you need to ensure your file for rendering meets the farm’s criteria to work smoothly with the rendering engines they use. Failing to do so leads to errors and losing time and resources.

Fortunately, trusted and reputable render farms like Renderro have access to any rendering engine you prefer. Renderro offers access to a high-performance cloud desktop you can use for a range of goals, such as animation, graphic design, and video editing.

It ensures easy setup and offers an array of solutions that fit any business type. Users can specify what hardware specifications they want to use and choose where they want to work – in the desktop application or within their browser.

With Renderro, you can choose software and install it on your cloud desktop to get access to an array of high-end, top-speed rendering tools.

Renderro provides the following services:

  • Online video editing;
  • Online rendering;
  • Online 3D modeling;
  • Architecture design;
  • Engineering.

Renderro also offers unlimited cloud storage and a safe work environment. Your Renderro connection and rendering data will be encrypted using the latest security encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

Best online rendering services

Renderro takes your online rendering to the next level by moving the process to a user-friendly cloud-based platform. The company can help you save time and money by making the rendering process much faster and ensuring you deliver the results on time. With Renderro, you can choose a powerful cloud desktop that can easily outperform any physical workstation.

This cloud desktop is fully compatible with various 3D software tools, allowing you to choose which 3D rendering software and engines you want to use. Whether you want to work with Maya, Cinema 4D, or Blender, the choice is entirely yours.

Renderro and other similar high-end render farm companies like Fox Renderfarm give you the absolute freedom to manage your whole workflow seamlessly. You will get immersive and incredibly photorealistic 3D rendered images that are interactive, navigable, and scalable.

Whether you need design visualization, movie visual effects, video games, simulators, or architectural visualization, render farms are the best option to ensure you get the job done according to your client’s expectations.

With Renderro, you get access to unlimited cloud storage, and easily shareable cloud drives that you can distribute across multiple cloud desktops. If you want to simplify the process of online rendering and reap additional benefits while saving time and resources, render farms like Renderro should be your number one option.


Rendering optimization is a challenging task that involves handling both efficiency and cost-efficiency challenges. However, most of these challenges are easy to tackle with the right render farm by your side. If you aim to improve the quality of your architectural visualization while saving time, effort, and resources, hiring a render farm service makes the most sense.

You can access the latest cloud computing technologies, 3D rendering, and visualization software, as well as professional maintenance and customer service. No matter how complex your project might be, a render farm is a sure way to finish it on time.

There’s no need to make huge investments when you can easily outsource your 3D rendering needs to render farms that use the latest software solutions to deliver the best results possible.