How 3D Product Visualization Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales?
Elegant dining room with a modern wooden table, chic chairs, and circular pendant lights.How 3D Product Visualization Can Boost Your E-Commerce Sales?

Which do you think would better grab your attention: a 2D picture or a 3D model you can spin all around? Bet you went for the 3D one, right?

Nowadays, everything is just about visuals! And 3D product visualization is like the superhero of that visual world for eCommerce. It can take your ideas to a whole new level, giving your customers a cool new angle to get into what you're selling. 

So, let’s talk about some awesome things 3D product visualization can do, and how it can change the way customers connect with your products.

How Does 3D Product Visualization Work?

Basically, 3D product visualization is the process of making a 3D model of a product, and then using that model to show it off on your website. 

You may instantly ask: “But how would that work for my website?” 

Well, if you want to add 3D products to your online shop, you'll need two things: a 3D artist to make the models, and an eCommerce web development company to put them on your site.

First, a 3D artist makes super-realistic models and animations that show exactly how a product looks, feels, and works. Next, a web developer builds a 3D viewer app and integrates it to your website. 

That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Now let’s take a step back and talk about how exactly it works for eCommerce! 

3D basically makes shopping online feel more like shopping in person. 

With 3D tools, customers can see your products from angles they never could before. This means they know exactly what they're getting – no more surprises when their lava lamp arrives and looks completely different from what they expected! 

Benefits of 3D Product Visualization

Well, 3D is probably better than just looking at pictures or reading descriptions. But how exactly it can benefit your business? Let’s bring in some facts!

More Sales

Have you ever noticed how quickly time passes when you're really interested in something? That's what happens when customers see a 3D product: they stick around longer, looking at your items. And that extra time spent on your website? It leads to more sales!

Here’re some numbers that prove this fact:

  • One study found that 3D content makes sales go up by an average of 94%. 
  • Another study found that almost half of online shoppers are willing to pay extra for having a 3D shopping experience.

And the last fact here: when customers can see products in 3D, they simply like it more. 

Less Returns

Sending stuff back costs businesses a lot of money. But when customers can see what they’re buying in 3D, they're happier with their choices. 

Like, imagine you're thinking of buying a tea table. With 3D, you can see how it fits in your living room before you buy it. That makes you more confident in your choice and less likely to send it back.

Save Time and Money

3D product visualization can help you save both time and money compared to traditional product photography. Instead of taking lots of pictures of each item, you can make one 3D model that would work in many ways.


You know those websites where you can customize stuff like picking colors or sizes? Well, with 3D, you can do even more. 

You can play around with materials, colors, and styles. And because you see a digital version of what you're customizing, you feel better about your choices.

Better UX

Online shopping is great, but it's not quite the same as touching and seeing things in person. 3D brings back some of that magic, making online shopping a lot more satisfying and fun.

How 3D Product Visualisation Can Be Used in Different E-Commerce Industries

Yes, we both agree that 3D product visualization is helpful for many types of businesses. But let's be real: some industries can just make more of it. 

Though, that doesn't mean your industry won't get anything from 3D! It just means there are different ways to make the most out of it depending on what you do. 

Here are some examples:

  • Jewelry. The beauty of jewelry shines even brighter with 3D! Plus, with virtual try-ons, customers can see how pieces look on them, making online shopping as exciting as the real thing.
  • Fashion. For fashionistas, 3D visuals are like having a virtual fitting room. You can see how clothes look and flow on virtual models, or even on yourself.
  • Home Décor. Experiment with decorations in AR, trying out different combinations until everything feels just right. It's a must-have for anyone wanting to get that perfect home vibe!
  • Tech. Smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, headphones, and even smart glasses! 3D visualization lets you explore gadgets from every angle, giving you a better sense of how they look and feel.

Once again, those are just examples! Basically, this cool technology can fit any business that wants to show customers how their products will really look and feel.

Bottom Line

3D products visualization is a cool way to check out stuff from all sorts of angles, even the ones you can't see in a regular store. It's like having X-ray vision for shopping! 

This awesome tool helps people make smarter choices when they're buying stuff. That means fewer surprises and fewer returns.

Getting started with 3D for eCommerce isn't as hard as it seems. To get going, all you need to do is pick a company you trust, and work with them to make 3D models of your products. 

Need to choose and set up a 3D viewer? Or want to build a custom one exactly for your business? DigitalSuits can help with both! 

Our company is all about software solutions that would fit exactly right for your business. So, we can guide you in choosing the best 3D software, and integrate it on your ecommerce website... or we can build it from scratch just for your needs! 

Contact us and let’s discuss your ideas.

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