Modern interior design with a minimalistic twist.

The modern design style sparks confidence, cleanliness, creativity, and practicality. It has completely changed the way people look at interior design and broken down some more traditional norms that put the focus on aesthetics without functionality.

Modern Interior Design Style and Its Most Popular Variations

As the term suggests, interior design is a way of decorating and organizing your home to your liking. Sometimes, it can be challenging to choose between different interior design styles, but we are here to help you choose the perfect design for you.

Many people want their homes to look clean and give them a sense of relaxation, comfort, productivity, and practicality, and modern interior design offers all of that. With the help of its variations, you will find the perfect design that will make your house a home.

What does “modern” mean?

The term modern is defined as “most recent,” but it can also mean “most relevant” to an individual and their preferences in terms of interior design. Modern interior design offers variations suitable for anyone who is currently looking for the perfect way to design their home.

Modern interior design is characterized by neutral tones, monochrome furniture, and natural materials – everything that may make one’s home a place for relaxation. Bright, natural light is another recognizable aspect.

The modern design follows the saying “less is more,” so there aren’t many elements, and those present tend to be simple and make one’s home look and feel luxurious, spacious, and clean. Modern designs can truly make one’s house a home.

Modern rustic

Earthy tones and materials characterize themodern rustic design. It feels like one is constantly in contact with nature and surrounded by beautiful, natural materials, warm colors, and favorite plants. The rustic design resembles farmhouses or cabins in the woods.

In modern rustic homes, living rooms are bright, and the floors are darker, usually made of natural wood or closely resembling it. The furniture is also bright-colored, with tables, shelves, chairs, and other things made of raw, natural materials. Some people even make their furniture by themselves with the materials they find in nature. Fireplaces are a symbol of this design, and they are usually made of stone or other natural materials.

When it comes to bedrooms, their design depends on one’s preferences – some like it bright, others like it dark, but the modern rustic design offers a solution for both. The walls can be covered entirely in natural materials or have earthy, warm tones. Many rustic bedrooms have unique chandeliers, which can also feature natural materials.


If you like modern interior designs but prefer a colorful and decorated home, then a maximalist design will make your wish come true. Maximalism incorporates warm but bright colors together with natural, organic materials. In maximalism, the sky’s the limit, and creativity is the best tool you can have.

The first thing you notice in a maximalist home is the paintings – it seems that there are an endless number of them. They are all painted with different colors and are of varying sizes – you don’t know which one to look at first.

Living rooms contain colorful walls, colorful furniture, and unique decor. This type of design can make your home more energetic and upbeat. Bedrooms are also painted in warm, earthly, but bright colors and are decorated with artwork, making waking up in such a bedroom seem like waking up in a fairytale.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have a minimalist design. You cannot see more than three different colors in the same room in a minimalist design. The walls are usually bright (e.g., white or beige), but some have contrasting colors such as black and white. The furniture is typically very spacious and massive.

The living rooms of minimalist homes are characterized by enormous furniture and very few details. Everything about minimalist living rooms is not only beautiful and simple but also practical. This design caters to those who want to be stress-free and sit back and relax in their living room after a long day.

When it comes to bedrooms, minimalist ones are excellent for those who want to wake up relaxed and well-rested. The design of minimalist furniture, which follows the rule “the bigger, the better,” offers you great comfort. The decor in minimalist bedrooms can be simple yet effective, such as one’s favorite plant or painting.


Open spaces and dark colors characterize the modern industrial design. You can find natural materials in these homes that add to the home’s serenity. Cozy, spacious furniture, low chandeliers, and dark, warm tones will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Living rooms made in industrial design make you feel like you are in a movie. With all dark, monochrome artwork and decor, this style makes you feel more focused and increases productivity.

When it comes to industrial-style bedrooms with dark-colored details, waking up in the morning can be the most calming and elegant experience.

Modern glamour

Even if you are not a fan of colors, modern glamour interior design can make your home look luxurious. The secret to achieving this luxurious feel is simple yet effective details, such as golden mirrors or paintings. With modern glamour, nothing is too much.

If you put big paintings and tall statues in your living room, it will automatically feel more luxurious, which is all modern glamour is about, reminiscent of old Hollywood glam. Shiny tiles, oversized windows, and shiny elements can all elevate the look of your living room.

It is the same with your bedroom – the more it shines, the more you smile. Adding a tall bed or big, layered curtains can make your bedroom feel glamorous, upscale, and classy!


Modern interior designs invite calmness, productivity, creativity, and comfort into your home. With the designs presented above, you can find the one that inspires you the most, making you fall in love with the idea of your home being designed in a particular type of interior design. By adding earthy tones to your home, you will feel more at ease and more at home.