Corona Renderer vs. Maxwell: Which One is Better?
This is an image of a small Tudor-style home next to a forest. The house adopts modern elements like warm colors, metal roofing, and large windows that bring light in. The structure is symmetric, with two identical rooms on each side and a wooden balcony on the upper floor.Corona Renderer vs. Maxwell: Which One is Better?

Corona Renderer and Maxwell are both software that is designed for architectural visualization. These platforms provide various tools that will help the designers create the most realistic 3D projects of objects. Both of these platforms are used by many architects all over the world.

Since both platforms are widely popular, one may be conflicted and wonder which one to choose to help them on their visualization journey. We are here to present all the differences and similarities between them and conclude which platform is better overall.

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About these tools

The Corona Renderer platform was designed to help all architects create their dream projects. This platform can be used by beginners, too, since there are many tutorials you can access that will help you understand the concept of 3D visualization. The program uses a CPU (Central Processing Unit) to create high-quality designs, and Maxwell render is a platform with a similar goal.

The newest update of this platform suggests that the designing process will be based only on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This program may not be as suitable for beginners since many more tools require professional-level fluency in architectural visualization.

Main features

Some of the features characteristic of Corona Renderer are numerous tools that can help you perfect your design. You can find everything you need within this platform to create a project according to your preferences. Another prominent feature of Corona Render is that you can use premade content, such as sky or furniture, to make your rendering experience easier and faster.

When it comes to Maxwell rendering, one feature that makes this tool so great is the multilight feature that many love. With this feature, you can change the light as often as you want and save as many pictures as possible. You can also render directly into the cloud incorporated into the Maxwell platform.

Pricing structure

The prices of these two platforms significantly differ. When it comes to the Corona Renderer’s pricing structure, you can either pay on a monthly level ($40) or an annual level ($280). Corona Renderer also offers a program created for educational purposes, and the price of this version is $40 a year. If you want to purchase a render node, Corona Renderer’s pricing structure is per node, and they are offered in packs (from 5 to 100 a pack). The prices range from $100 up to $4,000.

The Maxwell Render pricing structure differs from Corona Renderer’s structure. You can pay a fixed price for a node-locked version (which is $595 a year) or a fixed price for a Floating License that will be $795 a year.

Customer support

Both of these platforms’ headquarters are located in Europe and use Central European Time (CET). However, Corona Renrderer’s customer support will not always be available. You can only contact them and receive an answer by 6 p.m. CET. If you experience a problem that needs an emergency solution, you might not be in luck with Corona Renderer’s customer support.

On the other hand, the Maxwell team is trying their best to be available at all times. They understand how important it is to provide good customer support immediately, which is why they work overtime. You can contact Maxwell’s customer support team any time during the day and receive an answer shortly after.

Best for

The previously mentioned architectural visualization platforms are both created for those who want to perfect their skills in the architecture field. Corona Renderer is best for beginners and those with little knowledge of 3D visualization. This platform is also great for those who want to create more precise projects since it uses a CPU as its primary source for rendering.

Maxwell is best for those who already have experience in architectural visualization. The tools this platform offers may be overwhelming for beginners. Additionally, if you want to create projects faster, you should use this platform since it relies on the GPU (in the latest version).


With both platforms, you can create high-quality, realistic projects in 3D. The Corona Renderer, however, may be limited to creating realistic designs only regarding the interior and the exterior – any other objects may not appear as realistic as fast.

Maxwell wanted to make sure that everyone aiming to create any 3D object could do so by using the platform’s tools. This platform enables you to create realistic images of any object you create. Moreover, you can use the numerous materials this platform offers to add to the realistic feel of the object.


As previously mentioned, these platforms use different processing units to run. Corona Renderer uses the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which you can find on any PC. The CPU processes one piece of information at a time chronologically, but although it may take longer for a CPU to process all the data, the process will be precise and detailed.

Maxwell was using the CPU, too, until the latest update. You can still use it if you want to, but their goal is to transfer the platform’s workflow to GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This processing unit is significantly faster than the CPU since it can process data simultaneously. The GPU workflow will, however, require you to have a graphics card that is often not a part of a PC.


We cannot differentiate between Corona Renderer and Maxwell Render regarding their reliability. Both of these platforms are used by many people worldwide, and none of them have reported any reliability issues. We can safely say both platforms are as reliable as they can be.

Ease of use

Corona Renderer offers many tools at your disposal that you can use for creating your projects. All these tools are organized in categories, and you can make your own category of most-used tools. Thus, this platform is easy to use and can even be used by beginners.

Maxwell Render may not be as simple to use as Corona render since its tools are not well organized. The number of tools may be overwhelming, and it may take some time to perfect using this platform. It is not recommended for beginners to use this platform since it may be difficult to use.


We have discussed some significant differences and similarities between two visualization platforms – Corona Renderer and Maxwell. Each has a range of unique features that can make your projects come to life. When it comes to which one is better, it depends on your preferences and needs.

However, we can say that Corona Renderer is easier to use and will give you the same results as Maxwell. Although it may be slower, Corona Renderer is more precise and will provide you with high-quality designs.