Favorable districts of Madrid to buy real estate
A 3d rendering of a patio with a table and chairsFavorable districts of Madrid to buy real estate

The Spanish capital is one of the brightest and flourishing cities in the world. Being one of the most vibrant and prosperous cities in the world with many galleries, artworks, cinemas, restaurants and stunning historical sites, it welcomes thousands of tourists and investors. As one of Europe's largest cities, it's no secret why people want to live in Madrid. Madrid is big enough to see both the most luxurious and the most humble. If you want to live in comfort and luxury, we are here to introduce you to Madrid's most luxurious neighborhoods. The detailed information about districts will help to compare the villas prices in Madrid and select the most suitable accommodation.

Administrative division of Madrid

The map of Madrid illustrates the administrative division of the city: there are 21 districts and 128 areas. It's up to you to decide in which area of Madrid to rent or buy a villa. The choice depends on many factors and may change due to personal needs and desires of a buyer.

Expensive districts for real estate purchase


Salamanca is considered to be the best neighborhood in Madrid. Its significant characteristics are elegance and style. The level of available establishments is top-notch, ranging from brand name stores, jewelry salons, to law offices, clinics, art galleries and restaurants.

Life in the neighborhood is unhurried, measured, and safe. It may be called a neighborhood for residents over 30 with children. The apartments are characterized by a large area, not less than 200 squares. The price starts at €5,000-6,000 per square meter. There are also more expensive options for €7,000-8,000 per square meter. It all depends on the type of layout and footage.


It is considered a bourgeois neighborhood with stores, original bars, and restaurants. Most of the residential buildings were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Villas there are characterized by high ceilings, magnificent facades and the corresponding price - €4,500 per square meter.


This is the most optimal area in terms of location, infrastructure and price. It is close to the business center. It is home to wealthy citizens because ownership of a villa in the area is a sign of richness and high status. There are no buildings of historical significance, but there are many educational institutions for children of different ages and offices belonging to government organizations, as well as embassies and restaurants.

The main part of the objects is represented by houses built in the 60's and 70's. These are respectable apartments with at least three bedrooms and more than 200 square meters of floor space. The average price for a square meter is €4,200-6,500.

Moderate districts for real estate purchase

Los Jeronimos

Los Jeronimos is a perfect place to buy a villa if you have a big family with little children. The district represents one of the calmest areas in Madrid and is surrounded by lush greenery and spacious parks. The neighborhood is not really appreciated by lovers of active nightlife as it is almost absent. However, many wealthy people come to Los Jeronimos in Retiro. Accordingly, the prices for real estate here are quite high. Of course, everything depends on the housing, in historic buildings the price can reach €14 000 per meter, but the average cost in Retiro is €3872 per square meter.

El barrio del Pilar

It is also a great place to buy an apartment in Madrid because of the vast forested area of Monte de El Pardo. Pilar is great for weekend getaways, and real estate here is cheaper than in the Retiro area, due to its greater distance from the city center. The average price per square meter is €3,190.

Profits from investing in real estate in Madrid

Purchase of real estate in a European country provides a significant number of benefits. Investing in the sphere of real estate in Spain, you can get a residence permit. This document directly influences your status in the country and gives more rights. Along with a residence permit and opportunity for permanent stay, you get the following points:

  • high standards of life
  • comfortable climate
  • affordable housing in the capital of the European country
  • stability and safety
  • rich culture and impressive lifestyle
  • developed transportation and advanced infrastructure

Aggregator of real estate in Madrid

A major aggregator of Spanish real estate, Spain-Real.Estate offers a collection of exclusive properties in various districts of the city. High quality pictures and detailed descriptions are available on the website. Still, sometimes even the most detailed description of the region or a property does not compare with a visit to each of them. We therefore advise you to come and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the Spanish capital and find a place for your soul before you buy a home.