Advantages SketchUp Offers for Architecture Projects
A futuristic tiny home design with visible rooms. Every room is exposed to glass walls, and there’s only one main-supporting concrete wall holding the structure in place. The house has two floors with a room on each floor. There’s a smaller concrete wall behind the house with a balcony standing on top of it.Advantages SketchUp Offers for Architecture Projects

Sketchup is one of the favorite platforms used for architectural visualizations worldwide. With a variety of tools this platform offers, you can create realistic projects that will be ready for the market. With this platform, you only need to arm yourself with your imagination – everything else will be a piece of cake.

What makes this platform so great, and what are its advantages for architectural projects?

Below, you will see what Sketchup is and what are some of the most important benefits of this tool.

About SketchUp

Sketchup is a 3D modeling platform created by the Trimble company. Architects worldwide use this platform primarily because the tools it offers are dedicated to perfecting architectural visualizations.

This platform comes in two versions: Sketchup Make (free) and Sketchup Pro (paid), but we will discuss these later.

Moreover, this platform relies on using the internet to create your projects. Unlike many other tools that take up space on your device, Sketchup is designed to save your RAM for future projects.

Thus, you don’t need a computer or a laptop with a lot of memory – all you need is an internet connection.

SketchUp is the gateway tool for architects

Since many architects across the globe have trouble figuring out how to use particular tools, Trimble wanted to design a tool that would make the jobs of architects easier. We all know that you cannot complete a project within a day, but this software will significantly impact the time you spend designing your perfect project.

All the tools on this platform are made with a specific purpose – to automate the most mundane tasks. Some platforms require you to do some time-consuming tasks manually, such as smoothing edges, but Sketchup is here to save you some time and make some aspects of your architectural job a bit faster and easier.

That’s what makes it a getaway tool for all architects.

It’s simple to use

As we have already mentioned, all the tools you can find on Sketchup will make your job easier – but what about mastering these tools? You don’t have to be anxious because you will get the hang of all the tools on Sketchup in no time – it won’t take you more than three weeks to figure it out.

Moreover, Sketchup is great for all beginners because every tool is easy to use, and the platform has a user-friendly interface.

You won’t be overwhelmed by the number of tools on your screen as soon as you open the platform – everything is well-organized and easy to access.

It has a great free version

We have mentioned two versions of Sketchup: Sketchup Make and Sketchup Pro. Although the paid version (Sketchup Pro) inevitably has more tools, Sketchup Make is one of the best free architectural programs on the market. Their free version has many tools you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

When you start using the free version, no one will force you to purchase the paid version: you can use the free version for as long as you like. Many professional architects use Sketchup Make for their projects and state that there are enough tools to make your visualizations come to life.

Great for architectural plans and drawings

As the Sketchup team said, “Sketchup is designed to behave like your hand.” Making architectural plans and drawings in Sketchup will be simple and smooth. This platform uses intuitive visualization – everything you can imagine can be made into its 3D form. No matter how complex your project is, Sketchup will support it.

Architectural visualization has never been easier than now. With the help of Sketchup, you can design everything that comes to mind. Your project will look identical to what you have imagined and as realistic as possible.

Great drawing design

Sketchup is not made for architecture only. With this platform, you can create new designs you can use in your projects. The best part is that you can save these designs and use them for your subsequent visualizations. For example, you can create a new, innovative floor design that can become your signature.

Although it may take some time to create your perfect design, with the help of fun tools on Sketchup, it will seem like a piece of cake. You can save as many designs as you want with the premium version. It’s always a good idea to save them somewhere, as you never know when you will need them.

Different rendering styles

Architecture and rendering go hand in hand, and your project may not be as polished as you want it to be without proper rendering. However, Sketchup offers various rendering styles and add-ons that will make your architectural visualization perfect and add the perfect finishing touches to it.

Depending on the type of property you are designing, you should apply rendering accordingly. Some people like manually adding and creating their rendering styles to make the project perfect.

With Sketchup’s many options, you won’t have to manually create the perfect atmosphere for your property – you can simply choose one of their styles and watch your project come to life.

Good integrations

Sketchup is compatible with many other platforms that are used for architectural visualizations. If you already have a specific platform that you like to use, there is a possibility that you can connect Sketchup with it. That way, you can create projects with even more ease.

Most architects use more than one tool when creating their projects – some tools are better on one platform than others.

Sketchup lets you link your favorite tools to it and use them simultaneously. Currently, there are over 40 programs that are compatible with Sketchup.


Architects worldwide use Sketchup to make their imaginations come to life, and it is considered one of the best platforms for architectural visualizations.

We have mentioned some of its advantages, but you will get to experience all of them once you start using Sketchup for your visualizations. This tool is fantastic, and you will have no trouble using it.