Which Factors Affect The Price of Creating 3D Virtual Tours?
A futuristic ground floor hall with two people talkingWhich Factors Affect The Price of Creating 3D Virtual Tours?

The creation of 3D modeling and virtual tours has brought many innovations to the world of digital architecture. People have the chance to visualize potential architectural projects and get a detailed presentation of what to expect in the end.

The price of any form of 3D modeling can vary depending on many factors. For instance, projects that require more time and effort may reasonably cost more. That’s why the concept of 360 renderings has made quite a change in 3D modeling.

If you’re an inexperienced architect who doesn’t know how much to charge for their work, or perhaps someone looking for a good-quality render of their idea, you should know which factors affect the price of creating 3D virtual tours.

Level of detail

The quality of renders can depend on many different aspects, and the effort put into delivering a detailed visual presentation can most certainly affect the condition of 3D renders. That’s why it’s necessary to acknowledge what makes good-quality renders different from those with fewer details.

A few of many things that are crucial in achieving well-detailed renders are materials, textures, lighting, shadows, and the combination of colors. Also, the level of details in smaller models can tend to bring out the complete visualization of a project.

Furthermore, many different modeling programs offer various tools which can enhance the details and bring out specific attributes. Therefore, a sharp eye and a sense for detail are must-have traits for someone who creates 3D renders.

How many viewpoints?

The concept of 3D virtual visualizations has made progress in the world of 3D renders. This form of rendering requires specific programs where you can implement your models in an interactive and full-circle presentation.

Unlike 3D tours that only deliver a 3D presentation of your models, you can interactively move within the 3D virtual tour, as they can visually offer up to 200 unique viewpoints. Thankfully, you can use various tools to enhance the overall visualization of your 3D render.

Viewpoints are a way to present the best angles from where your models look the best, so make sure you understand the importance of maintaining the best possible viewpoints in your renders. However, putting together a high-quality 3D virtual tour requires a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, the final project usually costs more because of its complexity.

Project timeline

Creating a 3D virtual tour requires a lot of time, and many things need to be considered when charging or paying for a project. And because there are so many sides to achieving the best possible result, time is the crucial factor in the game.

Base drawings, appropriate scaling, custom modeling, and the overall design are just a few of many things that take up a lot of time. Likewise, details can be very investing and time-consuming, and you can also spend additional time on revisions and corrections. Not to mention the time spent waiting for the program to render a project.

That’s why you need to set up a project timeline at the very beginning of it. That way, you can maintain good communication with the other party and come straight with your intentions and requirements.

Number of revisions

Revisions are also a factor that affects the price of creating 3D virtual tours. Any additional project review can also take up a lot of time as changing the existing creation requires more effort and detail.

The more revisions a 3D modeler gets, the more time they will need to deliver the final project. That’s why sometimes it’s better to cut straight to the point with ideas and plans for the final version of the project.

Also, the price of 3D virtual tours may be higher when demands become challenging due to their complexity. That’s why it’s necessary to manage a stable price list for your 3D modeling services while taking the effort and time you put into account.

Custom modeling

One additional factor that has a lot to do with the price of creating 3D virtual tours is custom modeling. This particular factor is mandatory when expressing a price for a project because it requires a certain amount of skill.

And although many renders consist of already made models, some projects require custom-made models from scratch. That’s one of the things that makes this career a double-ended blade – it can be fun, but it can also be very time-consuming.

Don’t take custom modeling for granted – it can often be a challenging experience, and it should be awarded depending on merit. However, custom modeling requires particular knowledge in this field and an eye for detail.


Creating a 3D virtual tour is not an easy thing to do. It requires a sharp eye, a sense for details, an interactive system, and a lot of invested time. That’s why it deserves recognition and should be treated with respect.

Thankfully, 3D modelers can enjoy many new programs for modeling and visual presentation of their projects. They also have the chance to learn about innovations that strike the architecture industry every day.

Although creating 3D virtual tours can be challenging, it can be considered an art form. If we take all these different factors into account, we can only agree that these services should cost a significant amount of money. After all, it represents a big step between having an idea and making it a reality.