The Most Useful Sketchup Plugins in 2022
A modern no-roof house with a swimming pool and a wide ground-floor design with lots of windows, entrances, and a tall roof. The exterior combines neutral colors like white, black, gray, and a lot of greenery.The Most Useful Sketchup Plugins in 2022

Sketchup is one of the 3D visualization software that offers a variety of tools that can help you make the best out of your project. This program comes in two versions – the free and the paid one. Although the free version is fine, the paid version offers many more plugins you can add to your software.

These plugins can significantly impact your final 3D project. Below are some of the most useful plugins in the Sketchup software used to make the most realistic 3D objects.

Lumion Live Sync

Lumion LiveSync is a plugin that can help you see all the changes you make in Sketchup in real time. Whenever you make a change, the program will present your sketch in its 3D form – you will no longer have to manually transform your changes into the 3D model.

You can also use Sketchup and Lumion Live Sync simultaneously to get the best results. With Lumion Live Sync, you can also see how different materials will fit into your project in a matter of seconds.

Selection Toys

Sometimes default settings and toolbars aren’t enough to make your workflow productive. Therefore, you can install a Selection Toys plugin for your Sketchup software to customize your toolbar according to the most-used ones.

With Selection Toys, you can add or remove the tools you want in a few simple steps. Now, you have a Sketchup program that is adapted to your needs.

CLF Shape Bender

CLF Shape Bender is one of those tools you cannot work without. This plugin allows you to bend your shapes in whichever way you want. You must draw the shape you want your objects to bend in, and the tool will do the rest for you. There is no more need to manually move the objects around and spend your time trying to make them perfect.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the plugin that will allow you to get as creative as possible. This plugin offers different tools and materials you can use to create unique projects. With many rendering, material, and tool options, you can design something nobody has ever seen. What is best, you can see what your unique project will look like in real-time.

1001Bit Tools

1001Bit Tool is a plugin that provides you with different tools you can use to add more depth to your visualizations. These tools are mainly used for touch-ups and details, such as windows, doors, walls, etc.

However, these details are crucial for making your project come to life. With 1001Bit Tools, you can create designs that will be as close to the real thing as possible.

Multiple Offsets

Multiple offsets is a plugin on Sketchup that allows you to offset any object you have created in your project, as the name suggests. Balance and symmetry are essential when it comes to 3D visualization, and with this tool, you can design symmetrical objects for anything you make in a short period.

You won’t have to manually draw the same or opposite objects anymore with the help of Multiple Offsets.

Profile Builder 3

Profile builder is a toolset plugin available for Sketchup only. This toolset is one of many available for this software, but the primary purpose of this plugin is to make realistic interiors and details. With Profile Builder 3, you will get the best results when designing furniture from different materials.

Curviloft Sketchup plugin

Curviloft plugin is designed to help you create 3D lofts and faces from contours. All you have to do is sketch your silhouette, and this plugin will create its 3D version. Curviloft is mainly used to create people’s faces and objects that require special attention regarding their shape and texture.


Similarly to Curviloft, Curvilsoft is a plugin that helps you design objects that require a lot of attention to detail. However, this plugin mainly adds finishing touch-ups on the previously said details. For example, with Curvilsoft, you can design a skin texture and make it look soft. Things that are soft in real life often require lots of attention in visualization, and Curvilsoft is here to help.

Add Height from Datum

Adding height to your objects manually may be time-consuming since you need to input the dimensions the program will use for a real-life realization. However, with a tool called Add Height from Datum, you can just enter the height you want, and your object will have the dimensions you want. Moreover, this tool can measure the height of any object you have created in Sketchup.

Sandbox bonus tools

When designing surfaces, such as backyards, you might use a little help. With sandbox bonus tools, you can easily design surfaces the way you want. This addon consists of various tools to help elevate and mesh the surfaces you are working on.


Instead of creating two or more objects and rotating them as if they look like a reflection of each other, you can simply use the Mirror plugin in the Sketchup software. This plugin allows you to easily mirror any object without copying it or creating it once again. The tool is easy to use – simply select the Mirror plugin, and you will see a reflection of your chosen object.

Solid Inspector 2

One of the most valuable tools in Sketchup is Solid Inspector 2. When you finish your project and are ready to make a real-life version of it, you should first run it through the Solid Inspector 2 plugin. This plugin will find any issues in your projects and notify you about what you need to fix before you start working on your real-life model.


The Sketchup program offers a variety of ways in which you can make your visualizations look realistic. However, there are some additional tools that can help you achieve this look. The plugins mentioned above give depth to your 3D visualizations and make them come to life. These are some of the most used ones, but there are even more plugins that can be of help.