How to Advertise Outdoor Real Estate Representations Effectively
Three futuristic cottage buildings in natureHow to Advertise Outdoor Real Estate Representations Effectively

The advancements in digital technologies have changed the way marketing is done in all industries, and real estate is no different. New technologies have introduced various marketing channels companies can use to advertise.

However, innovations have also created new types of content realtors can use to promote themselves effectively. For example, photorealistic visualization has allowed companies to promote their work online and in the real world.

Real estate is an industry that still effectively uses outdoor ads to promote projects. It’s not only about placing the ad at the appropriate location, but you also need to create a quality visualization that will tell the whole story.

Display the surroundings

When displaying your billboard or outdoor ad, it’s not all about showing the project. Of course, you should make your building or house the focal point of the billboard, but you should also include the surroundings.

It’s important to show how the structure fits in with the surroundings. People are more likely to show interest in a project if they see how it makes the whole neighborhood even better. At the same time, familiarity is always a good thing.

For example, if people know the location of your project, they are more likely to check it out. If your ad displays a certain area’s transformation, people passing by will want to check it out and see how it looks now. Add nearby objects to make the object more familiar, include people if necessary, and feel free to showcase vegetation.

Create a cohesive presentation

3D visualization includes all the elements you put on the screen and needs to be treated as a whole. Many real estate agencies focus only on creating the best possible structure visualization and invest little time in other render aspects.

However, as we mentioned earlier, your whole presentation needs to be cohesive to create a convincing image. That means aligning all the surroundings, lighting, shadows, structure, materials, and structure together. You can mix up photos from the site and renders to compare them and show how good the project is.

The important thing is to be consistent. If you’re looking to covey realism, make it all real. Don’t try to combine multiple styles because it will only make your ad unconvincing.

Consider the lighting

The whole visualization can look very different depending on the lighting you add. In other words, the same object can have a much different atmosphere with different lighting and shadows. First of all, consider the best part of the day to display your project.

If you want to show a before and after ad, it’s probably best to display them in full light in the middle of the day because you are presenting something new and want the viewers to see all the critical changes.

Switching between different lighting setups and the sun’s position can help you find the best possible scene for your ad. A 3D artist can quickly simulate different lighting setups and convey various atmospheres. Whether you go with a mild sunset or an intense morning depends on the project and what kind of brand image your real estate company has.

Add weather effects

Weather and lighting go hand in hand. For example, you can’t create an image with a clear day when the rain is pouring. It’s simply unnatural and doesn’t look realistic. Consider the time of the day you’re displaying and how the weather would affect the lighting.

Weather is integral to the visualization because it adds the necessary dose of realism. You can have rainy, sunny, stormy, cloudy weather or a setting with northern lights. Choosing the season and weather lets you create an atmospheric and informative environment.

Banners without any weather elements look plastic – you want to avoid this at all costs. All the other elements can look hyperrealistic, but if you don’t think about the weather factors and make an effort to get them right, you won’t get the desired results.

Include people if necessary

Adding people into your 3D renders isn’t mandatory, but there are specific scenarios when you can enrich your presentation with this element. People can help you create an emotional connection, invoke feelings, and give better context to your advertising materials.

For example, if you’re presenting a condo complex and want to showcase amenities, using people is an excellent way to get the desired results. If you want to display the large spacey rooms, you can create a children’s party and show how the little ones are having fun and running around.

On the other hand, you can create a narrative by adding successful adults looking like they’re from the upper-middle-class enjoying the comforts of the property. All this will create a brand for the building and help you attract the right people who want this kind of lifestyle.

Tell a story

3D storytelling is an essential part of the visualization process. Your ads shouldn’t simply be realistic images that give all of the detailed elements of the interior and the exterior. You must present that whole project from your potential customer’s point of view.

In other words, the story you present can decide between selling a property and not. Find the right proportions and add the relevant details, focusing on quality textures and a realistic atmosphere. Adding people can make it easier to tell a story through your ad.

Include new elements to create a better context for the whole image and make sure to leave certain imperfections to make things more realistic.


Creating compelling marketing visuals for new real estate projects isn’t easy. You need to invest plenty of time and cover all the little details if you want them to catch the public’s attention. In the end, one of the best ways to get quality advertising materials is to hire professional 3D artists.

Some traditional marketing channels still work, and you shouldn’t neglect them – just make sure to invest the right resources into them, and you’ll get the desired results.