How to Plan Your Screened-In Porch in Arlington County, VA
Modern duplex houses with large windows and parked cars during twilight.How to Plan Your Screened-In Porch in Arlington County, VA

Space becomes an important topic when you own a living space. Every day, you make decisions about how to use that space, place furniture, add decor, figure out how to light the room, and more.

At times, you might feel like you are running out of room in your home. Perhaps you simply have too many possessions, but you are not willing to part ways with any of them. Maybe your family is growing, and it is starting to feel cramped inside. It is at this point that you may wonder if it is possible to add space to your home.

Fortunately, there is a very natural solution to your space challenges: a screened-in porch. A screened-in porch is a unique project to tackle because it combines indoor comfort with outdoor spaces. You can get a better taste of fresh air, but the interior is still sheltered from elements like rain and snow. The key to creating the best screen porch is planning.

Determine a Budget

First, you must decide how much you are willing to spend on this project. In general, home improvement can increase the value of your home as long as the changes are a net positive for future buyers. It is estimated that homeowners can get about a 75% return on their investment in a screen porch. You can factor this into your decision, but either way, you have to think about the true cost of the project. How are you going to finance this project? There are multiple ways to fund your home improvement projects. Personal loans, home improvement grants, home equity loans, and cash-out refinancing are just a few to consider. Once you lay out a budget for materials and labor, you can choose a funding path.

Come Up With a Design

Now you can get to the more interesting stages of the project. Part of the fun of home improvement is planning what it will look like. What size will the porch be? Will it be level with the room it is attached to or will it drop down a few steps? What kind of furniture and other features will be added later on? Designing the screen porch can be very fun, allowing you to stretch your imagination. You will have to stay within the limits of your budget when designing the space, so it is important to manage expectations. If you struggle to visualize what your plans may look like in reality, you can always look into a rendering software program for interior design.

Choose Materials

Now you need to determine what materials your screened-in porch will be made of. Will it use the same materials as the rest of the home? Is it going to be made from a different type of lumber and siding? Is it merely going to be like a pavilion with a screen? The materials you choose are important, especially if you want the structure to last for a long time.

Figure Out Labor

This is the step that will have a big impact on your expenses for this project. Is it something you can do yourself with the help of a few friends? Or would you rather hire a professional screen porch builder from Arlington County to ensure the project goes smoothly? There are pros and cons to both. Doing everything yourself will save you money on labor and can be immensely satisfying when you look at the finished product. Hiring a contractor will require a larger budget, but there is a better chance that construction will be done right because of their experience. The timing of the project will also be affected by the labor you select since a professional team can likely do the job faster.

Furnish the Space

Once construction is complete, it is time to make the space more comfortable. Since the porch is protected from many outdoor elements, you can use normal furniture if you like. However, blending outdoor furniture with the porch makes a little more sense since there is still some exposure involved. You can also add an area rug or carpeting to the room to make the floor a little safer for little ones. Perhaps outdoor kitchen elements would make it easier to host backyard events. Furnishing your screen porch will be the finishing touch it needs to be an extension of the rest of your interiors.

Turn Your Arlington County Backyard Into a Beautiful Gathering Space

A screened-in porch serves multiple functions. It adds square footage to the interior of the home to allow more space inside. It can also be a home base during a backyard barbecue for those who love to host. Whatever you plan to use your screen porch for, the additional space will be a benefit to the atmosphere in your backyard. Plus, it is one more room where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning while breathing in the fresh air.