Most Popular Blender Plugins 3D Artists Use
The image shows a house and a garage in the middle of a forest. These industrial structures are made out of wooden palettes with dark gray colors and have a similar shape, looking a bit like storage houses.Most Popular Blender Plugins 3D Artists Use

Blender is software available to all people who want to let their imagination take its toll and create art in its 3D form. This software is free of charge, and many people around the globe use it for their projects. Using Blender, you can give depth and story to your two-dimensional art.

Many people believe that Blender is one of the best free software you can use to create 3D art. Many things make this program special, and we have chosen some that are the most adored by the users.


Fluent is one of the versions of Blender. This version allows you to create accurate and precise art in a 3D form. This high-efficiency tool will enable you to create a 3D object in the most precise manner while saving all the settings you have used to create your 3D project. People love this version of Blender because it is easy to use and completely beginner-friendly.

Gizmo Pro

Gizmo Pro is a plugin on the Blender software that allows you to use your mouse to rotate, translate, and scale your 3D object. However, with Gizmo Pro, you can do a couple more things. You can adjust the Gizmo to your preference and create shortcuts that will save you time when it comes to using the Gizmo feature.


The BLAM plugin matches objects to one another in their 3D form. With this add-on, you can use references for your projects and design them the same in their 3D form. There will be no need to draw everything manually – with BLAM, you can just draw over your reference, and the 3D version of your object will appear.


The Archimesh plugin is mainly used in architectural visualization. When designing a house, for example, you need to add different architectural elements, such as doors, windows, furniture, etc. Archimesh is the tool that enables you to add all of these elements automatically – you don’t have to design them yourself.

Smart Fill

When you are working on your 3D art projects, some spaces might be empty. However, with the help of the Smart Fill add-on, you can fill these spaces quickly. Simply select all empty spaces, and use the Smart Fill feature. You can save yourself some time by not having to do it manually.


Amaranth is a plugin in Blender that contains a toolset to help you save time while working on your 3D project. This toolset has various features, such as wireframe toggles, animations, listing missing images, etc. Amaranth is not just any plugin – this plugin will allow you to use automatic tools rather than manually creating and editing your objects.

Flares Wizard

Flares Wizard is one of the add-ons that can make your 3D projects come to life. With this feature, you can add realistic lenses and lights to your objects to make them look the way they would in real life. For example, if you are visualizing a car, you might want to put lights that shine realistically. Flares Wizard was created to make your pictures come to life.

Slide Edge

While working on your 3D projects, edges may represent a problem. In most programs, you have to manually align the edges of your objects. The Slide Edge feature can automatically align, clamp, and mirror your edges. You won’t have to spend hours making your 3D object’s edges perfect because this feature will do it for you.

Ragdoll Tools

Ragdoll objects are 3D objects that can be animated and moved around easily. With the Ragdoll tool, you can easily create any object and create a movement for the said object. Whether you want to visualize a person or a figure, you can dive into the wide variety of tools this plugin offers.


To add a more digital feeling to your 3D project, you can use the Bricker plugin to make this come true. With this plugin, you can make all of your projects appear as if they are LEGO figures. The plugin will automatically convert your 3D object into a LEGO wonderland. You can also choose the materials you want to use for your digitized 3D project.

Mesh Machine

The Mesh Machine feature will allow you to focus on the hard surfaces of your 3D art project. To make an object appear hard and indestructible, you can use Mesh Machine to add your finishing touches. You can choose your materials, lenses, and rendering to make your hard surfaces appear realistic.


Lights can play a major role when you want to tell a story behind your art projects. You can represent the atmosphere of a certain object by using proper lightning. With the Gaffer plugin feature, you can choose between different light options and edit them to add depth and atmosphere to your 3D images.

Magic UV

Natural light also plays a significant role in making a 3D object look realistic. When the Sun’s rays hit an object, the lightning of the object won’t be the same everywhere. For example, one part of an object will be darker, and one will be lighter than the others. With Magic UV, you can represent what an object will look like in natural light.


Blender is one of the best software used to create your 3D art. This software is free of charge, and anyone around the globe can use it. What makes this software exceptional is the fact that it offers various plugins you can use to make your projects come to life. Above, we have presented some of the best plugin features you can use to add depth and atmosphere to your 3D projects.