Best Free Home Renovation Mobile Apps You Should Try
A modern cozy living room idea with a look into the bedroomBest Free Home Renovation Mobile Apps You Should Try

Small arts and crafts aren’t the only way to have fun with some do-it-yourself projects. People are increasingly becoming interested in completing specific home renovation projects independently instead of hiring a team of professionals to do all the work.

One way to enhance the experience and reap the benefits of a savings account is by doing a home renovation project on your own. Besides saving you tons of money, doing a home renovation project on your own is an excellent way to learn something new, engage in a temporary hobby, and enjoy the creative process. However, you should prepare well for the task to achieve decent results.

A home renovation mobile app is the perfect addition to any home renovation project. You can easily plan, design, and implement various remodeling activities with it. Home renovation apps come with numerous tools and features that simplify the whole process, so there’s no need to hire design experts.

Here’s a list of the top 12 free home renovation mobile apps you should check out.


Houzz is one of the leading home renovation apps currently on the market. This app allows users to view their room in 3D, so they can start redecorating it. There are more than five million products available on the app which users can virtually place in their living spaces. For those specifically looking at revamping their restrooms, browsing through bathroom pictures on Depositphotos can offer additional inspiration and fresh ideas for the makeover.

Moreover, Houzz allows its clients to shop for different materials and furniture and hire professionals if they get stuck in the process. With so many unique features, it’s undoubtedly one of the best choices for a free home renovation mobile app.

Planner 5D

As one of the home renovation tools with the best design and interface, Planner 5D allows you to plan your home renovation project in great detail. Whether you want to start from scratch or use an existing template, Planner 5D will provide you with all the necessary tools for creating your dream house.

Using Planner 5D is very simple. All you have to do is adjust the floor shape and size. After that, you can move on to room colors and materials. Don’t forget to add doors and windows before completing your home renovation project with some furniture.


Roomstyler is so much more than a simple home renovation app. The tool allows you to create custom rooms in minutes and fill them with more than 120,000 branded furniture items. Although the app is intuitive and easy to use, a video tutorial is available that guides you through each step of the process.

The best thing about Roomstyler is that you can take your home renovation projects to another level. If you like designing homes, you can participate in the platform’s numerous contests.

Keyplan 3D

Keyplan 3D is another outstanding home renovation tool, perfect for all iPad and iPhone users out there. Essentially, there are four main steps to creating your dream space with Keyplan 3D.

First, you need to draw the walls of your virtual space. Then comes the central part, which is the decoration. With numerous objects and endless material, texture, and color options, you can play around with different combinations until you achieve the desired look.

Once you’re happy with the outcome, you can tour the space using the first-person view and share your creations online.

Design a Room

Choose a room in your home, pick a style you’d like to use, and let your imagination run wild. Design a Room enables its users to play with colors, materials, and finishes. Plenty of valuable tips make this home renovation app special, so your designs can be stylish and functional.


Some of the most famous platforms in the world of interior design are REVIT, AutoCAD, and 3ds Studio Max. However, to use these platforms, you need professional knowledge and training.

That’s why Autodesk created Homestyler, an interior design app that’s more user-friendly. All functions are simplified, so people without training can make excellent room space results.

Project Color by Home Depot

Although slightly different from the rest of the home renovation apps on this list, Project Color by Home Depot is still a fantastic tool, especially if you purchase your paint from Home Depot.

Namely, this app helps you find the perfect color for your home renovation project. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior paint, Project Color by Home Depot will surely come in handy.

Sweet Home 3D

For the ultimate level of customization, the Sweet Home 3D tool is here to let you customize even the tiniest details of your room layout.

Create a virtual layout of your room, drag and drop different furniture components, and see how they work with your space at no cost.


DecorMatters is a home renovation app that comes with several unique features. Not only does it include AI and AR technologies, but it also relies on blockchain technology to bring you world-class room designs. Use AR to tweak existing rooms or develop new creations from scratch.


Yet another AR-powered tool is Amikasa, an app awarded for its aesthetic interface. Amikasa is the right fit if you want to renovate or redecorate your home in style.

Besides offering a stylish and contemporary interface, Amikasa has a wide selection of branded flooring, wall colors, and furniture you can choose from to spruce up your space.


Perfect for both iOS and Android users, Magic Plan allows you to scan rooms and create floor plans without measuring or drawing. It is ideal for home renovation beginners who aren’t comfortable with using more advanced tools.

Even though Magic Plan doesn’t come with some features other apps on this list have, it’s perfect for quick and easy room layouts.

Design Home

As the #1 interior decorating game, Design Home lets you combine home renovation projects with a fun gaming experience.

It is the perfect solution if you’re looking to explore different home furniture brands and play around with your creativity. That way, you’ll be fully prepared when it’s time to renovate your home.


There are plenty of brilliant free home renovation apps you can use on your mobile and ensure your home renovation project is a success. There’s something for everyone, from room layout apps to advanced decoration platforms. We’ve decided to single out only the top 12 home renovation tools you should try to help you narrow down the list.