3D People - 3 Best Online Resources
3D People - 3 Best Online Resources

3D modeling has been a popular career choice for new designers ever since it has become much easier to learn the complicated programs such as CAD. ( Computer-Aided Design )

3D Models can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from anything related to video games and the characters within them to powerful and fun animations. There is nothing better than a fully rendered and high-quality 3D model that absolutely makes or breaks an animation, presentation, or a video game.

Since this can be a real pain to do yourself, some options make the situation much more comfortable. Remember, there are never any problems, only situations! And the ticket out of this situation is the utilization of already existing 3D People websites, which offer some fantastic products and scans for everyone’s pocket. Most of them are free, so if you’re a struggling designer, this might be your best bet!

Now, let’s get into some stunning websites that provide this much-needed service to clever designers all around the world!


RenderPeople is an online website that has a vast selection of 3D models for you to choose from. When you look at the website, you’re bound to be taken back by the stunning design and the excellent arrangement of 3D models that are and were made just for you!

You can choose to purchase a 3D model if you are looking for some extremely high-end design for your very own utilization. With the purchase of a 3D model from the website, you’re getting a certificate to use it as you wish!

If you are a little short on funding, you are also free to download and use any one of their free models.

Now, just because some models on the website are free to download and free to use, that does not mean that these 3D People are not of pristine quality! You can download them for free, use them commercially for free, and you don’t even have to register on the website!

Posed People are a static model that is scanned from real people by state of the art technology. Each one of the models that RenderedPeople provides has a specific and well defined natural pose. The textures of the people and the specific geometry has been refined by hand in advanced modeling software, to match the highest standard 3D Designers might have.

The scanning process of real-life models is very advanced and intense. It utilizes the power of 250 different posed Canon DSLR cameras to capture the human model in question to the smallest detail. This amount of detail offers unmatched product quality.

All models come in marvelous 8k high resolution, high quality, and are stunningly realistic in their design! They are amazing tools that are aching for you to use them to the best of your ability!

The formats RenderPeople lets you download their unique models are 3ds MAX, Maya, FBX and Cinema 4D. All animations are baked onto the skeleton of the model. So, glitches and rendering errors are bound to be a thing of the past!


3DPeople is another fantastic platform that offers only the highest in terms of standard and quality when it comes to 3D models. When you visit their website, you will be met with some amazing models and some extremely reasonable price tags.

Since the website itself promotes its pay-to-use models, that does not mean that every single model is pay-to-use. If you look a little bit on the website’s toolbar, you’ll find a Free Models section.

If you are a struggling designer and you can’t afford to buy yourself some of the more than reasonably priced models on this website, this section is for you.

The free models are amazing in quality and are all scanned from real-life people by groundbreaking scanning technology. The models themselves, both pay-to-use and free-to-use, come in three different types.


An animated model is a scan of a person that is already performing an action, taking the animation part from the animator, and giving the model an unmatchable lifelike movement pattern. This is extremely useful if you’re trying to present something and need exceptionally realistic models and true movements.


A posed model is just what the title implies. It is a scan of a human being modeled and posed still. This does not mean the model itself needs to remain still, and it is open for further animation by the designer, according to their needs and choices.


A bundle option is an option that combines both animated and posed models. Depending on the theme of the project you are working on, you might want to opt for this choice if you require numerous similar models.

3D Peoples models all come in extremely high quality and high resolution and are compatible with an unmatched amount of animation options. The programs that 3DPeople Models supports are 3DS Max, 4D Cinema, Maya, The Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Rhino, and Modo, respectively.


HumanAlloy is another serious contender when it comes to the 3D modeling game. Their website is gorgeous in its design, and its offerings are vast. They also have pay-to-use models, but you are free to both browse and use the free section to the furthest extent of your will!

Their models are extremely high quality in their design, and the free models don’t differ from the paid ones in anything but the versatility and specific designs. If you have found the perfect model on this website and it is listed as free, you are free to not only use it privately but commercially as well!

HumanAlloy pays great attention to detail and boasts its services as one of the best around. The sheer level of detail they focus on is really stunning.

HumanAlloy offers realistic hair that is modeled by hand from scratch, proper shaders, and lighting to improve the model’s realism, and professional, lifelike models made through their advanced scanning process.

Each Premium model comes in 5 different mesh resolutions that fit all of your needs, matching normal maps, 2 types of hair resolution, stunning 8k textures, and hand-drawn masking!

The models are high in resolution too, but the free models are vastly simpler than the pay-to-use ones. The website also offers some unique and exciting features such as:

Advanced Model Editing

If you’ve found a premium model that is absolutely to die for, but the hair color is a little bit off, and perhaps it could use a new set of clothes, this can be done.

The exciting feature that HumanAlloy offers to premium buyers is the option to edit their models extensively to fit all of their needs. The professional designs are sure to match whatever you might require from them.

Unlike most 3D People websites, HumanAlloy edits all of their models from scratch and without the use of advanced computer-aided software. Everything is done by hand, and it is the only company making that effort for your needs!

Custom Scanning

Another fantastic feature that no other website offers you is the Custom Scanning Feature. If you’ve found the most amazing person for your project, be it a video game or an animation, you can get them scanned and modeled in 3D, for later use!

The professionals at HumanAlloy offer everything from 3D scanning and professionally done makeup to model capturing, so if you have a custom requirement, it’s as simple as sending them an email to human@humanalloy.com!

Professional Advice

If you wish to edit a model in any way or you are considering the custom scanning option, you’re free to ask for expert advice from the pros over at HumanAlloy! They are bound to help you work out the inner workings of the model that is ultimately going to be produced, to ensure that you are satisfied with their product and service.

The software that is compatible with HumanAlloy models is 3DS Max, Vray, SketchUp, WaveFront, and AutoDesk.